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  1. I for one do not agree with jjm70 statement. That’s a VERY broad brush you’re painting this picture with. Is EHS having success and win ball games? Yes. Are they world beaters and can win in every division? No. So before anyone’s says anything, yes I am Betsy faithful. Hold seasons tickets and have for years so not a “Johnny come lately” bandwagon fan. Greeneville is slightly down but not out. Not by a long shot. They will be much better and more seasoned come year. Three-peat is hard to do period. 4A will be much different next year with the new alignments. So yea, enjoy your wins Beaty cause you worked and earned it. But make no mistake, it was teams like Greeneville, Alcoa, etc. that made them work to get better to even be winning two state championships. Good luck going forward to all these young student athletes.
  2. Congratulations Cyclones. And incredible season. 30 straight wins with back-to-back state championships. Hats off to Haywood for playing physical football and on your 2020 season.
  3. I’m taking the Cyclones to repeat. Betsy wins this one 35-21. Safe travels to all and here’s to hoping and praying for a injury free game for both teams.
  4. I’m really looking forward to this game. I think line play will be huge. Special teams are always important and that’s the area that I have the most questions about.
  5. Rollins has been favoring his hamstring for a few games now. I too am excited to see how Hughes will match up. I know the depth that Betsy has on both side of the ball on the line. Does any of your line play both sides? Betsy doesn’t. Secondary yes.
  6. Ok serious question for the Haywood folks. Not “disrespecting” anyone in anyway, so don’t get all out of place for asking. Looking at the numbers: HAYWOOD PF 351 PA 160 Avg PPG 25.1 Elizabethton PF 614 PA 200 Avg 43.9 Does Haywood have the offense to go four quarters with the Cyclones? Removing the Covid wins (which these numbers have not) from each team, plus using the available stats for each team, Betsy appears to be the better team. The ‘clones are scoring more that Haywood by the half (31.9 avg ppg). Can the ‘cats D contain Rollins, Roberts, Hughes, Russell, Holly and Nate? Betsy having a quality D line that controls the line of scrimmage and a hard nose tackling LB in Morton to lead a bend but not brake Defense that can go four quarters. How big is Haywoods line? Last year EHS was almost 70lbs bigger per lineman that the Jackets had and this is the same line from that Championship team.
  7. Don’ t forget his sweater vest!
  8. Track, I agree. They played a complete game and scored touchdowns on all 8 drives. They will be hard to beat. I’m taking the Cyclones to repeat.
  9. To quote Mills Lane....”Let’s get it on!”
  10. Nope. They hit on all cylinders. They played their most complete game of the season. Now, do it just one more time.
  11. Way to go Betsy. BACK TO THE BIG GAME !!!
  12. I’m excited to see 4A next season. Having the Devils and Cyclones in this region plus adding Fulton, South Doyle, Scott and Gibbs in region 2. Will place more pressure on AC plus, add Pearl-Cohn in region 5 brings big time games to 4A playoffs with better competition.
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