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  1. Playerscoach

    Player's Chattanooga Powerhouse

    What have you heard tegarding expectations of incoming players? Any to keep an eye on?
  2. Playerscoach

    Ensworth Job open again

    Ricky isnt the AD at Lipscomb and Ensworth doesnt have to make a splash hire. You may be right though. I can gurantee that Ingle has been asked/approched for years about when he would take over for Ricky. Its a natural assumption since Ingle played two sports for him and Ricky gave him his first shot at coaching as an assistant at Ensworth.
  3. Playerscoach

    Ensworth Job open again

    Not sure what that has to do with job attractiveness? Forget the fact youd lose that bet 8-9/10 times because its irrelevant.
  4. Playerscoach

    Ensworth Job open again

    Absolutely disagree on Ingle. Ricky was his coach and gave him his start in coaching. A name not mentioned is Jon Quinn from Davidson. He interviewed at Ensworth prior to taking the Davidson Academy job and from what I was told they were very impressed by him.
  5. Playerscoach

    Ensworth Job open again

    New heads? The headmaster has been there for 5-6 years. Hes an impressive guy and a sports enthusiast. As long as Ricky is the AD sports will matter there. As far as Ingle is concerned I think you meant to say “unlikely.” I think he will leave if the package is right. CPA isnt Ensworth and Ingle knows that.
  6. Playerscoach

    Ensworth Job open again

    Either Wade or Ingle would be my first call. Wade is home though so Ingle is my guess.
  7. Playerscoach

    DCA coach?

    Why do you fuel his ignorance? He cleary lied and you know he did. I know that you know he did because I know you and your relationship to the school. You know the Wade hire was a homerun. Lets see how this plays out.
  8. Playerscoach

    DCA coach?

    Nonsense? You mean like you acting as if you know whats going on? Haha. BTW you seem insecure? Why bash DCA when you have no connection to the school? Very odd behavior. Next time I see you maybe you can explain? Lol We both know you wont because youre a coward. Be tough on here because we both know you cant in real life. The Mayor of Old Hickory and the folks that matter laugh at your silly posts on here. Carry on though, its good comedy. Before you make a stupid comment about me and the folks at DCA to be clear you know who I am, who Im connected to, and that I trust the admin to make a good hire.
  9. Playerscoach

    DCA coach?

    Umm... I never mentioned that.
  10. Playerscoach

    DCA coach?

    That is literally the biggest crock ever posted on here. She is great basketball coach and will have a good career at GP. Stop telling lies man. She has a job and children at GP. Poor form of you to do this. Continue to make your goofy comments about me but stop with that bs.
  11. Playerscoach

    DCA coach?

    Everyone. Lol Keep saying it and maybe youll convince yourself? Lol Don't get worked up though because at your physical state you might have a heart attack. Now that I know who you are I think its hilarious you talk so much. Its also odd to me that you get tidbits from folks at DCA but bash the school at every turn? The folks in this thread connected (by various ways) to the school sure dont like your constant bashing. Out of respect for their anonymity I wont divulge who everyone is but you have to know folks in the hallways, on the sidelines, and in the offices would rather you just pipe down and stop embarassing yourseld. Its just silly and when we see each other again I will have fun saying this in person. Even the mayor of Old Hickory was laughing at you. Smh
  12. Playerscoach

    DCA coach?

    Oh goodness. The Folks at DCA that matter laugh at your posts. BTW being fat doesnt make you Big . Should change your name to morbidly obese ENS instead. Lol
  13. Playerscoach

    Clint's Line in the Sand?

    Have no idea what you are talking about? Carry on though.
  14. Playerscoach

    DCA coach?

    Interesting. I havent heard anything but I trust they will make a good hire.
  15. Playerscoach

    DCA coach?

    Im not in the loop with all the candidates. I think the AD and head master are comitted to finding the best coaches they can for both basketball and volleyball. I hope both will be looked at as a ROI for the school. This is kind of an out of left field thought but I am a big fan of the boys coach Nate Johnson. Hes an excellent person and teacher of the game. I know hes coached girls before too. If, HUGe if, he decided to switch to the girls program I believe he could challenge for a state title once the current 6th graders reach HS. I have no knowledge if hes interested I just think he would be that good with the girls.