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  1. They use the stadium for track meets and football games; It’s the designated home field for Ridgeway and Whitestation. I don’t think anyone practices up there.
  2. Well the 2018 season didn’t end like we wanted BUT we added another silver ball to the trophy case and I’m proud of how we battled through the ups and downs this season. We showed flashes of greatness this past year but obviously we couldn’t put it together on a consistent bases and when it matter the most the inconsistencies hurt us... Moving foward we still have a good core coming back to put together another championship run. QB development, leadership, and consistency will be the key things I hope we focus on for this upcoming season. KWC, BHS, Danny, Coach, Haven4ever what’s y’all insight on the Haven going forward to the new year...
  3. When did MJ get moved to the east side of the bracket anyways? I completely missed that
  4. Lol, but they were the better team and gave the game away... that’s like me saying Whitehaven was the better team over Oakland but we just gave the game away and left our offense back in Memphis.
  5. 1. Oakland 2. Whitehaven 3. Maryville 4. Ravenwood 5. Mt. Juliet 6. Germantown 7. Farragut 8. Cane Ridge 9. Brentwood 10. Blackman
  6. No football isn’t that bad in Memphis. We just had a horrible night against a great team and got whooped. Nobody including us Whitehaven folks were impressed with that shell of our offense. Us coming out flat like that is typical but digging yourself in a hole against a team who’s main focus was to bury you so you couldn’t dig out again was disastrous. Our team builds off of momentum and big plays and we just couldn’t get the momentum going. That blown fumble recovery touchdown call on top of our best player getting hurt on the one kick return that wasn’t a touchback just deflated us completely. Our quarterback missed a couple big passes but to his defense he was getting killed all game. Oakland came out focused with a purpose. We came out and laid an egg and the score literally reflected that. But on the bright side we got almost our whole linebacker core and a couple other key players coming back next year. We’ll be back.
  7. We played like crap; they came ready to play and executed. I’m pretty sure anyone would killed us if we came out and play how we played tonight. I won’t even speak on the CPA Lausanne game but it’s talent all over TN and we have plenty of it despite our performance. We don’t have to prove our talent level because it’s a known fact. It just didn’t happen for us tonight. Oakland was the better team tonight. Hats off to them! They should be proud.
  8. This was just not our night. Disappointed that we came out and played the worst I’ve seen us play all year but I’m still proud of how we fought all season to get to this point. Just couldn’t get anything going or catch any breaks. Congrats to Oakland, u earned it. We’ll be back...
  9. Terrible first half. Oakland D is as good as advertised. Our O has to get something going asap to help the defense out. No first downs and under 30 yards total offense, smh. Game is far from over but we gotta get it together fast!
  10. Lol, well we’re 2-0 in the all gold. I kinda wanna wear all black but my superstitious side says let’s keep the all gold in Cookeville tradition going.
  11. Safe travels! Unfortunately I won’t be able to make the trip this year but the DVR is set and I’ll be hosting a lil watch party at the house with a couple friends. They having another watch party at fox and hound as well. This will be the first championship I have to watch from the house but I expect us to have the stands packed with black and gold! You know if we’ll be the home or away team this year? I hope we break out the all gold uniforms again.
  12. Game Day! Praying for an injury free game for both teams. Let’s Go Tigers! We got this; minimum mistakes/maximum focus and effort!
  13. Good luck to Henry County from the Haven and the 901. Lets both bring gold ball #3 back to the west side/best side!
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