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  1. We will be playing this game again next year right? Will it be back in Brentwood or will they travel to the Haven?
  2. 1) MAHS 2) East Friday, September 20 3) Whitehaven 4) Olive Branch 5) White Station 6) Fayette Ware 7) Kirby 8) ECS 9) MUS 10) Wooddale 11) Fairley 12) Douglass vs Manassas (at Crump) 13) Central at Holmes Co Central 14) Fayette Academy 15) Crockett Co 16) Munford 17) Trezevant at Millington 18) Cordova 19) Covington 20) Lausanne 21) St. George's 22) Houston 23) Byhalia at Center Hill 24) Ridgeway 25) Freedom Prep *I'll update the rest before Thursday
  3. Good game BA, y’all made the necessary second half adjustments; we didn’t. Hate to hear bout the QB hope he has a speedy recovery.
  4. Nope unfortunately I ended up getting off work late, I’m tuning in now on the live feed. Let’s Go Tigers!
  5. We’ll find out Friday how close we are...
  6. BGIM Week 4 Friday, September 13 1) Fairley 2) Arlington 3) Collierville 4) Center Hill 5) Briarcrest 6) CBHS 7) MUS 8) St. Benedict 9) Houston 10) FACS 11) Freedom Prep 12) Cordova 13) Millington 14) FRA 15) USJ 16) Central 17) Murfreesboro Oakland 18) Whitehaven 19) Memphis Nighthawks, 20) Covington 21) Overton 22) Southwind 23) Ridgeway 24) Craigmont 25) Gibson Co 26) Wooddale 27) KIPP 28) Middle College
  7. Anyone knows the last time one of the big privates played one of the top big public schools? i know it doesn't happen too often, glad both teams were able to get this done.
  8. I don't think it even has to be said that we cant get caught sleeping this game. Consistency is the main thing we lacked last year. The leadership and experience that we got on the offensive and defensive side of the ball will be key to getting through this gauntlet of road games for the next two month. BA is totally different type of beast than what we faced last night. NLR tested our run defense, I assume BA likes to sling it and will put our secondary and pass defense to the test. Cant wait!
  9. Shut out a top 40 team in the nation and #1 team in Arkansas . Great team effort, but this defense is foreal
  10. Thanks for the live feed Jack. You the man!
  11. Nope, gotta work but ima try to make it to Brentwood tho
  12. 1. Wooddale 2. Mitchell 3. Fairley Friday, September 6 4. Whitehaven 5. West Monroe 6. Melrose 7. Arlington 8. Germantown 9. Southwind 10. Millington 11. Middle College 12. Houston 13. Westwood 14. Bartlett 15. South Panola 16. White Station 17. Kirby 18. Potts Camp 19. Craigmont 20. East 21. Central 22. Trezevant 23. Hillcrest 24. Freedom 25. Covington 26. Fayette Academy 27. Tipton Rosemark 28. St. George’s 29. Lausanne 30. ECS 31. MBA 32. MUS 33. Briarcrest 34. Olive Branch 35. Zion Christian
  13. A great measuring stick for our defense. Last year NLR ran all over us. Gotta minimize mistakes and lay the hammer to them every single carry. Defense is a year wiser, hungrier, more humble and healthy. Can’t wait!
  14. I've been hearing about Pare but haven't seen him in action yet but saw he had 43 carries last week, so basically they got another Abe Felix back there carrying the load
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