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  1. They are currently looking for a new coach
  2. Warner Park is traditionally used for 6AA and 5AAA district tournaments. The park will not be ready this year for those. Don't know what they will do. The park is scheduled to be completed by the last week in May but looking at it two days ago they have a long way to go to be playing in June.
  3. Softball Maven


    I agree. It is amazing to me how people can so easily let their mouths and thoughts take over their being. Bucmom......chill!!!! Ok, senior pitcher was out, others hurt, etc. From what I hear, you only had three hits anyway. Also, Polk is improved over last year so they need the credit. Now you are making predictions about a tournament game. Why? What is going to be the excuse this time if Polk wins? This is for all teams. You want to make people sit up and take notice? Then everyone (not just you) should sit back, congratulate Polk on a great win (it was at Boyd), work hard and go out and play hard and win the district. No boasting, bragging, talking down other teams, players, parents, etc. Do the job and people will see what a class group looks like. This district is going to be TIGHT this year. No clear winner. My pick for top 4 would be Sweetwater, Meigs County, Boyd Buchanan, and Tellico Plains/Polk County. The weak teams are Sequoyah, McMinn Central, Brainerd and Tyner. So let's just sit back and enjoy some good softball and be grown up about it.
  4. That game was a fill in game for a forfeit. A team backed out of the tournament. The game was with Meigs County's JV team.
  5. You are correct. Boyd has a game with Tyner next week and McMinn Central plays both Meigs and Polk County. If McMinn loses one of those then Boyd will win the district. If they win both, McMinn will be number 1 seed for tournament and Boyd number 2 and I believe Sweetwater number 3.
  6. I saw the game. IF Sequatchie keeps their senior pitcher off the mound and goes with the Freshman, they may win a game or two in the district. They have good bats, so-so defense. They did hit well but then a middle school team could have hit Marion's pitcher.
  7. Boyd won the game 4-3.....home run in 7th I believe Boyd has a game next week ( Monday or Tuesday ) with Sequoyah. If Boyd wins that I think they win the district.
  8. Softball Maven

    5-AA teams

    Boyd beat Hixson 3-2....Boyd also beat Meigs @ Meigs.....Meigs beat Sweetwater.....Boyd beat Polk County @ Polk I haven't seen McMinn Central play yet but based on what I have seen so far with the other teams, I think the district is between Boyd, Meigs and Sweetwater.
  9. The top four in the district will be Hixson, Notre Dame, Chattanooga Christian, and Sequatchie Valley. When Millwood gets back for Hixson I think the top 2 in the district are Hixson and Chattanooga Christian.
  10. 5:00 pm eastern any team on any given day.......... but watching Boyd the last couple of games gives me pause....they are ZONED.
  11. I have been trying to forget this string and move on but I keep thinking about it and simply must reply. First paragraph.....I agree Laura Brock is a great player. I've known her for a couple of years now through softball and volleyball. She is a first class athlete and probably very deserving of inclusion on the district team. However, to present numbers and/or statements as being true when probably a matter of personal feelings is doing a dis-service to Laura and the rest of the team as well as the other players in the game. You stated she is the best lead off hitter with an on base % of around 650. Based on what? These numbers aren't published and I personally know of two players that have on base % of 653 and 667. My point here is not that Laura isn't great and deserving. My point is what the statement is based on since these numbers aren't published. There may be even better numbers out there that we don't know about other than these 3.....Also, you stated that she is the best defensive player in the area...Again, based on what? Fielding percentages are not published and I know of a player whose fielding % is 990 this year and 994 for the cumulative 4 years. I'm sure there are other great defensive players out there. Second paragraph....Couldn't agree with you more. All of their sass earlier in the year about them and Soddy being the only "good" teams in the area. Well, they will have plenty of time next week collecting money. Last paragraph.....This one cracked me up!! ""Did anyone notice how fast the big crowd of Boyd Buchanan players, parents, fans and coaches headed for their cars as soon as the last out of the Bledsoe-Hixson game. They are thanking the softball gods they don't have to face Hixson in the first game of the region."" What a joke. I was there. I know most of the people from East Ridge, Hixson, and Boyd Buchanan. The big crowd of Boyd players, parents, fans and coaches consisted of 1 parent and 1 assistant coach......period. NO players, other parents or coaches. And in talking with some of the players and coaches from Boyd they knew the Hixson game would be tough but wanted to play them to avenge a loss earlier in the season. I just hope no one got trampled by the big Boyd crowd leaving!!
  12. East Ridge 9 Sweetwater 1
  13. Don't know about her arm but she fractured her leg in a game against Central this week. Out of a while. Also....Jen Carden, their ace pitcher, is out with a sore shoulder.
  14. Boyd Buchanan will win the district. Sweetwater should be 2nd although McMinn Central could pose some problems. Brainerd and/or Tyner won't give anybody a tough game.
  15. AMEN 37421. Fat Cat.....I'm sure you meant "SOME PRIVATE SCHOOLS" instead of just saying private schools. The two I know very well are in the situation where the coaches in all sports not only teach classes but often help in other sports other than their main one. The only exception is Boyd Buchanan. The football head coach doesn't teach a class.....he is the school President.
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