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  1. Who are some good up and coming assistants that are wanting to be head coaches out there? Someone that’s energetic and has good basketball IQ.
  2. This ole boy is homegrown. Ain’t no tullahoma in this gene pool. Even though I don’t have one playing, I’ll take this one like y’all used to all the time. I know how y’all feel now.
  3. Lewisburg Bulldogs are gonna prevail tonight
  4. I was on the MC teams that always beat Cornersville and Forrest. Lol. Even the 96 squad that went to Cornersville on your homecoming and left with a W. 40-8 I believe it was. Should be a decent game Friday night though. MC is a better team this year as long as they stay healthy.
  5. He may surprise you. Never know. Huntland? Lol.
  6. Nothing. They can’t replace the best coach in Tennessee.
  7. Money talks. And Moore County doesn’t pony up. It’s career suicide not to take a position like this. To be accepted you must want to be part of the community. Nobody bashing as I recall!! Stated good luck to her!! And you must do something positive to be accepted.
  8. Are you truly believing in your mind that that’s the reason she left to go to Riverdale?? If so she can just thank them later!!
  9. Lmao. Not even the good ones stay when Riverdale calls. Going out in style.
  10. We know. I was just making sure rumors were true. Good for her.
  11. How many from the same high school can be on a team together. Or is there a rule?
  12. I just don’t see it. I thought Riverdale only recruited elite Division 1 talent.
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