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  1. Track, I have three seats on home side every year and most times it’s just two of us and ones empty. You’re always more than welcome.
  2. Again I’d like to congratulate Springfield’s team on their season. They are young and made it the championship game for the second time in three years. Many teams that they’ve played would have enjoyed being in this game and not at home. Springfield won their way there same as the Cyclones. Much respect. Spoke with quiet a few Jacket faithful before and after the game. Wonderful fan base and incredible people! Enjoy meeting and speaking with each of you.
  3. Good season Springfield. Your team played hard. 20 is a baller. Awesome catch and score. Safe travels to all.
  4. Seems like Witten is happy with just running the ball. Shorten the game and leave with a championship. If it works, it works.
  5. Springfield team seems tired already. Betsy needs to turn the throttle up and take some shots down field.
  6. I don’t think a single Cyclone fan is over looking Springfield nor its grit and physicality. We expect the Jackets to come out with all they’ve got for four quarters of football. Most like me show a huge amount of respect for the other team and support our team to the fullest! Again, looking so forward to this matchup.
  7. I agree. Once you’ve made it this far its just one game. Forget rankings and records. Just need your team to leave this game 1-0.
  8. Thanks so much. He’s a very lucky man to be here. God alone made the difference. Still has a huge mountain to climb but Lord willing he’ll make it.
  9. Should be a great game. Praying for all to have safe travels and players stay injury free
  10. That’s awesome! Nothing like high school football! It’s three hours for us so not really bad. Like Lawnman earlier in this thread, is it Saturday yet?! Really excited to see this matchup. Both seem to be greatly supported. Should be a packed house.
  11. Question, how well does Springfield travel? Betsy has had 1,500 tickets and sold out in just hours. Huge group heading to Cookeville to help support the Cyclones.
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