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  1. Read that The Rebels are 16-0 at home and 0-2 on true road games in the playoffs since 2015 .... True ?? No matter the record ,I just hope DB can compete to keep it within 2-3 , especially with Rain (we all know what happened in SH game ) - DB faithful won't show out or they will leave .
  2. Threatening note found at DB today ... Said something about WED ! That also probably means to expect heavier than normal police presence and added security presence at the game !
  3. Yep ... No excuses here , and I don't think DB can beat Maryville , come next year I see a closer game ... DB has a lot of returners next year ! Now for the SH and Alcoa game - both were late minute drives - both within 35yards of scoring but again both resulting in killer stupid mistakes (Alcoa personal Foul + fumble on last drive to tie , SH was 2 late personals on last drive ) - mental mistakes that can't be had in the Maryville game ...... i just hope DB can keep it with 3 TDs ... Jet H for DB is a beast and I look to see him put on a show vs Maryville !
  4. I understand completely.. im a DB fan and would love some TV for the 80-90 year olds that can't come to the game anymore , especially the ones that packed the stadium for years in 70,80,90s that I know , in trench coats and hats , rain or bad weather ! Its simply a $$$$ thing for DB ... Told directly by a DB personal ...DB makes a lot of money on. Football - There is the answer !! But the stands were the emptiest I have seen them in along while last Friday night ... To the Maryville fans , if this pack J Fred Friday night don't work , then you will see JFred kinda of empty anyway .. TV or Not
  5. I don't expect a miracle in this one ...I do think Maryville will have some problems that they haven't really experienced this year .. 34-17 Maryville DB is youngster heavy and this will just be a game that will make them better come next year ! Its always great seeing Maryville play and their fans .... But a whole lot Better to see them in J Fred
  6. DB had fallen because of stupid penalties at important times ... The main reason was injuries... Especially the last 4 games . Had to resort to some youngins , which were out there playing to hard and producing penalties...DB has begain to get some starters back and one of them is a deference maker on the field and the sidelines... But this time around will be much different, should be much closer of a game !
  7. Rivalry game that DB once ruled ... it was simply a strange game , they did not look anything like they have all season .. Just like the radio announcers said tonight "the heart of our team got hurt in first quarter of SH game ( sat out of Alcoa game) and when he is out there , this team plays and feeds off of him like they have all season "
  8. They are not the best , but they are getting better , play as a whole and fight every game .... DB has been injury heavy for several games now (6starters out ) ... Sophs and Juniors stepping up to feel those shoes of an already young team .... This new coaching staff is doing a great job at preparing these players .. It will be interesting but I'm thinking possibly round 2 , maybe round 3 because we will be getting some starters back !! The Alcoa game helped this young team prepare for the playoffs !
  9. I seen a few pictures that Allen Green took where Big 76 held DBs 29 on numerous occasions...One on the touchdown pass ! Has anyone seen these ? Great players always find away to hide this but I do believe on a lot of plays it can be called both ways !
  10. I'd Be worried about Alcoa in the playoffs ....Alcoa struggled up until 4 min in the 4th ... I mean DB is playing mostly juniors and several Sophs because of the injury heavy starters right now ( 6 starters out)
  11. If you listened that good and close , then you should go to the sidelines of about any school and you would be surprised on what you would hear !
  12. Region 1 champ is DB because of SH loss tonight ! SH vs Maryville R1 WB vs DB
  13. WAY to go DB ... Region Champs !
  14. Well .. Bearden beating SH ! Good news for DB
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