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  1. I can account for everyone associated with the team. I cannot account for everyone else associated with Farragut
  2. Not one person from Farragut was part of any egging. If someone from HVA got egged I can assure you it was not by anyone connected with Farragut baseball
  3. I think people hate Farragut baseball like they do Maryville football... Because they have kids that aren't good enough to play there & b/c they get tired of losing to them.
  4. Not even close to accurate. Patrick threw 121 today & 11 yesterday. That would be 132. The last time he pitched before that was Tuesday and he threw 85. You can try to make something out of nothing if you want but at least tell the truth. If Coach Buckner did not care about him and would have continued to throw against HVA & Farragut would have most likely won their 10th title.
  5. It's funny how people on here love to hate Farragut. It makes no sense to me tho. They have a good program, produce good young men and outwork everyone. I guess people just love to hate winners. Congrats to HVA on winning the state championship. They overcame a lot of adversity & played great today.
  6. So, to answer my original question, posed before the season started, the answer is YES. Farragut & Hardin Valley are the two best teams in the state. Houston wins the award for most obnoxious & classless fans, coaches & players.
  7. Pence getting tossed was complete BS in that situation. He said "He didn't tag me" & the dude ran him. That umpire had a problem with Farragut all day. He is just a bad umpire all the way around.
  8. Agree tssaafan1. Houston showed zero class & and even less sportsmanship. They must be the school from the wrong side of tracks in Memphis or wherever they are from. When it really came down to it, the better team, better program, classier organization won. Tomorrow will be electric in AAA! Glad Houston ended their season at the same place the do most every year.... With Farragut players & fans celebrating on the field while they are crying & complaining about something. #DidntWinTheLastGame #NeverWinsTheLastGame
  9. HVA won 8-3 Farragut v Houston to play second game coming up
  10. Farragut won game 1 7-2 to force the "if necessary" game. HVA is up 5-3 on Bartlett in the 6th inning
  11. Farragut up 6-0 on Houston in 4th & Bartlett up on HVA 3-1 in 4th
  12. In the 3rd inning when Houston scored 5 runs, Farragut had 2 outs, nobody on & 0-2 count on the batter. Farragut's pitcher inexplicably walked the next 3 guys, then gives up a double & a single. The umpire's strike zone changed for about a 5 minute stretch & then went back to what it was before. Farragut certainly had many opportunities to take care of business early on tho. They stranded 8 runners in the first 3 innings. Give Houston credit, they got their 2 hits when it mattered
  13. Farragut beats Houston twice & Bartlett beats Hardin Valley twice. After watching the teams play in Murfreesboro, I think Hardin Valley is a one horse pony with Neely & Bartlet is just a better team. On the other side of the bracket, Farragut is way better than Houston & had everything that could go wrong, go wrong for them in the quarter finals. Baseball is a funny game but after seeing the best TN has to offer, it is my opinion that Farragut & Houston are the two best teams in the state & Farragut is better from top to bottom. Now, this doesn't mean they will win but they have the most talent. Bartlett & Hardin Valley would have been eliminated if they were on the other side of the bracket but I think Farragut will play Bartlett in the championship game Fri & Farragut will win their 50th ot 100th state championship or whatever it is now. Good luck to all.
  14. Maybe he was mad because Farragut has only won 8 of the last 11 state championships & not all of them.
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