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  1. This OR team is good - but will be great over the next few years as the young girls get more experience. We look forward to having them back in Greeneville!
  2. Play was physical at Lebanon last weekend. Page looked really, really good.
  3. Bearden is loaded - but they are 4A now
  4. This is a great picture of 2 athletes who can absolutely “go at it” on the court. They both play hard. Greeneville is very talented this year and several players have made great strides in improving their game. They will have more than 1 or 2 players for teams to worry about. They have so much speed and come at you in waves. Also - they will have a pretty deep bench. It should be interesting.
  5. North Greene (A), South Greene (AA) and Greeneville (AAA) all played at the NG Camp this week in Greeneville and I think they may have all been 6-0. Solid teams from all over NE TN. All looked good. NG & SG adjusting to new players in lineup. All 3 teams will be at MTSU next week. I know Greeneville went to Furman U last week and was 6-1.
  6. Almost every school in Greeneville/Greene County has 1-5 exchange students each year. Some play sports and some don't. Further, there are typically 10-20 exchanges students placed in the NE TN region. The representative who places them actually lives in Greene Co so there are always more here. Want exchange students at your school? Then host one or get families at your school to host one.
  7. They have 4 girls that started often last season - Williams, Roderick, Woods and Mullins - plus a freshman who played some. Williams is a heck of a post who can give teams fits inside - she is very physical. The problem for the D1 teams will be the Region - Alcoa and Gatlinburg-Pittman will both be very good.
  8. South Greene will be 1st in girls and boys - they have the players and the coaching. CD girls will be more competitive in this league - but they will still struggle.
  9. I think NG will easily make it back to State Tournament in A and have an excellent chance of winning it. South Greene’s path got easier in the new AA to make it back to the State Tournament. Their District will be HV, Johnson Co, WG and CD so they should win it easily. Alcoa and Gatlinburg-Pittman could be obstacles for them in the Regional tournament- both of those teams will be very good next year. In Greeneville’s nee AAA District - they still have Grainger to deal with. Grainger loses 3 key starters but will still be good. Cocke Co. will also be in the same District and they pretty much return everyone so they will be strong. Sullivan East & Elizabethton will be in Greeneville’s AAA Region.
  10. And Anderson didn’t even play travel ball last Summer. She could be so good!
  11. You would be surprised at how well Grainger can shoot from outside. They have very few bad games shooting - but it does occasionally happen. Longmire is a tough matchup cause she can post up and shoot the 3. When playing them I think man to man is best defense but you can’t sag off and help because they will kick it to the open player for an outside shot. Greeneville took them to OT at Grainger this year by playing a tight man to man.
  12. Meigs’ Region doesn’t play these teams in the sectionals.
  13. North Greene got Cloudland again by winning 51-50
  14. It was announced today that this year’s Ladies Classic has been cancelled. I also saw where Knox Co. schools cannot play any sports from 12/14 through 1/4
  15. Really surprised at the Boone vs. Greeneville score 72-34. Boone is not a bad team but Greeneville completely disrupted everything Boone tried to do.
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