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  1. Havengrad04

    #4 Riverdale @ #1 Mt Juliet - Rd of 32

    Hey MJGOLDENBEARS your pie is starting to rot. You can come out of hiding now.
  2. Havengrad04

    The ___________ side of the state is where its at

    Outside of that 20 mile radius the rest of the whole East is ___________
  3. Havengrad04

    Cain Ridge vs. Mairvul

    Yea we’ve been saying it all year due to our inconsistencies on offense and special teams but we definitely wouldn’t have gotten beat this bad tho. Didn’t wanna sound like a sore loser in my earlier comments about Cane Ridge but I saw this coming. We beat ourselves in the semis. Congrats to the Rebels. Hopefully we’ll bounce back next year to give u guys a real challenge.
  4. Lausanne... if I’m ever gonna be 100% in BGIM here’s my chance
  5. Havengrad04

    Cain Ridge vs. Mairvul

    I wouldn’t necessarily agree that we had a whale of a time containing them. They only managed 184 total yards and 87 of them came off of one long TD run. Our offense and special teams just kept putting our defense in horrible positions. Those three red zone possession where we came up with zero points did more damage than their speed did. Rayshad shut their star receiver down and got a pick. Maryville has much better special teams and a way more explosive offense than we have. I’m torn; I kinda want Cane Ridge to win but if I was betting on this game I’d have to pick Maryville by at least two scores. Not trying to take anything away from CR but we can’t ignore that elephant in the room. I hope it’s a good competitive game tho but from what I saw CR is gonna have to play lights out and to get outta that single high safety defense or Maryville QB is gonna rip them to shreds.
  6. Havengrad04

    #2 Whitehaven @ #1 Cane Ridge

    To each it’s own; but I never knew the city of Maryville had multiple teams. Good luck to all 1 of them.
  7. Havengrad04

    #2 Whitehaven @ #1 Cane Ridge

    If they all win, throw a parade.
  8. Havengrad04

    #2 Whitehaven @ #1 Cane Ridge

    We boasted LAST year when we had 4 teams win a goal ball. Tell me another city that has recently done that? Nothing wrong with celebrating success. As for Whitehaven we have been here, we are here, and we will be for years to come right in the thick of things on the verge of winning a championship. We came up short this year but still had a successful season and made it further than most. Hate and take all the jabs you want. We’re still good over here!
  9. Havengrad04

    #2 Whitehaven @ #1 Cane Ridge

    Congrats to the Ravens. Good luck in Cookeville. We’ll be back!
  10. Havengrad04

    #2 Whitehaven @ #1 Cane Ridge

    Still 14-7... 5:10 left
  11. Havengrad04

    #2 Whitehaven @ #1 Cane Ridge

    14-7 it aint over yet, we bout to overcome the refs and bad play calling.
  12. Havengrad04

    #2 Whitehaven @ #1 Cane Ridge

    Nice goal line stand but terrible play call. We gotta be able to open the playbook up more.
  13. Havengrad04

    #2 Whitehaven @ #1 Cane Ridge

    Oh yea, the kid is nice; 6’3 with great ball skills. I’m sure he’ll be shadowing that stud twin receiver u guys have all game. Don’t be surprised if you see him on offense as well.
  14. Havengrad04

    #2 Whitehaven @ #1 Cane Ridge

    Ironically I just found out I work with the older brother of CR head coach. We’re always jawing back and forth about Melrose and Whitehaven. He had to make sure to come trash talk on my lunch break, lol. Can’t wait!
  15. Havengrad04

    #2 Whitehaven @ #1 Cane Ridge

    I just hope they throw it Rayshad’s way