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  1. Littlepurpleboy you’ll notice is on an island by himself. Striving for attention like a peasant. He represents small boy 3a Mulan. That says enough about him lol
  2. I’m starting to think you’re autistic
  3. Hillsboro has been on he decline the last few years. Not sure if they will make this a game.
  4. LOL I’m supposed to take Mulan seriously.... they’re playing a 1A team. Who’s up next? Tennessee school for the blind? Lol
  5. He’s envious. That’s all it is. He realizes how good football could’ve been when he played. Unfortunately for this downy he will have to resort to daydreaming of playing 6a ball.
  6. I’m not sure what you’re referencing....The proper term is MULAN.
  7. Once again your ego is misleading you to think you’re “winning” this battle.... you’re just a peasant living in MY world chump.
  8. We would slap y’all in any game we’ve already went down this road. Then go mercy rule Mulan right after.
  9. Pitiful is the best description of this thread lol
  10. Just like that 7on7 vs y’all last year right
  11. That’s literal 3rd grade humor. The biggest joke here is being 3a LOLLLLLL
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