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  1. Just read that DB could be getting a highly recruited running back out of Clintwood VA due to VA not playing until late/ at all ! Florida , Penn State , TN and many other schools hot on his trail
  2. The School is still on its way to being finished .I was out that way about two weeks ago and it looks like all the walls and roof is up ... Looks as if the inside is being started / completed ( haven't heard much on how far along they are ) ..outside is still dirt Be exciting to see how well the sports do after year 2 . North and South always produce good players and every so many years have great teams ( get the kids playing together and they could have some great teams )
  3. DB just hasn't had the Discipline... That has/is changing !
  4. Yeah .... They must not follow DB like many do ! I have more confidence this year than I did in 2014 ..this team is stacked with only 4 starters gone , heck of a QB and two great running backs and plenty of great lineman - that is if we get to see Football this fall !
  5. I ran into DBs (Kingsport) QB last week .. with only 4 starters gone , he is excited ! He said they are going to be great this year and tougher than last .... Excited to see this team this year and all the rest . I just hope all these kids get to play across the State (nothing like Friday Night Lights ) Good Luck to all fans and players across the state !!
  6. Yep !!!! In two of the toughest games , Alcoa and Maryville , DB had (to many fumbles at important times and way to many stupid penalties) ! Play calling coming out of half sucked as well But I did get to talk to a few long term Important DB alumni and they are more excited about next year because of the Sophomores currently is the team that really shined coming up as youth .. They "at the beginning of season thought DB could get 6-7 wins this season , but 2020 was going to be the year to look forward too !!!
  7. You can't have mistakes ... PFoul , fumble !!! Game !
  8. Well a fumble inside the 10 is a killer !! Could be the game changer
  9. DB needs turnovers and points off of them ... DB needs no penalties- it's been a killer for DB in the past 10 years (especially this season) ... But the last game(Bearden) DB only had an amazing 4 penalties If it comes to field goals DB has the upper hand i love my Indians but .........Maryville 35-DB 13 (wink)
  10. Kingsport has JFred listed as a Venue ... One reason it will never change Baseball is the other .. won't be long and DB will have a new baseball stadium and the visitor side will be fixed permanently..
  11. Is it possible that TSAA will get involved and move this game if threats loom ??
  12. I do know one thing ... DBS chances at possibly even keeping this game closer than most might be over because of all the chaos , petitions , students not even going close to DB the rest of the week/ and social media saying Don't allow your kid at school Friday (because something is going to happen ) .........: I think Focus is out the door with the players/ team from what all everyone is saying or doing at DB due to the "Note" and what transpired WED !!
  13. There were so many rumors , videos and pictures of kids either running from school or pics of an active S .
  14. Read that The Rebels are 16-0 at home and 0-2 on true road games in the playoffs since 2015 .... True ?? No matter the record ,I just hope DB can compete to keep it within 2-3 , especially with Rain (we all know what happened in SH game ) - DB faithful won't show out or they will leave .
  15. Threatening note found at DB today ... Said something about WED ! That also probably means to expect heavier than normal police presence and added security presence at the game !
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