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  1. Chucky and Mullins did a great job. I was skeptical the entire process because I felt that the people in the Tower of Power would overrule their recommendation and we would get stuck with a poor selection once again. I have never met Coach Blade and he hasn't coached a game at ORHS, but from what I hear about the changes he has made since arriving I am one happy Ole Dad. Congratulations Chucky and Mullins, you guys are my heroes. Even when Chucky leaves, and I was there when he was born, his name will live in infamy as the founder of "The Chuck Dome" and the hirer of Coach Blade. Ole Dad
  2. That's baloney. Stevens had tons of support from everyone until his lack of effort shown through. Ole Dad
  3. Ron is wearing a State Championship ring. The way I see it he doesn't need any of us to prop him up. Ole Dad
  4. All have been offered jobs by coach if they choose to stay. It will be interesting to see who accepts and if Ron comes back on board. Ole Dad
  5. Tell you President how you feel. Ole Dad
  6. We need to get together and pool our funds and get a new radio station up and running for DCAT. Ole Dad
  7. Good Deal. Bounder and I are scheduling a celebration next visit. Now we all need to band together and get a local radio station back in the Ridge for DCAT to broacast from. Ole Dad
  8. I apologize to Mullins and give great credit to the search committee. They did a great job and it was worth the wait. I was totally wrong, but now very excited. I have to go now and eat my crow dinner. Ole Dad
  9. I'm in OR once or so a month. Want to grab a beer? Love to meet a rabid OR fan. Still a Ridger. I left OR to make a living and go back to college for a Master's Degree. Both accomplished. Ole Dad
  10. When is the first game? Maybe Mullins and crew will have time to find a coach by then. They better hurry, spring break is coming and Mullins doesn't work when school is out of session. Ole Dad
  11. Not wanting to get too complicated for you to follow here, but......maybe Jackie Pope, Lawrence, or 50 others in OR that have a strong football background that could help. Maybe even some professional search guy??¦..Duh. Ole Dad
  12. If you don't think the powers that be have abandoned football at OR for basketball (spent $6M on a new gym and have spent about $6 on Blankenship in the last 10 years) then explain how 66% of the search committee is made up of OR basketball coaches? So the basketball coaches are selecting the new football coach. That has to make you feel warm and fuzzy if you love OR football. Ole Dad
  13. It's amazing, after 3 months of searching and dozens of applicants for the job the best candidate was right here all along....and it was Mullins best friend. Who would have guessed? If that is the case then OR fans got shafted again and the football program is doomed. It will be a divided town and many quality players won't play. What a shame if this is true. Ole Dad
  14. We should have had a professional search committee. The people we have on the committe are great people and great coaches, but the only thing I know of they have ever searched for is a missing sock in the locker room. Ole Dad
  15. Turtle, That stuff gets old. OR got rid of a coach that went 17-14 his last 3 years and was running a program into the ground that had become totally out of control under his tutelage. I guess a 55% winning percenage is acceptable? Heck, UT fires Fulmer with a 75% winning percentage and a National Championship. Just doesn't seem like he got a fair shake does it? Rightttttttttttttt Ole Dad
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