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  1. Time to bump back to the top. I don't want Greenback to forget.
  2. BPM, Lake County played Hayti twice in 2009 and 10 I believe. I could be wrong on the years. LC won at Hayti 23 to 6 and I believe 44 to 18. Coach Bert Snow was head coach the year we won 23 to 6 and David Barger his 2nd go around was the other win. Fulton County is improving in Kentucky. I know their new coaching staff are turning that program around.
  3. McConnell left for a reason other than just going home. There is more to the story than we may ever know. 5 star qb for two more years and pretty solid roster. Like I said there is more to the story than wanting to go back to Camden.
  4. You also picked Huntingdon and Greenback over Lake County. Just messing with you. Lol
  5. Yes, Lake County has been robbed by a certain school in Dyer County not named Dyersburg. That pipeline for them I think has closed.
  6. Not stewing at all about it. Just making conversation about Lake County. People seem to forget that Lake County is a traditional 1A power. LC has been good in every decade and with a few breaks along the way Lake County could have 3 or 4 more gold balls. Lake County is kind of forgotten among the best programs in 1A. Yes, LC has down years but most of the time LC has very good years. Maybe I could have worded different. LC has been a top tier program since the 60s. My point was Lake County usually has to get through some of the best in 1A year and year out to even think about making it to Cookeville. The only private school I will ever be bitter toward is ECS.
  7. I know. I read both of them. In all honesty I wished it had of been a Lake County/ So. Pitt final. I have my reasons for that. It still feels great beating Greenback though. It was said Lake County couldn't stop the pass. Well, it got shut down and the LC offense managed 545 yards of offense. The game wasn't as close as the score. LC physically beat Greenback down and there was nothing they could do about it but take it. Nothing sweeter than lining up and whipping a team all over the field.
  8. Ranking Lake County's 2019 schedule from the best team played to the not so good now that the season is over. 1 Crockett County 2 Huntingdon 3 Greenback 3 Westview 5 Ripley 6 Union City 7 West Carroll 8 MASE 9 Greenfield 10 So. Fulton 11 Dresden 12 Booker T Washington 13 Humboldt 14 Gleason Played West Carroll twice. Crockett County was a really good team. You could argue Huntingdon at 2 but I give a slight edge to Crockett County. Westview and Greenback would have been a shootout. Westview had a better running game and just as good of passing game as Greenback. Greenback had the better defense. Westview had the best qb Lake County seen all year by far.
  9. Just want to keep on front page. It will stay here for awhile that I will see to. LC 38 Greenback 23.
  10. We will never know but saw both games and felt like Lake County was better than Gordonsville. Just my opinion.
  11. I don't think Coach Puckett will take the Westview job. Believe it or not he is in a better situation at Lake County. He is the head baseball coach at Lake County also. His youngest son is a heck of a QB in his own right. Simpson is a sophomore just like young Puckett. I know coach Puckett loves Lake County and the kids here. I think in the end coach Puckett will still be at LC next year. I could be wrong but just do not think it will happen. Look at the region that Westview is in and tell me they can be a major player in that region year and year out. I think not. I'm saying this on my own. I have not spoken to coach Puckett about the matter. It's just a gut feeling.
  12. Thanks. You guys had a great team also. I truly hope the Willis kid heals up and fulfills his dreams.
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