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  1. LC throws the ball pretty well. LC has not been turnover prone this year. LC line play seems better than Fayetteville from what I've seen of them. Fayetteville will not have a big advantage in the speed department at all. LC does not have 7 kids that run a 4.4 like some teams claim to have but they do not lack in the speed department. I may be wrong but I do not think Fayetteville will just line up and run it down LCs throat. This game will come down to scheme and in game adjustments and of course line play. Penalties and turnovers will go along way in determining the winner. I don't know if this will make a difference or not but these LC seniors are about to play in their 4th semifinal game. They have lost 4 games in their high school career. All of them have played alot of football over the last 4 years and they will not be fazed by the big game environment. I am not big into making predictions but if LC plays up to their ability then they will be fine.
  2. Whoever wins this game will have a very tough time beating So. Pittsburg. Not saying it cannot happen but it will be very tough.i noticed that Fayetteville only have 7 seniors on roster. I think I counted right. If so they should be very good next season. I have faith that if Moore County can play close to Fayetteville then Lake County can. We shall see Friday night.
  3. Hamburgers, nachos, hotdogs and they used to do pizza. Not sure about pizza anymore.
  4. No, it wouldn't have made a difference. So. Pitt was a running team and LC was best at run stopping. From what I saw of So. Pitt they wouldn't slowed the LC offense down. That was last year and it is a moot point.
  5. I hope you are right with both of your picks.
  6. I don't know about that. Lake County is a very young team but getting better every game. I expect this to be a very good football game.
  7. Totally agree with this post. Fayetteville will be a great test for LC. Imo LC grew up alot last night.
  8. I think we all saw a young Lake County team grow up last night. No matter what happens next Friday the future is bright in Falcon land. Also, Coach Quinn and staff have grown right along with this team. Coaching is getting better every passing week. Congratulations to Fayetteville on a big win last night looking forward to next Friday.
  9. Probably will not be too much smack talk this year. Is Fayetteville a run heavy team? In the game I watched them play they pounded the rock. Both teams look to be fast so that will be negated somewhat. Just happy for the young Falcons on a 4th straight semifinals appearance. Not bad for a school with 210 students.
  10. Da Da had 201 yards on 13 carries. He rushed for 196 last week. Not bad for a sophomore.
  11. I really don't think if West Carroll wins that it would be a upset. The two teams are evenly matched. LC being at home might be the difference.
  12. Might not be a risk. This is a very good pick. LC and WC are even teams. LC is at home which might give them a small advantage.
  13. You very well maybe right with your West Carroll pick.
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