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  1. He has family in Marion but Waverly is home. This is where he grew up and played ball. JR High and High School. He spent one year playing at South Pitt. If he wants to come home to Waverly, we will be here waiting with open arms. His decision.
  2. Unless something has changed, it won’t be til end of February beginning of March.
  3. Keep waiting. Announcement won’t come til March
  4. Good thing we have administrators to work out all the crazy jibberish that y’all keep worrying about. It will be handled. Waverly will hire a great coach and there will be assistants to support him.
  5. Hopefully the one your talking about will stay. That would be great for the incoming head coach and for the Waverly Football Program. The kids love him. I suspect that whoever is hired will bring at least 1 hopefully 2 with him. There are coaches that could be utilized in the current faculty. All have coached football at some point. I do not think they would be interested in coaching again due to age/family/and current coaching assignments in other sports. With all that said, I do not foresee there being an issue getting assistants.
  6. Everything will be ok. Trust the process. Be patient. The right hire will happen.
  7. Careful now, I’d hate for him to threaten you through coacht.
  8. Well he knows how to get in touch with me.
  9. Lol if your gonna stir the pot don’t be getting butt hurt when ppl call you out. Shouldn’t be on here on this page or Waverly’s page being an idiot. Grow up
  10. Great post. Couldn’t have said it any better
  11. Not when there are 4 open teaching positions to replace the old staff
  12. I checked into it. It seems he is wrong but somewhat right. 2 of the 3 are not returning
  13. Where is Westviews former head coach headed to? Is McConnell going to be able to bring some of his staff with him?
  14. Yea 6 years ago Waverly wouldn’t have had a prayer but fortunately over the last 6 years we have had a change in the school board and administrative positions. I believe they will make the right choice if he is willing to come.
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