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  1. Playerscoach

    DCA coach?

    BTW I have no clue if shes interested but theres no denying she is without a doubt an excellent coach.
  2. Playerscoach

    DCA coach?

    I was informed I incorrectly referenced a name that is not part of this, or any other, discussion on coachT. Once made aware of this mistake I apologized to that person and his family. I trust the coaches and administrators at the schools involved understand I made an error and that I think highly of the person, and his family, that was incorrectly identified. While I meant no ill will but sometimes the consequences of referencing someone can cause harm to them. That is regrettable and I hope this situation has been resolved.
  3. Playerscoach

    DCA coach?

    Id be surprised if she wanted the job since she left for Goodpasture and is likely happy there.
  4. Playerscoach

    Player's Chattanooga Powerhouse

    I havent confirmed it but I heard the FC Alliance u18/19’s with the four UTC signees will be playing Division 2 powerhouse Carson Newman and LMU this spring. Thats up in your neck of the woods so have you heard that too? If its true that would be a good test for those kids.
  5. Playerscoach

    DCA coach?

    I wish I knew but I am out of the loop.
  6. Playerscoach

    DCA coach?

    Well, the coach in Chatt is a new name. I imagine its a former local coach/player wanting to get back to the area. Pure speculation on my part though. Whoever gets the job gets a great group of kids in the lower grades that are softball elite, and good in BB, VB, and soccer.
  7. Playerscoach

    DCA coach?

    Nine played this year. Three underclassmen (6’3” Jr, 5’11” soph, 5’10” fr) may return. Only two 8th graders coming up but a great 7th grade PG could possibly be moved up to HS. Should have between 12-15 next season. Losing the 3 Srs will be a blow but if those 3 others return they will be fine. I think rhe folks mentioned by SS all have a chance as well as others. I have heard of some great candidates that are interested so maybe another Wade type hire is in the future? The talent in the lower grades is better than ever so it will be fun.
  8. Playerscoach

    DCA coach?

    Not really heard anything other than lots of folks interested. The last hire made by the admin was a huge homerun (Paul Wade) so I trust this will be the same.
  9. Playerscoach

    DCA coach?

    Loads of good players in the 5,6,7 grades. 6th grade is most talented class in the history of the school and 7th grade is good. The right coach can win big IMO. Will be interesting to see the direction they go.
  10. Playerscoach

    Player's Chattanooga Powerhouse

    There are always outliers but the SoCon doesnt have one player under 5’ and only a few total within 3”. My point was that a 6’ tall extremely athletic and talented CB could be a great weapon against the 20+ 5’10” SoCon athletes she would face. Glad your daughter had a great career and she by all accounts could have played many places.
  11. Playerscoach

    AAA State Tournament

    Do the sports writers like me? Lol Maybe the HS coach who just honored #19 by retiring her jersey to a packed gym was trying to help another Sr player and had already spoken to #19? I think that is a very likely scenario. I will only miss one thing about travel soccer and thats the annual wins vs the Lobos. Seeing those parents get so mad and agitated every time they lost was fun. Even Bill Sammich, whose daughter was a great GK for the Lobos and Collierville, would call me after every game and laugh at those parents. I will miss these exchanges Canes. Sure they were brutal to the point I felt bad for you at times but they were entertaining nonetheless. Carry on.
  12. Playerscoach

    Player's Chattanooga Powerhouse

    How tall are Barcas centerbacks? How tall are most centerbacks? How tall are the mids at UTC? I mean, its all relative isnt it? If you possess the same speed, quickness, skill and technical ability at 6’ tall you have a unique player. One that all coaches would love to have. My post said tall, fast, physical, AND technical. Thankfully the better teams they will play in the SoCon have no Messi level players. BTW I watched AK Anderson absolutely handle a 5’2” super fast forward 1 v 1 yesterday in Knoxville and do the same against top flight ECNL players in many games this season. Shes just a different type of player. That was my point.
  13. Playerscoach

    Player's Chattanooga Powerhouse

    UTC seems to have a smaller than expected roster for next year with the loss of three key multi year starters. However, the more I watch AK Anderson (West) play I am very excited to see what she will do at UTC. I dont want to predict anything but at 6’ tall with great speed and solid technical skills shes just a very special and unique player. At centerback, while different in a few ways, shes comprable to Harper White (Franklin/Clemson/USA pool player). Both are very fast, physical, and intelligent players with AK 4” taller. UTC will also be getting another tall, fast player in Kendra Mueller (Beech) who has great potential and IMO should be the middle TN player of the year. Add Julia from Memphis, Mackenzie and Avery from Knoxville and this group has a chance to contribute early.
  14. Playerscoach

    TSWA all state

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.tennessean.com/amp/2616916002 Go Mocs!!!
  15. Playerscoach

    Player's Chattanooga Powerhouse

    Lolololol. Well played.