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  1. That's a pretty good number. I know a lot of the DIIA teams in Nashville are much smaller than that.
  2. Just wondering if they moved down because of enrollment or what?
  3. Why don't Webb go back to AA since they've won plenty of state titles in the Single A.
  4. At least now everybody is catching on how they win on Sawyer Brown.
  5. Hear your stud 8th grader is shopping his services around. Guess y'all better annie up!!
  6. And the "Work Study" team beat Mc Ewen.
  7. So basically your saying their is no difference in D1 and D2? I guess if your looking at it thru orange and blue glasses. Then it must be legal. LOL!!!!
  8. Yea. But you won't answer the question!!!!
  9. Thank You. I think I hit a nerve.
  10. Did research. Are you saying you don't have a "work study" program that athletes are participating??
  11. But just admit your in the wrong division. So how does the McEwen and Houston Counties of the world compete with private schools that give financial aid in D1? And your wrong they did win before they did "work study". This is a Jeff Brothers thing.
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