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  1. I am not obnoxious or arrogant and the LC program is not either. My statement comes with facts that I will not share out of loyalty to certain individuals. LC has played So. Fulton more than any other opponent. LC has played Dresden for many years. Both of those programs were asked to play and had the dates to do so and both declined. They didn't decline for other rival games. Now, scared might be a strong word but it's not a good look for them. Anyway it is water under the bridge now. The Lake County program has earned plenty of accolades over the last 60 years.
  2. I will give you Gleason but not So. Fulton. LC has played SF more than any other school. The two schools are comparable in size. So. Fulton has actually won a few games against LC. Noway should SF be let of the hook.
  3. Don't know about a mercy rule in the 3rd round. Could be but if LC is there they will put up a fight.
  4. They looked in this state and all surrounding states for a game on that date. No takers. It's just bad that teams LC traditionally play will not play. Bigster you have to understand that the date open on the schedule nobody had an opening or they didn't want to play. I'm with you I would not give Dresden or So. Fulton no games in other sports. It's not ideal for LC to play Ensworth but it is what is. LC like alot of other schools lost money do to covid this year and they are trying to make up for it. I know the AD and coach made every attempt to find a game for that date but no takers. What I don't get is why Ensworth would want to play this game. Nobody can say that LC is not playing anyone.
  5. I am going to say it. It is a shame when schools like So. Fulton, Dresden and Gleason are scared to play. Lake County has played the above mentioned schools for years and as soon as they were moved to a new region they wouldn't schedule.
  6. At Union Ciry H Obion Central H Peabody A Ensworth A Humboldt H Gibson County A West Carroll Bye H Halls A Fulton County, Ky H Greenfield
  7. It's not a complaint. It was a discussion starter. I think alot of people would be surprised at certain schools success rate without transfers.
  8. Lake County has 3 transfers in 25 years. Other schools have that many or more every year. There should be some way to slow down all the transfers. There will always be hardships and that cannot be helped. Some schools very success depends on transfers instead of homegrown kids. I guess alot less work for coaches who rely on transfers. There are several schools in this state who are football factories. Would certain schools have all the success if they had to rely on homegrown kids. It's very doubtful.
  9. It's a great idea but like you said it would be to time consuming. Congratulations to Milan this year. West Tennessee football is alot better when Milan is good.
  10. I understand exactly what you are saying. There are circumstances when transfers are necessary no doubt but not to the degree that goes on at alot of bigger schools. No, I am not pointing finger at anyone. My opinions are just in general.
  11. I agree that sports are for the kids. That's without question. The transfers are usually adult driven. I get some programs will take any step necessary to achieve the end goal. Imo there is more pride taken if it's homegrown kids winning championships for their hometown's. Not all agree that's fine. We all have our on opinions.
  12. Snyder left for his freshman year and yes he should have sit out. His mother become principal at the elementary school. If not for that he would have stayed in Dyersburg.
  13. Lake County returns 4 sophomore linemen, 2 sophomore backs, QB will be a sophomore. Many thought he should have started this year. Both receivers are back. Return 7 on defense. Lake County had an excellent middle school team. Hopefully get a few more out of the hallways. The stable is far from bare in LC. Lake County will be just fine and be a top 4 to 8 team in the state. Peabody is the favorite but LC will be in the hunt for the next several years. The west for the next 2 years will be very difficult. The east not so much. So. Pitt, Greenback? Gordonsville? East bracket much easier to navigate imo.
  14. All of that is fine and believe parts of it. There are schools out there that are pure and simple football ware houses. That cannot be denied. A kid leaving for those are basically cheating the system. If that school meant so much then a one year sitting out doesn't matter. It is a punishment for the schools they leave and most leave for sports. It is a very unfair advantage. No, I am not for holding anyone back but the grass isn't greener on the other side. A mark of a good coach is win with what's in your halls. The true coaches do it with what they got. This is the day we live in poach other schools and have a great shot to win it all. Win with your own students and be more respected. Respect doesn't matter to them. All that matters it look at me and all my championships. Give me the coaches that do things the right way. For all you others you know who you are. Supporters of said schools are fine with it as long as the win. Give me the kids I grew up watching not worrying about the next 3 star. 4 star and 5 star I get to make a run next year. Play with what you have would be better games and legit state titles. Some will come on and blast this but deep down it's TRUE. It's a shame our sport as come to this. Nobody will put true numbers of transfers they received over the years. I bet on that.
  15. Not over thinking it all. It happens way too much in Tennessee. I am not saying that is happening at Fayetteville but it does happen often with your traditional powerhouse programs. If it wasn't about sports then I get it but some of these schools use it to become football factories. It is a real problem that needs to be addressed. I get you have some academic reasons but those are few are far between. If schools would play with their own Jimmies and Jo's alot of these things would work themselves out. Parents sometimes need to leave their pride aside. It is a nice debate to have. I would like to know how transfers have knocked a kid who would of other wise starter. Take transfers out and I think you would see different schools playing for state titles than the same every year. It is just opinion. May be right. May be wrong but it is a good debate. If a kid sits out a calendar year then he would be eligible.
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