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  1. RealisticFan45

    Head Coach Openings

    I feel like he had a hand in him getting the job. But thats only my opinion
  2. RealisticFan45

    Head Coach Openings

    Not sure if is was too easy ot too restrictive just know what I have been told from fans and parents from Haywood. Now IMO, his system didnt fit the personnel. Also, I feel like and this is just me, and I'm not racist or nothing like that, I have white family members and a lot of white friends. I think being a white coach coming from a predominantly white private school and team that wasnt a powerhouse into an all black essentially inner city urban climate school and team he was not accepted by the team. Heard similar stories about former girls coach as well. I think he is capable of doing the job but it's not what Haywood really wants. And I'd be willing to bet former UK teammate made a difference as well. Just my opinion tho
  3. RealisticFan45

    Head Coach Openings

  4. RealisticFan45

    Head Coach Openings

    I agree. I just think it wasn't the right landing spot for him. USJ to The Wood, major culture change and shock. Its not about race, but lets call a spade a spade. Young white coach coming from a private school with am all white team going into predominately black Haywood. Not a good situation.Those kids had no respect for him form the start
  5. RealisticFan45

    Head Coach Openings

    If they move to Rockvale's zone and its over 20 miles or so i believe that would be considerd a bonified change or address, right?
  6. RealisticFan45

    Head Coach Openings

    Also heard Simmons at Haywood is trying to leave after just once season. I didnt think he would be a good fit there
  7. RealisticFan45

    Head Coach Openings

    i heard that too
  8. RealisticFan45

    Head Coach Openings

  9. RealisticFan45

    All State Tournament selections

    I agree, definitely of MVP, not sure of all the Miss Basketball criteria, but Moore was a finalist last year so I figured she would win
  10. RealisticFan45

    Never too early...AA Predictions 2019-2020

    I have to disagree with 3 and 4. I dont think Lexington will be any better than they were this year. They lose #20 and #22 to graduation and transfer. Guard play will be weak outside of #23. Taylor will hold down her end as usual. CC loses the point but bring back 2 guards who arent what they have been hyped up to be. I think Dyersburg has a say so in 13AA and Covington SHOULD be back in 15AA. I am not counting out South Side, i think theyll fly under the radar with the two bigs returning and im sure they will bring in some good talent as they always do.
  11. RealisticFan45

    Never too early...AA Predictions 2019-2020

    Westview wasnt really young but they get one of the best 8th graders in the state coming in to play PG and they will still have shooters. Not sure how theyll be inside. I saw they had a slimmer big kid but I've never seen her on the floor.
  12. RealisticFan45

    All State Tournament selections

    The committee for all tournament team must have been watching a different tournament than I was. Karly Weathers balled out, no doubt, but how in the world does the runner up get MVP, but Destiny Wells get left off the all tournament team in AAA and she scored more points in one game than Jada Guinn did in 2 games? Grant it, the studs showed up in that AA semifinal game, but Wells showed out as well. And Johnson for Westview makes it but Tiara Yancy doesn't and they played about the same??? What do you all think?
  13. RealisticFan45

    Houston vs Riverdale

    Best game I have seen at state in the last 6-8 years
  14. RealisticFan45

    Never too early...AA Predictions 2019-2020

    I look for Macon Co, Cheatham Co, Upperman, Westview to all be back. Covington was young so they may have a shot.
  15. RealisticFan45

    officiating in murfreesboro

    There were 2 or 3 officials that I cant for the life of me figure out how and why they were there. I guess it's ok to fall to the floor with the ball and roll now because I never saw a travelling call made when that happened. They let the girls play wayyyy more than games I saw during regular season and district tournament. A couple of local guys from West TN did a pretty good job