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  1. 1. ECS 2. Dyersburg 3. Christian Brothers 4. Covington 5. Briarcrest 6. Ripley 7. Millington 8. Milan
  2. Fairley is in Whitehaven and the schools are literally 2 miles away. Smh
  3. I’m sure Ravenwood won’t have 4 stupid turnovers (one being an interception in the red zone), try to run a 140lb scatback on 4 and 2, not take an easy field goal inside the redzone when your offense has been struggling, have multiple dropped passes, or have multiple trips to the redzone and defensive stops that lead to no pointS... I’m pulling for Houston to win this one but it’s hard to see based off the game last night. Pare is a great HS running back and will probably be good in college too but I can see why D1 schools aren’t beating down his door with offers considering the numbers he’s put up his career and before anyone says it I’m not bitter or anything like that just calling it like I saw it. Houston’s offense as a whole is better than advertised. Pare does his job well and is the beneficiary of great scheme, offensive coaching and balanced offensive attack. Defense will be suspect against the remaining offenses they play but we shall see. As bad as I want them to win I can’t see it happening. I know nothing about this Ravenwood team btw just giving my 2 cents
  4. I saw Coach Flowers at the game while leaving out and asked him when is he gonna come back and help our offense out. He just smiled and laughed but I think I saw a lil twinkle in his eye that gave me some hope lol... wishful thinking.
  5. Throw in a couple packages of honey we good. Told y’all Fairley was the real deal, hate that they gave the game away like that but that’s why you play to win until it’s zeros on the score board. Congrats to Fairley on a heck of a season and good luck to Peabody. Bring some gold back to the west.
  6. Thanks, it’s only disappointing when it’s obvious simple stuff that costs us on a consistent level. We have too many athletes and playmakers to constantly come up short on offense like we do. It’s frustrating to watch but I’ll get over it. Not worried about MJbear at all, if I was him I would feel the same way considering we destroyed the best chance they ever had of getting any hardware. Good luck to Ravenwood in the semis.
  7. And still light years ahead of Mt Juliet...
  8. Our sorry ash offense laid an egg. Pare was contained all game. Their passing attack killed us. 2 fumble 2 interceptions. Horrible offensive play calling and execution. Our defense gave us so many chances. Congrats to the Mustangs.
  9. Pare Is getting contained, Mustang passing game getting us and our passing game hurting us ( red zone int, and dropped first down conversion)
  10. Fairley Covington Whitehaven ECS MUS
  11. The ONLY way they can beat us if our suspect offense we can’t score and move the ball on their suspect defense... but then again our defense is more than capable of putting points on the board as well...
  12. You’re right, I know nothing about Peabody except they are the clear favorites to repeat as champs and have been taking everybody they've played so far to the woodshed. From the clips I’ve seen and the talk on these boards; they have the athleticism and talent as a Memphis team topped with a winning program, great coaching and community support. I definitely understand why they are the favorites to win this game. Gonna be a great challenge on both sides. Of course over confident fans will underestimate their teams opponents but I doubt that Fairley or Peabody coaches and players will. This is what playoff football is all about.
  13. He’s definitely a baller but Fairley has a couple of other lesser known studs that have been shining lately. I’m intrigued to see how Gene does getting Fairley prepared for a team of Peabody’s caliber. On paper yes Peabody should be the favorite, but energy and getting a team to buy in and believe is something that can’t be measured on the stat sheets. He’s changing the culture at Fairley and laying the foundation for a good program if they can keep him around. It’s not a fluke that Fairley doesn’t play like the typical small Memphis team. It all stems from their coaching and his pedigree. If Fairley can minimize self inflicted wounds/penalties they’ll be fine. Their defense is what I think will win then this game. Good luck to both teams.
  14. Yes you’re right I just saw it was PWO... he has a full offer to Navy and getting looks from some of the Ivy Leagues
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