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  1. keyboardmaniac

    Turf in Sumner County

    It's also for multi-sport purposes, as the diagram that Beech tweeted out also showed lines for a soccer field as well. Not to mention lacrosse, which is set to become a TSSAA-sanctioned sport in spring of 2022.
  2. keyboardmaniac

    Turf in Sumner County

    Still rises a bit.
  3. keyboardmaniac

    Region 4 AA

    Well, Dana won't get to do that at Murfreesboro this year. Also, congrats!
  4. keyboardmaniac

    2018-2019 8AA

    Agreed. I can see both getting back to state this year. If that happens, Dana might want to stay a little closer to the coaching box this year. MC really needs to win the rematch, simply to get that monkey off their backs. Current roster has been on the floor for at least 8 of those last 15 losses to Upperman. That weighs on a young athlete's mind, no matter what anyone tells you. Shooting as poorly as they did at Baxter and keeping within eight tells me that round two might be a little different. MC needs that secondary scoring and when they get it, they're tough to beat. It's when they have nights like they did at Upperman that they are especially vulnerable. As competitive as 8AA is at the top, AA as a whole is still wide open. At least 12-14 teams have a very realistic chance to get to Murfreesboro and most of them can win it. The tourney is shaping up to be a great one.
  5. keyboardmaniac

    Gallatin Green Wave Grumors

    The Gallatin News is a joke, and will keep being a joke until they can get somebody with some talent in there. They could have had some talent, but the guy who runs it couldn't recognize talent if it hit him in the face.
  6. keyboardmaniac

    DeKalb Co vs Macon Co

    Macon might not score 62 like last year, but if DeKalb can't stop them early, 35+ is definitely doable. Although, they might not want to abandon the passing game so quickly like they did last week. Short throws worked wonders for them. Portland should not have gotten within three touchdowns, let alone nine points.
  7. keyboardmaniac

    Macon County @ Upperman

    Trying to get yet another trip to Marion County, perhaps. Masochism is the new norm in Westmoreland.
  8. keyboardmaniac

    Macon County @ Upperman

    What happened was a very well-rested and prepared Upperman team took away Carlisle just enough to win. They were the better team and deserved it. Macon may very well have been looking ahead just a bit.
  9. keyboardmaniac

    Macon County @ Upperman

    There's a lot more to account for in the past three weeks the way Carlisle has spread the ball around. They're throwing it better than they have all year and I don't think Upperman will have any answers. Probably will be closer than it should be because they may try to get starters out as soon as possible with it being a non-region game. But DeKalb tried to hang in and got 62 hung on them, which really should have been 70 or more. So...who knows. Still think Macon wins comfortably.
  10. keyboardmaniac

    Gerry Bertier's 4A Top Ten heading into Week 10

    Agreed, though that was Week 1. Far different team since then and Smith wouldn't touch them now, IMO.
  11. keyboardmaniac

    Mr. Football Nominees for 4A

    Gotta second Carlisle. Not sure any one player means as much to his team as Carlisle does to MC.
  12. keyboardmaniac

    Region 3-4A Playoffs

    I think Macon would be a little more favored at home if they win the region. They're playing their best football right now and putting teams away instead of struggling like they did the first three games. Next three weeks will be telling. Nolensville would be a tough test in round 1, though. Can't count a Will Hester-coached team out, though the inexperience plays a factor along with the road trip.
  13. keyboardmaniac

    Gallatin vs Hendersonville

    Pretty solid take there. Commandos have a stud in Hughes and to have him not getting 25 touches a game is really costing them points. Kincaid is solid and Dalton has really come on this year, but it's got to get to #3 to have the most effect. Gallatin made a good QB swap to Sloan and putting Minor out wide. Both can still make plays and it's helped take some pressure off of Porter and Stewart in the backfield. And that defense has been nearly lights out. Hendersonville does have the best offense the Wave will have seen to this point (until next week), but unless the Commandos commit to their top guys, it could be a tough night. I like Gallatin by a field goal, but I won't be shocked if Hendersonville wins and it certainly wouldn't be an upset. Don't think either team gets out of the 20s in this one.
  14. keyboardmaniac

    Gallatin vs Hendersonville

    Anything before 1964 won't likely be found because Gallatin lost a lot of archived stuff in a fire some time ago.
  15. keyboardmaniac

    Gallatin vs Hendersonville

    It was 2013, when Hendersonville was 6A. Moved down to 5A in 2015, then back up to 6A this season.