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  1. JFW3


    No, recruiting is unacceptable as is lying about recruiting. If you know of recruiting violations CA or any school is doing, you should report that to your school administration or directly to the TSSAA. If you or anyone associated with any of these 10-A schools had evidence of recruiting, you should (have) report(ed) it. Had you done this, it would have been unnecessary to resort to your embarrassing cartel-style behavior of refusing to play an opponent, and then declaring those games as forfeits for the opponent you refused to play. Excusing poor behavior with other alleged poor behavior is an example of truly poor behavior. "CA recruits" is an absolute statement which should be backed up by evidence. You have presented none. The statement about how CA "claims to be a Christian School" is bush league and low class. Since providing facts is not your strong suit, here are some facts: • All private schools will play in Division II next year. • CA moving to Division II was not some special decision by the TSSAA to "arrange this move by CA to DII." • A small school beating a large school is not evidence of the small school doing something illegal. • CA girls basketball beat one AAA team this season. Team is singular, teams is plural. • Another 10-A team, Hampshire girls basketball (Class A, 114 enrollment) beat one AAA team this season, Spring Hill (Class AAA, 1164 enrollment). Using the same parameters which you have laid out, the Hampshire program also did something illegal when they beat a school with an enrollment 10x greater than theirs. This is absurd, and an embarrassing argument. • Rocket scientists were not utilized to present these facts, they are self-evident. In some form of irony, the CA girls team was not particularly strong this year so the cartel schools would have achieved the same result without having to cheat.
  2. JFW3


    So next year, do they go after Richland? All of the remaining teams next year could refuse to play them and decree forfeits for Richland. Absolutely disgusting this behavior is permitted by the state governing body under the guise of letting each district determine their own tournament format. This was never intended to allow what is taking place here, and this is not the first time as this happened last year in both boys and girls basketball. Permitting this behavior is an endorsement. Bylaws - Article I, Section 9 "All coaches must conduct themselves in a manner becoming of a coach and representative of the school."
  3. JFW3


    District 10-A Boys and Girls Basketball bylaws: • Five schools refuse to play one school in the regular season in cartel-style behavior • The school the other five refused to play is given 10 forfeits for the games the other schools refused to play and are seeded last in the district tournament with a record of 0-10 • Semifinal round has 1 vs winner of 3/5 and 2 vs winner of 4/6, in order to make sure certain teams advance out of the district • Seeds 4 and 5 are thrown to the wolves even though one would advance if the tournament format was correct
  4. JFW3

    Scott Tillman out at Lipscomb

    Some history for those wanting or needing to know about DII and DI classification prior to the quasi-split of public and private schools two years ago beginning with the 2017-18 cycle: • The DII-A and DII-AA split point was based on the Class A and AA split point in Division I. From 2013-17 that was somewhere in the 510 range. For 2017-21 it would have been very similar. • The (3) Division I classes were based on the total number of schools split evenly three ways • When football went to 6 classes for Division I, those numbers were based on splitting the above mentioned three classes each in half. (ex: 1A and 2A each had half the A schools, 3A+4A=AA, 5A+6A=AAA) • The variation to football was when 6A became the "Super 32" class and the remaining schools were split evenly 5 ways All this to say, when the classification meeting took place in July/August 2016 for the 2017-212 period, the general assumption was the DII-A and DII-AA split would remain the same, based on the class A and class AA split, which had always been in the 500-ish range. That was the belief for non-Football sports. DII football (post 2017) was always going to be 3 classes. It is a legitimate point to debate where those split points should have fallen and where they should fall in 18 months. While I was not present for that meeting, I would suspect that like anything where consensus must be reached, compromises had to be made. Dropping the DII non-football split to 450 went in concert with moving DII-AA and DII-AAA spit to 531. The 265/266 split for DII-A and DII-AA was the logical point as it is (a) half of 530 and (b) it put roughly the same numbers of schools in each of the two lower DII football classifications. That 450 non-football number dropping from what would had been 510 impacted only St. Mary's and CCS, the later of which was granted a 2 year exemption, the reasoning of which was never explained. Ensworth and BA were in that range as well, but had always elected to play up, just as they do in football as their actual enrollment would place both schools in DII-AA for football. With all of that in mind... It will be interesting to see what happens in 18 months. If the TSSAA decides to drop DII into two classes for football, the split point will hard to figure out. It can't be 0-530 and 531>>> because the small DII-A schools will get physically pounded every Friday night and they will never go for that. If you split the number of schools evenly with 25 in each class, that puts the split around 305 and has schools like FRA, Goodpasture, Boyd, Knox Grace, and Northpoint playing BA, Ensworth, MBA, MUS, McCallie, Baylor, etc. That's not going to work either. And the current 450 for non-football only nets DII-AAA football three additional schools. Just like in the summer of 2016, the next time will involve compromise from multiple parties, each with varying interests. If DII does drop to only having two football classes for the next 4 year classification cycle, I suspect the split number will fall around 400 which is close to halfway between the two unacceptable extremes of 305 and 530. JFW PS: if this thread continues with good substantive discussion and debate, maybe we can delve into other means of dividing private schools other than simple enrollment numbers. Some of the other states in the southeast have different methods for doing this as well as one creative method which keeps public and private schools together. More on that later.
  5. JFW3

    Div II A football realignment

    This is correct. Only possibly exception would be The Webb School in Bell Buckle. They play 8 man football in MTAC but played their first 11 man game this fall. Not sure of their 8 or 11 man status for next fall. JFW
  6. JFW3

    New DIIAAA alignment

    Yes, USJ will be playing football in DII-A for the next two season with a 21% drop in enrollment AND falling below the 265/266 cutoff between A and AA.
  7. JFW3

    New DIIAAA alignment

    This makes sense and looks like a good and workable format for DII-AAA. Where is this coming from? DII-A football is doing some moving around as well with the addition of Grace Christian Academy (Franklin), Columbia Academy, and Trinity Christian Academy.
  8. JFW3

    Showing Class

    That is correct. If enrollment changes +/-20% AND the new number puts a school in a higher or lower classification, then you move up or down.
  9. I don't know if this was a problem on Wednesday or at other fields on Thursday, but for our semifinal match on field #3 Thursday afternoon... We had ballboys/girls at our state semifinal match for part of the first half, then most of them disappeared. Those who remained were appeared to be 7 or 8 years old. It is both inappropriate and unprofessional to put a young child this age into a situation where they are incapable of performing their duties. It's wrong to the young child and wrong to the student athletes competing at the highest level of high school competition. Simply put, this is unacceptable for a marquis level state tournament event. At the beginning of the second half when most of the ballboys/girls could not be found, the fourth official came over to our technical area and asked our head coach if we (our team) were going to provide ballboys for the second half and if not, why not. Our HC explained this being the state tournament, it was not the responsibility of participating teams to furnish ballboys/girls as that is the role of the tournament organizers. Later in the match, this same fourth official called out one of our assistant coaches for "being outside the technical area" of which she was not. She was at the far end of the clearly marked technical area but still within, chasing down a ball as there were no ballboys. This was the same fourth official who on a free kick which resulted in a goal, where the center referee had the wall of the defending team back 14-15 yards, explain and quoting: "the rules say a minimum of 10 yards, the center referee can make it more, 10 is just the minimum." No commentary is necessary on the 10 yards situation as the statement speaks for itself.
  10. JFW3

    Showing Class

    We had ballboys/girls at our state semifinal match for part of the first half, then most of them disappeared. Those who remained were in the around 6-8 year old. It is inappropriate to put a young child into a situation where they are incapable of performing their duties. This is unacceptable for a marquis level state tournament event.
  11. JFW3

    Division 2 A Final

    Agreed 1,000% It's poor to have a girls STATE CHAMPIONSHIP game in any sport on a football Friday night. Whether intended or not, it really sends the wrong message about girls athletics. Going forward, the hope is to • (1) have a day break between the semifinal and final like Division I has, and • (2) have the final not be on a football Friday night. There is enough time to have four finals in the stadium on a single day as the last final on Saturday is at 4:30, leaving enough time for a fourth match at 7:00. For the fifth final, one of the five classes would play their final on one of the other 16 fields at the same complex on a rotating basis. DII-A would be more than willing to be the first in the five year rotation to play on the auxiliary field.
  12. JFW3

    Post Season

    The Hustlin' Tigers are in the house. Well done Howard!
  13. That is incorrect. If you have something in the TSSAA Constitution and Bylaws which says otherwise, please post either a link, screenshot, or state the Article and Section where this is found. The only sport possibly impacted by this is boys basketball.
  14. A couple of points: 1. GCA has only been a TSSAA member school for 3 years. They have not dropped a district/region football schedule in the past. 2. Playing young and physically small players in any other sport is not like playing them in football. There is a big difference with playing a bunch of 8th graders in a varsity soccer game vs a varsity football game. The whole "men and boys thing." 3. GCA asked to be moved to Division II for the upcoming fall and their request was denied. 4. I don't recall the people who are worked up about this voicing any concerns when the schools in District 10-A Boys and Girls Basketball colluded in what could be described as nothing less than cartel-style behavior in collectively refusing to play Columbia Academy during the regular season, and then decreeing those games they refused to play were a forfeit for the other team. 5. The amount of complaining about public and private schools is simply stunning considering all but five private schools are out of Division I and those five will be out in 12 months. If you have a problem with those five being in Division I, go talk to your representative on the board of control and legislative council. They wrote the rules which permits them to still play in Division I in 2017-18 and 2018-19. 6. They are not going to be banned from the post-season in all sports. Why? Because the TSSAA Constitution and Bylaws do not permit that. This is why he have rules which are to be followed rather than a dictator following the whims of a mob. Rule of law vs rule of man NOTES: #4 - that cartel-style behavior is at or near the top of the list of all time examples of what we as adults should not be teaching student-athletes. Justifying it because of public-private is poor and something which I hope none of the student-athletes "learning" from the adults ever emulates 10-15 years from now when they are in coaching and administrative positions which makes these kind of decisions. JFW