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  1. Fuller's dad coaches at Ridgeway, they play Memphis teams every year at Thanksgiving. In that region loss to South Gibson, I personally think Fuller outcoached himself and SG got hot from 3.
  2. Being from Jackson, you hit the nail on the head. Rumor has it, PARENT was inpatient and thought he was better than the amount of time he was getting. IMO, He has a LONG way to go to even be a low level D1. 6'10 will get him there but who wants a 6'10 just there!?
  3. Yea Westview thumped SS pretty good, then SS turned around and put a whooping on Greenfield in the first half and end up winning by 1 or 2 after being up like 20 at half. Westview vs Greenfield would be a good gate for somebody, that's for darn sure. I'd definitely be there.
  4. Liberty has named the girls coach as boys coach. He's coaching both for now but heard they may hire someone new for girls
  5. Iits Memphis, transfer rules dont apply. They'll make it happen
  6. Not sure if is was too easy ot too restrictive just know what I have been told from fans and parents from Haywood. Now IMO, his system didnt fit the personnel. Also, I feel like and this is just me, and I'm not racist or nothing like that, I have white family members and a lot of white friends. I think being a white coach coming from a predominantly white private school and team that wasnt a powerhouse into an all black essentially inner city urban climate school and team he was not accepted by the team. Heard similar stories about former girls coach as well. I think he is capable of doing the job but it's not what Haywood really wants. And I'd be willing to bet former UK teammate made a difference as well. Just my opinion tho
  7. I think Liberty has or will name the girls coach ad interim boys coach
  8. It finally hit Jackson Sun today
  9. Simmons, not surprising that he's giving it another shot, but its not too late
  10. Stokes is going into administration only and Obion Girls and Boys open. Heard their admin doesnt support
  11. If they move to Rockvale's zone and its over 20 miles or so i believe that would be considerd a bonified change or address, right?
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