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  1. You heard it hear ha... it's in the works from what I'm hearing !! Knoxville first ... a walk in on the strip will make one very rich
  2. What amazes me is that Kingsport is trying so hard to get people to move here yet the ones that have been here all their life are up and leaving to near by areas , outside of Kingsport ! A great athelete just left DB for Betsy .... Don't blame them ! I'm tired of the one , two or three players a year that are the majority of the team because of their families .... When all these other players sit back and don't get the chance to shine I know several cops that have left and went to JC, Washington county , etc. because Kingsport is doing nothing about the crack heads / druggies because of overcrowding ... Cops just cant do their job to help this City because of Control ......Shootings everyday it seems like !! Ballad is causing Doctors , Nurses , Surgeons to leave Kingsport at high #s Kingsport Dobyns Bennett Football will never be the same again until the leaders correct the issues in front of them .... And "Heck", bring in Coaches that know what they are doing ! Again to many atheletes walking the halls , getting in trouble ,quiting , Families leaving ..... Heck Graham Clark is even leaving lol and once PALS goes nation wide , Kingsport is screwed Leadership is a Joke from Sports to the City office ! yeah I know "I was all over the place with this one" ha
  3. "I was actually asking a question in the main post " ... I was not saying that this is happening , I was saying "I have heard " and actually I have read this on FB aswell ! DB has the talent in Kingsport , the closest year that I can remember is in 2012 - Do I think another coach with rich coaching skills could have produced a gold ball, or got to the State .... Maybe ! My point is DB had a chance , a chance to hire a coach with rich coaching skills , yet the powers to be probably knew well before "their National Search " that it would be a good ole boy ..... Great coaches are just "great coaches " ... they Develop ! Year after year we see the same mistakes (especially with the D backs) .... yet it continues to be the same problem ! How many games has DB lost when leading by atleast 2.5 TDs in the last 5 years (a lot ) .... yet it continues to happen ! Its starts off with conditioning (sucks at DB ) , weights (sucks at DB) , practices , coaching etc. ....... the powers to be are content at DB , they have a Coach they know and a Coach that kept the staff that obviously has problems teaching skills in several positions that we have seen suffer for sometime now ! We had had a great coach with a proven record , a coach elsewhere with ties to DB , that was interviewd but was refused because he wanted to bring in some new staff .... Would he have been the man to turn this around , we don't know . But we do know that the current staff lacks the ability in several positions to teach (same coaches for along time ) These kids should have the chance to be developed ... they should have the ability to go to a College and play , but if they don't get the chance to showcase their abilitys , wether it be play calling , teaching , conditioning etc. , then they won't have that ability to continue on and it's not fair to the Kids and the parents ! Fact : did you know that in 2012 , 3 of DB players took it on themselves to do sprints , run with parachutes, workout at home , etc. .....Now this was late nights , nights when most kids would be out and about . I was told by one of their parents that they felt like they were not getting a workout and that they took it up on theirselves to become faster and stronger !! ***I think if the fans could see improvement in areas , winning Verse giving up big leads , coaches not letting up , conservative calling to the point every fan knows what's getting ready to happen , then fans would see change but it's not being seen and that why so many are upset about the State of DB Football ***** Few years back DB hires one of the best Band Directors in the country (he gets what he wants ((a fully paved , striped football field )) ) and all of his accomplishments are announced for a minute during football games ..... Yes he had some say in the addition to the football staduim ! ......If He was to leave today they would , without a question do a "nationall search " for another best in the country and get them !!! How is it fair that the band kids get the best yet Football kids don't ????? I guess this is a question that many don't understand ....
  4. Well I don't know if you a Fan of DB and have followed the tradtion of being at the games but this is not ME , this is about the players that experience this everyday ... more I could speak about but I'm not bringing up on this thread ! Simply put every die hard Fan at DB has seen the Football program go down hill in the last several years ... half the staduim leaves after half (band fans ) , even the admin .... Do you go to watch a band under the lights on a Friday night ? No you go to watch football but at DB you have a band director making 6 figures and a coach making 5 and it's a middle to low 5 !! Now like I said if you have been following DB football then you would see what the fans have been seeing for years ... Not only that but the players are making comments about the stands emptying after half ... AD let the program down when (The national search ) - was not a search ...
  5. If true there are Some major problems going on in the football program .... From a parent of a football player "Players tried having a meeting but was shut down by coaches" .... Is this allowed in High School anyway ? "players are quitting " "parents are saying they are going to transfer there kids if change is not made " this is coming from a parent DB Football - Real Talk (FB) Anyone heard of any of this or anything else
  6. Officially the WORST coaching staff in Kingsport EVER !! You can say what you want but It is freaking terrible ... Stands are the emptiest I have ever seen them , especially after the Band plays !! I have never seen a team collapse after leading than DB and this goes back 5 years or more !! Clean house ... I've been going to every DB game for 11 years and this year I have been to 2.5 games ...
  7. They are slowly coming along like last year ... I think Big Boy Keo Taylor comes back next week . Someone said he quit but I guess he had got suspended ! I noticed they are finally using 6'7 TE in tonight's game ( boy is hard to stop ) ... Keep using him
  8. DB needs to use the 6'7 TE more .... Christian said that he had "unbelievable hands" ... SO ???? Several plays should have went his way ... but clock managment was the Key !!
  9. Isn't it funny that the TV and Livecstream went into Blackout with :38 seconds to go after SH failed on 4th down .... I'd like to find that there person
  10. I bet DB has a turnover on this drive !!
  11. Lol .... that catch was planned last weekend .... over breakfast with Carter and the Ref that called it a catch !
  12. It's fair to say this game is tied in "shooting thi self in the foot category " .... great game !!
  13. Yes of course run and fumble ... How about throw some corner routes to the 6'7 TE ... throw some short passes to him ... SH can't defend him - Geez Coach
  14. Oh how Social Media and the DB football site on Facebook is getting crashed by haters of this coach ......But the band parents and the best friends of Coach are playing the "oh he will turn it around give him a chance , oh he is a great man (Clark Jr I guess ) , oh , oh oh .... quit the crap , He clearly sucks , sucks , sucks !!! Anyway ... most years by now this Topic has 30 pages but I think all the DB fans are waiting for some excitement ..... Like two touchdowns , a win , a i pad getting yanked out of the coaches hand by a fan from the bleachers , a Joke from Clark that "this is all a joke and I'm back " - heck I'd even take Clark back at this point, Pal Barger taking a bulldozer to the Jumbo Tron , the band director taking over the head coaching job (might work ) , etc. some excitment please !!
  15. If they are giving away i pads to the winner then DBs Coach will find a way to win .... that dang Coach I bet a frenchie fry DB gets beat 44- 14 ! Heck at this point if DB can score two touchdowns it's a WIN
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