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  1. Prayers for him, his family, team and school. Asking these in Jesus’ name.
  2. Prayers for this young man and his family, team and school.
  3. yyyyyy......Johnny Ringo, you looked like somebody just walked over your grave.....
  4. And yet they did it anyways. For the soldiers, many more will. Thank you to all who have served or are serving now. Freedoms isn’t free. Prayers for all who have and will.
  5. Only two people I know of willing to die for me to have freedom . Jesus Christ and a United States of America soldier! I truly thank God above for both of them.
  6. So did I. I tell him every week, twice a week actually...
  7. 23 - 21. Betsy gets the win. I’ll take an ugly win any day but geesh we need to establish the run game. Other than the QB, it’s nonexistent.
  8. Yep. Can makes things interesting
  9. Mistakes. Bad snaps. Turn over on a kick off. Boone is physical! If you’re not clicking anything can happen. My hope is the Dawgs settle down and finish Cland in good fashion.
  10. Truth, Nope! Haven’t over looked them at all. More there than what you might see...
  11. I thought Betsy would have been a little better with the run. Losing Maupin was a big void but the line should be somewhat more physical. We have a huge amount to things to improve on. Still, I’ll take the W but not having more that 38 yds in an entire quarter won’t help win many games.
  12. Track, I have three seats on home side every year and most times it’s just two of us and ones empty. You’re always more than welcome.
  13. Again I’d like to congratulate Springfield’s team on their season. They are young and made it the championship game for the second time in three years. Many teams that they’ve played would have enjoyed being in this game and not at home. Springfield won their way there same as the Cyclones. Much respect. Spoke with quiet a few Jacket faithful before and after the game. Wonderful fan base and incredible people! Enjoy meeting and speaking with each of you.
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