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  1. I totally agree with that. Those type of scrimmages do either team a bit of good. I don't really think this one will be like that. I could be wrong but just don't think so.
  2. Who in the world said that? I would hope nobody thinks that.
  3. Didn't take it as an insult at all. I have seen a state championship team that went 14 and 0 lose every fall scrimmage they had. Yes, you can tell some but coaches are working on different things normally in a scrimmage. No game plans are put in. Lot of different variables going on in a scrimmage than a real game. I think it will be a good contest regardless but at the end of the day it will still be just another scrimmage. I am sure both LC and TC will both be working on things to get them ready for the regular season. I do however like the matchup. Not that often that LC will play against TC. Plus it will be both teams first look at another opponent being the first scrimmage of the fall. I look for both teams to be sloppy. Maybe not but normally that happens in a first scrimmage. I expect both teams will look much better in their second scrimmages.
  4. Anybody know anything about South Fulton or Greenfield?
  5. LC is not hyped more than Huntingdon. We are looking forward to the scrimmage with TC. It will tell us what we need to work on. In know way will that scrimmage determine the outcome on the season for TC and LC. Either team might get blown off the field and it will mean very little at the end of the day.
  6. Thanks for the replies. It was about how I thought it would be. Good luck to ya'll this season. I am done with the subject now.
  7. Probably not going to be to surprised. I am sure Greenback has real good football players that have lived in Greenback their whole lives. I was just wandering if the transfers are a trend or something that just occurred this year.
  8. Not jealous or envious at all. I guess I'm just old school and believe it means more when its your homegrown boys or girls growing up together and accomplishing things together. If someone else sees it another way then that his business. I would not have even commented if someone didn't start a thread about LC. This is all in good fun and if anyone feelings get hurt over an opinion on a message board then that's just sad.
  9. +1. Ryan maybe a good coach. I really do not know if he is or not. I'm sure it is easier to coach when a kid moves in as a senior from 5 and 6 A schools than develop little Johnny who rarely played his first 3 years of high school. Coach Puckett does a fine job at LC and he and his staff have developed most every kid that has started for LC. A few questions for the Greenback fans. During the Cherokees run over the last 4 years how many kids were transfers that started over that time frame? Now, I am asking where all the kids during this run Greenback born and raised? Did Greenback have transfers during this time frame that started for them? I really want to see how honest the Cherokees fans are. As for LC we got 1 transfer over the last 4 years. That was this year. The kid from Dresden stayed in Dresden so LC didn't get him.
  10. That's good to hear. Did I hear correctly that the new coach is only 26 years old?
  11. I agree totally with you. Lake County and Huntingdon in the same region these last few years would have been something.
  12. A few of their names but it doesn't matter. The whole educational thing is what got me. Just admit they are there for football and move on.
  13. I don't and I do not take this stuff personally. It's all in good fun. I wouldn't have commented if Lake County wasn't mentioned in the thread. I will defend my falcons. Someone I guess from Greenback started this thread not me.
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