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  1. He was either leaving or being fired. It had very little to do with wins and losses.
  2. Lol... When I started this thread December 7th. I had a strong feeling this was happening and even said it would happen over Christmas break to a friend in a private conversation. Y'all can spin it anyway you want but I saw it coming a mile away. That Diffee boy has some growing up to do. To many on and off field bad choices. I hope he learns and grows from this. I'm sure he will.
  3. All due respect to you BPM but all is well for who? Milan is coachless for now and Diffee is unemployed as a coach? I'm hoping Milan finds a better replacement.
  4. I started this thread Dec 7th based on things I had heard about on and off field activities. It seems I was on the money.
  5. I know the coach for Milan is only in his second year or possibly 3rd? Any possibility of a change in the near future. Scuttlebut says maybe all is not as it seems with that position. Any insight from anyone here?
  6. Oaklund weren't no good accordin' to some. Couldn't even beat McCallie in a practice pretend game of tackle football is what i'm hearin'.
  7. Lol.....no they didn't. It's seems hard to find everyone's scrimmage record.
  8. It has certainly become a great rivalry in my opinion. Odds are strong that we will see you guys again next year at Ray Hughes Stadium here in the Boro. My gut feeling is that Maryville will be improved next year by quite a bit and Oakland will probably be down some from this year. But who knows what will happen with transfers and whatnot.
  9. Lol........keep on dreaming....McCallie ain't even worth mentioning in the same room with Oakland. Oakland has simply beat any and everyone for 30 straight games. The best Mississippi had to offer and the best Tennessee has to offer. You want some of Oakland then have your school contact Creasy and make it happen next year. I assume you guys won your state championship in the privates. Didn't watch.
  10. I remember that game quite well. I was there in the cold wet stands. Jacoby Stevens was a force to be reckoned with but he didn't quite have the supporting cast this team does and he was primarily a defensive player that also made SOME plays on offense. Offensively this year's team is head and shoulders above that team in my opinion. Can Summit win? Absolutely. Highly unlikely in my opinion though.
  11. Exactly. They will continue their smashmouth football. The Wade brothers are great athletes. Oakland has seen plenty big time D1 athletes this year from plenty of teams and they even have a few of their own. How many points did Hendersonville defense give up to Summit? Oaklands defense is much better. Oaklands offense? Clicking on all cylinders. Summit is a very good team,no doubt and can play with probably anyone in the state. But they ain't beating Oakland.
  12. I really don't see Oakland throwing any more this week than lately. They will dance with the one that brought them. Jordan James and Antonio Patterson will continue to eat the field and the clock. Best way to keep Wade Bros. Inc. out of the endzone is to keep them off the field as long as possible. Oakland ground game does that. Hewitt has shown a lot of progress as the season has played out and can certainly get the ball to receivers when needed but Oakland should have good success running so no real need to change.
  13. The Wade brothers are certainly a force to be reckoned with and Summit has a good playmaker in #13 the receiver but it won't be enough. Oakland is just too good and has proven that time and again with the schedule they played this year. The only top tier program Oakland hasn't beaten this year is Alcoa but only because we didn't play them. Summit is good. But not good enough for what's coming.
  14. I'm talking about the Oakland press box. I'm in it plenty since that's the one I volunteer for.
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