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  1. I think Greenback wins by at least 14. Hopefully the offense keeps improving.
  2. How good is Greenback's kicking game this season?
  3. Deebo is predicting 21-7 Sweetwater.
  4. The radio said Greenback scored on the goal line but the refs called it short then Greenback scored on the next play and again it was called short. Anyone at the game care to fill us in on what really happened? Was it really short or a TD?
  5. Will they be limiting tickets for this game? Buy at the gate or online only?
  6. I hope the Greenback boys get it together Friday but...until they figure out how to score more than 7 points in a game I might have to give a slight nod to LC. Them being 5A should give them a big advantage against this years inexperienced team.
  7. Weather is looking good for Friday night. About to start feeling like football weather.
  8. Our O line needs to get better so the freshman QB has more time. Hopefully they clean up the penalties this week because the OS game has a history of having a lot of them. OS has some big linemen that will give us another challenge.
  9. How bad is #54 hurt? Heard he had a leg injury against Oneida.
  10. He over threw #20 toward the endzone. Only incompletion I remember.
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