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  1. Zach is a nice guy, but not experienced enough. He's only been an assistant coach at k2 for level 2 teams. We had him, he is fun, but wants to be friends with the girls more than a coach. Hopefully that will change if he is put in a head coaching position. I wouldn't expect a big season from Bearden unfortunately. Btw..Zach may be k2 but the assistant is KVA. A nice mix for all.
  2. BHS was beaten. Ugly, ugly game. It was a game of errors. We just made more than DB. The team that showed up to play was not the same team from the past few weeks. We had beaten DB pretty easily in Nashville a couple weeks ago and I think they came in thinking it was in the bag. Probably can count on 2 hands the total number of hits in this match. Extremely frustrating. I love my team and am proud of how much they improved this season, but would've liked to have seen that team play tonight. Sad we couldn't have represented Knoxville in our division with 2 teams.Go FHS bring it home to Ktown!
  3. This is the last I will post on the photo subject. I'm not here to change anyone's mind on our coach. It is what it is. I wasn't the parent to obtain the photo or ask for photos. I wasn't the parent to pay for the framing. I wasn't a parent on the team that year. I am a parent on the team this year and don't like it when a decision made this year is seen as a bad reflection on our BHS team and booster club. I took it personally when people post negative comments about our program. We all work hard. Once a solution, access to a different photo was mentioned, I offered to fix it. I can't control what the coach does or doesn't do. All I can do is try and explain the situation and decisions that were made at the time and now try and fix it. After txting with the parent of the player in question about the photo, here is their reply: "I say good job to the person who took care of getting the picture done, hung and the accomplishment being recognized!!! Maybe Coach T should produce the picture if he thinks it needs to be replaced!!! As far as me finding a picture that was “handed outâ€â€¦..I wouldn’t know where to begin looking for one in the boxes and boxes of un-scrapbooked photos I have in the basement. This is ridiculous that someone would take the time to discuss someone being in or out of a picture. If it doesn’t bother us, (we didn’t even know a picture was hung) , why should it bother them or him or whoever??? Don’t give it a second thought!!" Apparently no fix is needed. Class act for sure!
  4. Bratman, the AC team is a scrappy team. They had us scrambling, especially in the first game. My daughter is the middle on BHS and said they were hard to read for blocks. They will get stronger with age.
  5. Then Luv please share your photo with our Booster club. Maybe it can be reproduced in good enough quality to blow up. The only photo any of our remaining players and parents could find was the one they got in the bag at the end of the year. It is the one that was used. Not sure when the picture you talk of was given out. If there were copies of the teams' yearbook photo given to players, no one else seems to know where thier's is after 2 years. My daughter didn't play that year so I know I don't have any to contribute. I think I know who you are and would assume that you know as a past involved team parent, us other parents work hard to do all we can to make BHS VB a great program . It's not a conspiracy, Putting up a photo to celebrate getting to state wasn't a way to intentionally hurt another player. The decision to use that photo, careless, yes. You've experienced the politics of dealing with the school and trying to get something, anything accomplished. The opportunity to put up a photo for state was open, we took it. The line "There is no excuse for a coach to put up a "team" picture with one member left out." isn't quite fair. You also know how much parents are involved in this team and this decision and installation was done completely by the parents (that is why even posted in the first place. Us parents take responsibility for this issue and the blame needs to placed on the right people.) You also know that the booster wouldn't have money to purchase a picture that size from a photographer even if after 2 years it was still available. But fortunately, it sounds like you have the means to help fix it so please share your photo. (yes, anyone could take it from the year book, but blowing up a printed picture isn't good enough, we'd need an actual photo in high resolution.) I assume you know who I am and can find my email address. I would be happy to scan the photo in a high enough quality to hopefully blow it up to a usable size. I have no problem battling with BHS personnel to try and change the photo. No parent at BHS VB wants a former player upset. The photo has only been up for just over a month and if we can remedy the problem we will.
  6. Added to last post: Don't know who McEachern is but if its a copyrighted photo it probably couldn't be used unless purchased. This photo was blown up and framed by a parent at their own cost. And whos to say she would,ve been in that photo eitheri if it was at the beginning of the season, that was at the height of her injuries. Have since researched: McEachern does not to BHS photos and hasn't for at least 3 years. All Photos are bids/contracts with the yearbook photos and sports photos. BHS does not use them. Other knox county schools do. Thats why I hadn't heard of them. They have to be under contract with each individual school to come out and take team photos.
  7. Wow. That is a great idea! I'll have to mention it to our Booster club. I bet that is a ton of fun! Nice job Catholic and Grace!
  8. Fair enough. But if she chose not to be in it, then what? I'm not saying that is what happened but no one knows or remembers why she didn't come to the photo session. If she was physically unable then I would agree, but if it was her choice via other commitments or whatever than it shouldn't be an issue. Since we may not ever know maybe we can replace it with a picture from this season. Don't know who McEachern is but if its a copyrighted photo it probably couldn't be used unless purchased. This photo was blown up and framed by a parent at their own cost. And whos to say she would,ve been in that photo eitheri if it was at the beginning of the season, that was at the height of her injuries.
  9. I'm trying to figure out who the 3 PhillyAl could be thinking of besides the one I mentioned. This is only his 3rd year at BHS so only has 2 years of past players that would be in college. Only 2 players TOTAL from BHS have even gone to college to play volleyball. 4 seniors from 2013 season of which 3/4 don't play vb in college, but he has contact with 2 of them just about school not volleyball. One is the one PhillyAl mentioned and he doesn't have contact with her I don't think. From the infamous 2012 pic.I only count 4 seniors. Of those only ONE who plays vb in college. He keeps in regular contact with her thru email back and forth. He and his family attended one of her games and was invited back to her house for a family party afterwards. of the 3 non vb players that year: One is in track in college and he keeps up with her. One works at KVA. And the 4th in college in NY came to watch a BHS game this season while home. The other 2 KVA assistant coaches/former BHS players I mentioned in other post were from the year before he coached BHS, when he was just a freshman players' parent. They occasionally would come to practice and join in this season too.
  10. Thanks BBV. We will have to meet at the next opportunity. I'm sure there were more pictures taken, but being 2 years ago and with the combo of players leaving and photos taken on phones and ipads, this is the only team shot that was found. Funny thing is it seems non BHS parents are the only ones with a problem with it. Like I said earlier the pic was signed by all players including the libero and given as a gift to the coach and players at the end of the season. This was paid for by the BHS booster club who's treasurer was the libero's own parent. If they would have had another pic or an issue with this photo being a representation of the team season don't you think it wouldn't have been used, or at least not given out as gifts? I understand where your coming from but I think too many people are just looking for reasons to cause problems. I don't believe the libero or her parents are upset with the pic. Should we not have given the team the recognition after something like 15 years since the last time BHS got to state after arguing and harassing the principal and AD because we couldn't find a 2 year old pic? I also guarantee if we were to take it down now, if we had another photo, it would never get back up waiting for knox county to get around to hanging it.
  11. Update to last post. Its been determined the picture was after districts before state. Libero did know the picture was going to be taken. She was probably well enough by then to be in it, but for some reason must have chosen not to.?? IDK. A copy of the photo was given to our coach at the banquet that year, signed by all players including the libero. That was the only team photo taken that year, the first year he coached.
  12. As far as BHS coach keeping in contact, all I know is 3 past BHS players are working or have worked for kva coaching. I know of two for sure he keeps in regular contact with at college and another one drove from college to come to our game against FHS last week and even sat on the bench before play and afterwards jumped in the photos in support of our players and coach. There are relationships with those who want it. Not all do, for example the player PhillyAl mentioned.
  13. BBV do you ever talk to BHS parents about what happens at BHS or just your FHS/K2 Coach hating contact? There were plenty of us to talk to last night. Even the parent who personally paid to have that picture framed. I'm not going to get into a big argument over this because I have a feeling no matter what is said the hatred and bashing will continue, just with a new topic. The picture and banners were hung just this past August 2014. That is how long it took to get approved and hung by the school. The coach had nothing to do with it. Parents did. Getting volleyball recognized by our school is an act of congress and after much badgering we were given approval to hang a photo by our AD after last season. Thats when the hunt for a photo started. This is the one that was chosen...by a parent. It took until the end of August for the school to even get around to hanging it. We never even thought it would actually get hung. The coach didn't see it until it was on the wall. Parents finally got approval to put vb stuff up in our gym and we jumped on it. As you even saw, we were given just the little corner by the stairs. The picture was taken so long ago debate is out as to when it was taken. But, It was a scheduled photo. The girls were told to wear uniforms and bring the awards that are in their hands and they are not sweaty and all have their hair down. It was taken in the BHS gym, not at state. ALL team members knew the photo was being taken. I don't know why the injured libero is not there, maybe she wasn't feeling well enough. She had several, Three I believe, surgical procedures that season for various reasons. She was at a lot of practices when she could make it. But to say she was at every practice and game is not correct. The entire last half of summer she was recovering from her injury. She may have made summer work outs because her injury happened in the mid part of summer. However, she was not there for all practices and games, it was physically impossible. She needed to be protected from infections and didn't attend volleyball events when her injury couldn't be exposed. I don't know how the FHS parent seems to think they know so much about what goes on at BHS, but there is NOT another version of this picture with the injured libero in it. It was a one time arranged photo session and the only photo we could find from 2 years ago. I know that the k2 parents love to discuss bearden and our coach like they know everything, but their versions of reality always leave out the whole story. And I say K2 not FHS. Many of the FHS parents respect the BHS coach, its just the k2/kva nonsense bleeding into High school volleyball.
  14. Another exciting Bearden/Farragut game! Bearden lost in 5 sets. 5th set score 13-15. Can't get any closer than that. Everyone played well. Both teams had some errors that cost them points but it was a good rivalry. Even the fans got involved. Again, Fun to watch!
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