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  1. Your comments are eerily accurate. I wonder where you get your info?
  2. Crickets? I knew he was leaving as did many people. He was interested in coaching at a private school as well. The guy has gone on record saying he would coach until he dies but who knows? His son left Goodpasture, a school CGR wasn’t interested in coaching at from what’s been said, to go to Boyd. He has a cabin in the Townsend-Gatlinburg area and frequents Townsend on his bike rides during the summer months. Might even see him at the Apple Valley Cafe if you’re lucky. Now, I’m sorry you think only you hear what CGR has to say but that’s your issue not mine. I hope you get rid of all that angst so you can live a more peaceful and stress free life. Best of luck!!
  3. Is this reading comprehension thing new to you? All was specifically directed at those that didn’t think he would leave. Read my post again so you can practice your skills. You’re welcome.
  4. Well MENSA says so but thank you for the recognition. However, it doesn’t take much brain power to know the guy is leaving since so many folks from many different parts of the state have all heard the same thing.
  5. If he’s ready to leave and finds a school he can win at Alcoas roster doesn’t matter. Him leaving after this year has been speculated by some for a while now. That speculation has been pretty specific and has come from many different folks. Look for a private school in middle TN or Chattanooga he can win at as his next stop if there’s one available.
  6. I’ve stayed silent in this thread but Rankin used to live in Bell Buckle and by all accounts loved it. With that being said he will only go to a school where he believes he can “win.” To all the Alcoa faithful who didn’t believe he’d ever leave I tried to tell you it was possibly happening.
  7. Why do you say that? I’d say that’s exactly what he would do if one came open that he could win at. Goodpasture was rumored to reach out to him and without a doubt LA would too if Dilfer leaves.
  8. I get what you’re saying and it’s plausible but it’s what he decides he will do. He can go to a private school that will win and do just the same. If Dilfer leaves Lipscomb I think he’d be the favorite to replace him. I’d also think the odds of him finishing his career at Alcoa as being low.
  9. Playerscoach

    D2 AAA

    How does Ingle not have a great deal to offer QBS? Played with Favre, Rodgers, and for Spurrier. Seems that’s pretty good to me?
  10. He’s said for years he will coach until he dies. I’d bet he won’t be back at Alcoa but will instead be coaching at a private school somewhere next year. Great coaching job again by CGR and his staff. Alcoa by 21+ for the gold ball.
  11. I wasn’t surprised because I expected this game to be similar with the running games and turnovers as well as special teams returns. The difference that I was curious to see was what would happen on a dry field because DCAs passing attack led by Gaines, Sneed, and Maglia is excellent. Not to mention an O-line led IMO by the best center in the history of the school in Aiden Francis opened holes and protected very well. When Paul Wade came to DCA four years ago I believed the talent was there to win a gold ball and said so on here. He started four 8th graders on his first team and all four were major contributors this year. Add in a handful of players that came to DCA to play for a guy who had 10 rings and the potential was there for this result. Coach Wade methodically and meticulously built this team from the ground up. Wade has been called by some on here as an “opportunist” and it’s been said he “puts himself in good positions to win” to minimize his coaching accomplishments. Well, he just rebuilt a program that went 0-10 his 1st year to outscoring the three other preseason favorites (Friendship Christian, USJ, and NCS) 120-21. Ive known coach Wade over 40 years and he was my fathers favorite player as a kid because he always gave his best effort and was relentless in his pursuit of winning. He now has his 4th ring as a head coach and 11th overall so the guy deserves to be mentioned as one of the best in the state. Put away forever all the excuses folks try to use to distract from what the results clearly show. His teams are always disciplined and play an intense, hard nosed style that mirrors their head coach. Sure it takes talent to win but without scheming, preparation, and the complete effort as a program,led by the head coach, gold balls don’t happen. One last thing, and this deserves special mention. I’d like to personally thank my good friend David Braemer, the headmaster at Ensworth. I’ve spent many hours with you over the years watching our daughters play soccer all over the US. When DCAs TN hall of fame coach Dennis Goodwin retired we discussed Paul Wade. You told me how Paul would be a “great fit at DCA.” What I told you very bluntly was he was a great fit anywhere and that you guys (Ensworth), including Ricky Bower’s, made a HUGE mistake by not hiring him as your head coach. Looks like we were both right. Congrats to NCS on a great season and to coach Brothers on building your program into a perennial contender. Congrats to Coach Wade, his staff, and the players on a remarkable and magical season.
  12. Will be the two best in the division fighting it out. Both teams have talent, speed, and size as well as great coaching.
  13. Makes zero sense. It’s a forum for discussion so don’t say something you don’t want discussed. BTW comments about kids “quitting on their teammates “ is out of line regardless who says it IMO.
  14. I agree. This game will be totally different than the first game. I can see an overtime win or a team win by 14 if the breaks go to either team.
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