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  1. Iceman2000

    Wilson Central Job is open

    Any word on this hiring?
  2. Iceman2000

    Smith Co

    Is this the guy that coached at Monterey. If so not very successful. Hopefully things work out for Smith Co.
  3. Iceman2000

    Smith Co

    . Thought Smith Co hired a girls coach. Can anyone confirm this.
  4. Iceman2000

    Smith Co

    Reynard, we have the younger Sanders here at DeKalb. If you had the option to have either Sanders at Smith. Which one would you rather have as your Coach? Crazy that you have Sanders in higher regard than Bibb and Martin. Interesting. I like the younger Sanders, hopefully this year will be a better year for the Tigers.
  5. Iceman2000

    Smith Co

    Not sure who came out ahead. What a mess!
  6. Iceman2000

    Smith Co

    Has Smith hired a Boys or Girls Coach yet? Since Bibb left and Story stepped down.
  7. Iceman2000

    Smith Co

    A little surprising, but a good hire for Gordonsville. Is there more Domino's to fall.
  8. Iceman2000

    Smith Co

    Why was Sanders let go?
  9. Iceman2000

    AA State Predictions

    That looks pretty good. I think DeKalb got the best draw no doubt.
  10. Iceman2000

    AA State Predictions

    If you had to rank teams from 1-8, how would everyone rank the teams with 1 being the best. From top to bottom. Let's hear everyone's thoughts and opinions.
  11. Iceman2000

    Macon vs. Meigs

    Macon will win by 15+. Atmosphere will be rocking.
  12. Iceman2000

    McMinn Central vs. Dekalb Co.

    DeKalb must get off to a fast start, control the atmosphere. McMinn Central can not let #10 Brown get a open look, the girl is like Curry. They can't let #32 Ferrell go Left, she's a righty thats a fantastic finisher on the left hand side. #21 Robinson off bench, a 3pt shooter only . Very deadly #11 Colwell can be the Equalizer, does a little of everything Just a quick rundown, our girls will go to McMinn Central and win, we are better than them.
  13. Iceman2000

    McMinn Central vs. Dekalb Co.

    How good does the Coach @ McMinn Central scout opposing teams or does he just rely on what his team does?
  14. Iceman2000

    2018-2019 8AA

    No, she is not the best player. Would definitely be a good piece to the puzzle. Ferrell by far best player on the team. Brown a close 2nd, Brown will be missed a total team player. Agee in my opinion will be really suited with next year's bunch when we lose Parsley, Robinson, and Brown.
  15. Iceman2000

    Smith Co

    Be a good option, wish we still had him in DeKalb. Sanders not leaving DeKalb.