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  1. Only 2 coaches applied that was on staff and he was not one of them unfortunately.
  2. No question that’s who I would hire. Young offensive guy to go along with the weapons they have, they would put up some points!!!
  3. If y’all don’t make it to the semis , then it’s going to be laughable. The road is as easy as it has ever been for y’all.
  4. I hope there is a way both teams can lose this game.
  5. Fayetteville shouldn’t even have a close game all year. Y’all are basically Lincoln County high school playing 1A ball. But here we are barley escaping beating 1A Cornersville. Kuddos to the Cornersville kids they fought all night long making Fayetteville earn everything they got.They haven’t been hit like that all year long.
  6. Cornersville should have won this game. Fayetteville is not well coached at all, they look like a 6A team and play like a a good 1A team and wouldn’t say a great one. Fayetteville also deserved every penalty they got and I still don’t believe they got as many as they should have gotten.
  7. The stage may be to big for you City boys tomorrow night because it is going to be rocking in Cornersville tomorrow night.
  8. Fixed it for ya!! Auto correct can always be messy.
  9. https://www.marshalltribune.com/stories/drought-ends,22466? love to see it.
  10. They have been the much better team for the last 6 years.
  11. The dawgs may just let you score 14 late just to be able to see that.
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