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  1. Nope, I won’t be able to attend. No more little PC’s for girls soccer and I’m thankful. I’ll just wait for the youngest PC to make his mark on the HS football field, track, and soccer pitch starting next season. Will be a fun ride.
  2. Moving to three classes in Div 1 greatly watered down that division. Adding a 4th division will worsen it.
  3. Spoke with someone who is on the board and this won’t happen. D2 will stay with three classes for football.
  4. What do you want folks to say? You and I both know the names of folks interviewed and of those not interested after contacted. The hire looks to be good IMO. I wish him well.
  5. Or maybe he wouldn’t leave because he thinks DCA is a better job?
  6. Playerscoach

    D2 AA

    But in all the other sports they are already playing D1 schools. The travel would be an issue though.
  7. Playerscoach

    D2 AA

    I haven’t heard any traction on making it two classes? The traction I’ve heard is going to three classes across all sports. Where are you getting that info?
  8. Would it be fair to say Wade wasn’t interested? Would Bigchief say that? I mean, he’s known Wade for 45 years so he’d know wouldn't he?
  9. Haha So Wade coming from D2AAA with 10 rings isn’t as good as a D2 AA coach??? Come on man that’s just a silly post. You don’t really really believe that.
  10. He can’t say here either way but since I have his phone number I’ll ask him.
  11. DCA will be very good next year IMO. The big linemen will be sophomores and they have good , fast skill people coming back everywhere. They have kids that didn’t play this year that are difference makers in a huge way.
  12. Their facilities compared to other D2AA schools are way behind. They are on par with the local schools they are competing with though. This is a long term hire and early scuttlebutt is they have been working big names with no takers yet. Sonn (great person and coach) attracts kids there and so could a football coach but it’s easier to get a stud and place four role players around him than 1 with 10 around him. I wish them luck. I know some guys coaches there and they are great folks plus Lynn Deering is the Pat Summit of TN HS volleyball.
  13. Dude you said it to me ITT. Since I certainly know who Bigchief is and spoke with him recently I found your comments where you said “you’re welcome” to be funny. I hope GP hits a homerun with the hire.
  14. I’ll say “you’re welcome “ for him. Lol
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