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  1. 23-21 Central. 64 yard TD run by Jackson Long. Missed PAT
  2. Halftime Upperman 34 McMinn Central 30 The turnovers are hurting McMinn Central right now. Central is the quicker team. Limit the stupid mistakes and Central wins.
  3. 5:30 EST. I'm ready to see some offense from Levy & Lynn today. Bradley Central & Oak Ridge are in a defensive battle right now.
  4. Final. MC 51 MLK 58. MLK had 36 shot attempts. They also shot 36 FTs.
  5. Halftime. McMinn Central 28, MLK 19. Jacobi Lynn with 16.
  6. Where were the Tellico coaches? LOL. They must have not wanted her too bad. Also, Jasmine Harris played McMinn Fire with most of these girls and look how she turned out..third all time scorer at Tellico. Maybe you should send all your middle schoolers to the McMinn Fire. AND just to clarify, she is not the ONLY reason they are in the 'Boro. She definitely helped a lot, but last time I checked, they are a TEAM and their TEAM made the state, not one player. Get your facts straight before you start putting your two cents in. Be happy for the Chargerettes and be happy that she'll always be a Tellico girl & is making Tellico proud!
  7. You all really irk me. This is football, NOT a math contest. As everyone has heard anyone can be beat on any given day. Yes, ND is a great team with some really good athletes and McMinn Central has some as well & will come up and lay some licks as well. That's why ND & MC are in the elite 8. Am I saying I think Central will blow ND out of the water? No. Heck, ND could possibly win by 4-5 TDs. Will they? I don't think so. The only thing standing in both team's way is to play the game, not giving statistics and all these football "experts" thoughts. Here's to you ND & McMinn Central as it's 7 hours until game time! Hope for an injury-free game and a competitive game!
  8. Just a little over 48 hours away and hardly any talk on this one. I am very excited about this game. Get ready to see two great running backs on both sides, Josh Jackson for Loudon and Jackson Long for McMinn Central. No prediction for me today, but I'll make one Friday.
  9. Here we go! Does McMinn Central continue the unbeaten streak or does Sweetwater steal one?
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