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  1. FTR the catholic middle school team destined to go to FR is one of the best in middle TN. It doesn’t hurt Tony C. (FR all time great) is coaching them.
  2. Actually he has very close ties to a middle TN private school that can pay him what he wants. Never say never.
  3. Lol. You made it longer than me. Lol
  4. So for clarification for those of us who didn’t hear the “broadcast “ did both the “individuals “ on the broadcast refer to USJ players as “classless?” I’ll hang up and listen. Thank you.
  5. When calling him stupid I think you meant “you’re “ and “too?” Carry on.
  6. Man I hope not. IF he called a bunch of kids classless that would be unfortunate to say the least.
  7. Bump for the fun of it. I have my popcorn ready.
  8. Playerscoach

    FCS QB

    They are really young but will grow up as the season progresses. FCS is the class of the east without a doubt though. With growth and luck DCA will make some noise in the playoffs. I do think the sophomore, freshman, and 8th grade have a good combination of size, speed, and athleticism which bodes well for the future.
  9. Hmmmm? I’m going to sit here and watch how this unfolds from distance. Should be exciting to watch though.
  10. Playerscoach

    FCS QB

    Sloppy sloppy game for DCA with all the turnovers. I thought the DL with two freshmen and sophomore competed well against FCS and the MLB who is a freshman has a bright future. Gotta score from the 15 and 5 yards lines in the first half. Two Scores there and it’s 14-3 at half. DCA’s most explosive offensive player and really good def player going out early in the 2nd Qtr was tough on them. Good luck to FCS. Both teams can make some noise in the playoffs if things go well.
  11. Good grief. Wasn’t a penalty called? You act like your team is a bunch of choir boys. Get over it.
  12. Nah. You said you did the research so I figured you’d be able to relay it to the T. Carry on.
  13. I’m shocked. You’ve literally argued about every other linear and reasonable point I’ve made. Have you looked at everyone else’s schedule? How do they stack up to the gauntlet you guys face?
  14. Lol you described my well thought out and articulated post as a “rant.” That’s clearly, even though you deny it, an emotional comment. I didn’t “feel” any need to elaborate but I did respond to his “tome” that provided their history. The “advantage” I spoke of was clearly the reason why the TSSAA split the need based financial aide giving schools and the non. Surely you don’t disagree? The remaining portion of your “book” is nice editorializing. Congrats! Next time provide a Cliffs Notes version if you don’t mind. Carry on.
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