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  1. The Greenfield coach also said it on the coaches corner the last year Peabody was 1A.
  2. I know y'all are talking about the east but the west have very good programs just like So. Pittsburg. Huntingdon and Lake County have been very good year in and year out. They are the most stable 1A programs in the West. When it is all said and done one of those teams will represent the west imho. They are both very young and will be very good for the next few years. Just wondering when is the last time So. Pittsburg has played in a title game? Teams that make multiple showings if I am not mistaken in the current 1A are So. Pittsburg with 11 appearances, Lake County with 6, Greenback with 5 and Gordonsville with 3. So Pitt has won 5, Lake County 3 and Greenback and Gordonsville with 2. Huntingdon has won one in 2A and was runner up in 2A and 1A. Not sure what is being implied with multiple showings?
  3. I agree with you. The Greenfield coach should not have done that. I cannot speak for the other teams in the region but I know Lake County wouldn't do that and would play whoever you put in front of them.
  4. Not trying to be smart about this comment but why does it have to be an excuse maybe they really have covid issues. I am sure Humboldt wanted to play or they would not have agreed to pick this game up. This game wasn't on either teams regular schedule. If the game happens the rebels will win big.
  5. What is Peabody enrollment? I know they are close to coming down to 1A. If they could come down would they? I personally see no benefit for Peabody to come down. They currently running through 2A with no signs of a dropoff 1A would provide less competition for them.
  6. Lake County isn't your typical small town football team. Westview may very well win this game but LC give them all they want. Since when did Westview become a powerhouse in 3A. They are average at best in 3A. I just don't understand the hype surrounding them at all. Westview is supposed to win this game but to completely say that Westview is dominant is a joke. With that said I expect LC to play hard and if they can avoid the big plays and control the clock it just might be a game. I hope Westview will continue to schedule the little ole 1A team from Lake County after their hero graduates. I highly doubt that will happen.
  7. I am confused. I read in a Hamilton County newspaper that said Marion County was doing everything in their power to reschedule the game with South Pittsburg. Is this not true?. I cannot imagine an administration not trying to play one of the greatest high school rivalries in Tennessee. I don't remember the papers name. I read alot of different sports papers on line.
  8. At any rate Lake County doesn't get a covid loss do to the UC not being a region game.
  9. Yes, Union City and they are 2A plus Union City picked up USJ during the week of the Lake County game.
  10. Again, not that it matters Lake County's record is 2 and 0. Covid game was a non region game with 4A Crockett County.
  11. I meant in my post Huntingdon could most 1 A schools in down years. Just typed wrong school in.
  12. Not disrespecting Mcewen at all. Mcewen it is tall order for any small single a school to beat them. Don't get me wrong it can be done. I just don't think Mcewen has played enough to beat them early in the year. Covid is bad for all and the lack of practice probably hasn't done McEwen any favors.
  13. People can say what they want about Huntingdon. There is still alot of talent.Until some teams that play them step up and beat them. There is not much to say. When was the last time Waverly beat Huntingdon? As for this game Huntingdon still cream of the crop in region 6A. I don't know when the last time Huntingdon was beat in a region game but it will not be this game if it happens.
  14. Oh by the way the streak lives on. 17 straight wins. I do not understand why everything is showing Lake County at 2 and 1. The missed two games do to covid and neither game was a region game. So Lake County is 2 and 0.
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