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  1. Man, everyone has something to say. If LC did something wrong I say report it. LC did everything on the up and up. Freedom Prep just another Memphis school who tried to beat the system and got caught. To bad for them.
  2. You are the dumb one. I just answered a question. Our transfers are legal. If not call the TSSAA. Like I said you are the dumb one. Not my fault the Memphis City schools or Freedom Prep doesn't do things the right way and play within the rules. Looks like the administration at Freedom Prep are the dumb ones and it also looks like you fit that mold too.
  3. We don't operate like Memphis City schools. LC done everything on the up and up. Nice try
  4. We have alot more depth this year compared to last two years. Some younger kids have grown into their rows now and we had 3 kids that wasn't here last year move in. They all are offensive and defensive linemen. Which helped LC out tremendously. The kid from Covington and the kid from Dresden helped in so many ways.
  5. Been watching LC football all my life and you can tell when you have that team. This team is that team. I have seen the top 4 in 1A play via hudl. The Falcons stand up just fine against any of them. There was also LC people at the Greenback/ Coalfield game last Friday. They where going to the UT game and caught y'all's game. Let's just say LC knows exactly were they stand against the best in the state. Any of the top 4 can win it all but LC matches up with the other 3 just fine. As far as Sonny Moore, I personally put no stock in his ratings. It's based on alot of different metrics that doesn't tell the whole story. It doesn't matter what I think. It will all play out in the end. Good luck to all teams and I hope all stay healthy.
  6. I don't know that answer but like I said I know for a fact neither school reached out to each other. Believe when I say this I would know.
  7. Now, I am not saying Peabody was scared to play Lake County because they are not. I just know for a fact that neither school reached out to one another.
  8. LC has more depth on the line this year than we ever had. They rotate defensive linemen every 2 plays. We play 8 different linemen so that is pretty good depth for a 1A school.
  9. I have nothing against Peabody but I know for an absolute fact that a call was never made to try to schedule Lake County. LC was looking for games themselves. Like I said I know for an absolute fact Peabody didn't try to schedule Lake County.
  10. I'll go ahead and give you all something to talk about. The champ is coming out of the west. If I'm wrong I will gladly eat my crow.
  11. You had Meigs County number 1 in your 2A poll last week. It is clear you have agenda. Lol. Huntingdon and Lake County will have alot say about who wins it all. I got a sneaky suspicion you all will be surprised.
  12. Yeah ok. No east bias in your top 4. You will have Greenback number 2 by the last week of the season.
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