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  1. i mean yeah the goal differential for those games was down but that was the third time that brentwood had played indy in a period of 3 weeks and had already beaten them twice. i don't think their level of play dropped, i think they just got cocky and tired of playing indy and thought they could cruise through the game. and brentwood was scheduled to play father ryan at the hendersonville tourney but the whole tourney got rained out. i think brentwood would have definatly won that game though
  2. thats great but leedle brought home a national championship to go with his state championship today. JP allowed only 9 goals all year but leedle allowed only 5, and only 2 of those 5 were to TN opponents. JP didnt allow any goals from opponents in the playoffs, only a few own goals, but leedle didnt allow any goals in the playoffs or in his district as well. as for the championship game, leedle bailed out his team a couple of times. i think hes the better one.
  3. dude, you're a moron. you have no idea what you're talking about. when you jump up to head the ball, cleats up is impossible. that term refers to a slide tackle, which wasn't even part of the play. when he jumped, it was most definatly cleats down. yeah he collided with the goalie but he was playing the ball because the goalie caught it and looked like he was going to drop it. he should have gotten a yellow at most and #25 for franklin should have been the one that had gotten a straight red. he came in after the whistle and just pushed over #12. if they gave a red then it should have been a double red.
  4. Lax

    D-1/D-2 2008 playoffs!

    Im almost positive they are at the USN river campus fields
  5. tnlax shows that franklin beat ravenwood 10-9 just to throw that out there
  6. Lax

    the next level

    im going to be playing club at ohio state next fall. i had legitimate interest from nazareth, tufts, and kenyon but im going to play club at ohio state and hopefully work my way up to the d1 team there
  7. the brentwood-hillsboro game was rescheduled to monday feb 25th at 5 because of field conditions
  8. my vote for D2 would be the cookeville coach. his team didnt even make the playoffs last year and this year they won the east and made it to the state championship game. i understand the arguements for franklins coach but he had basically the same team this year as last year's state championship team
  9. anyone know the franklin-cookeville score
  10. Lax


    Im Sam DeSalvatore and im a middie for brentwood, I'm number 11
  11. Lax


    Mully5, who are you and who do you play for because im going to top star in gettysburg also as well as peak 200 probably
  12. ravenwood like 16-7 ish
  13. as a member of the brentwood team, we have already played franklin once this year and on the field they looked like a very good team. having said that i think they do have a claim to make that they have a shot at Ravenwood. I have also watched Ravenwood play on a couple of occasions this season and i have to say they looked impressive as well. for whoever made the claim that franklin has a lot of seniors that have been playing together for a while, ravenwood does too. ravenwood also has an all american in presley and a D1 signee in coll and wilson who just signed with a top notch D3 program. As for franklin i havent heard of a single college signing from one of their seniiors. I think franklin will put up a very good fight and prove they are a real team that can compete with some D1 teams this year but in the end i think Ravenwood is just a better team and should be able to pull away and fininsh the game when they need to
  14. yeah those scores are correct
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