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  1. I am getting ever so close to revealing who you are. Folks would be surprised to know we speak on the phone almost daily, that I’ve been to your beautiful mansion, and know that you’re an avid beekeeper. Govern your actions accordingly. Lol
  2. I know you did because you told me. Lol You love to stir it up here. If people only knew the laughs we’ve had outside here they might be less uptight. Lol I will keep your anonymity in place but might be forced to divulge it given your recent antics. Tread carefully my friend.
  3. You are without question my friend a booty kisser. Lol You are also many other things including a good friend. Someday I will reveal who you are if you keep up this rate of booty kissing.
  4. You could have something here. Except I’ll be spending time at Finley this fall and won’t have the schedule openings to fit it in. Plus, she’s so cute and petite I couldn’t mentally prepare for the event. Maybe you could just substitute me for you? Think of the drama here. A 6’7” wordsmith vs a 5’3” Lilliputian. David vs Goliath. Kasparov vs Deep Blue. Elmer Fudd vs Buggs Bunny. Ill pay to watch you guys. Get it on the books and lets roll.
  5. Profile says you joined Wednesday. Is this a new account? Lol I made an observation that was supported by data. That’s all. I also said I appreciated the website and that I thought he did a good job. BTW lots of stuff in that post that you could point to as complaining and you chose one benign sentence. Wonder why? The funniest thing though is you pick THIS thread when a few below it is a thread ripping the TSSAA for “ball boys/ball girls” and another about the state championship being on a Friday night (I happen to agree with them). Carry on though.
  6. DCA had approximately 52 posts tweeting results for all sports through the end of basketball season. Look, I’ve said I thought you did a good job and really appreciate it. I’ve also shown a disproportionate number of retweets made and that’s your prerogative. I think you’re a good coach, nice guy and I’m sure glad you do what you do. Its good that Coach G white knights for you but the data is there. If I feel the desire to bring it up again I’ll do it in person with you or G. G said I was “talking crap” when I pointed out facts and supported data. I find that amusing. Lol
  7. So were the numbers I posted correct?
  8. I am not able to go back past November 16th, 2018. Just taking basketball into consider there were approximately 30 tweets/retweets of CPA and 13 for my school. I am not able to look at the other earlier sports. I do not follow softball so I should have qualified my remarks to the sports I follow more closely (football, basketball, and girls soccer). I still think it’s a great thing you’re doing and I’m standing by my statement based on the sports I follow. The numbers I just provided are pretty clear. As I said before it’s perfectly ok for you to disagree. Thank you for the kind words about Faith. Best of luck to you.
  9. Booger won the Mr USA petite division pageant. True story.
  10. No he’s not. He’s just very very tall and quite handsome I’ve heard.
  11. I think you do a great job and enjoyed reading the tweets. You and I discussed the website at FRA last year during the boys playoffs and I thought it was a great idea. I watched, along with many from my school, at the disproportionate posts about CPA compared to my school. You run it so that’s your prerogative to post/tweet what you want. All I’m doing is pointing it out. If you and G don’t like it I’m not sure what to say other than it’s an opinion so feel free to disagree.
  12. Nah G I’ll do both actually and did. There’s no doubt he’s done a great job overall and spent tons of hours doing it and there’s zero doubt of the disproportionate posts about CPA. There’s also no doubt that somehow DCA gets little to no coverage across all sports. It is what it is. I pointed it out and stand by it. Its my opinion that I gathered from watching it take place. Best of luck to you.
  13. 2. Did you read my post? Finalist not winner. I didn’t say she should win it. Better luck next time. Now to #1. Not passive aggressive whatsoever. Its said in black and white. The disproportionate posts about CPA are there to see.
  14. No doubt whatsoever he’s The Godfather.
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