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  1. I can't wait for the blue devils to play MJ should be a good one. I love when the BDP are at home they have the best hot dogs in the state can't wait for an old devil dog. Looks like another good year for the blue and white. It's only a few weeks away.
  2. WC, how is Central looking? Think they can finish 4th or 5th in Wilson County this year. Are you on board with the Wildcats or are you jumping over to the purple tigers? You might see if the new middle school might have football.
  3. Hearing Boldins kids enrolled into school today at Waverly. Is this true?
  4. He must let them know something by Friday if he is taking the job or not. Blue White Fight.
  5. A lot of young coaches Chase talent and it sounds like it is happening to Waverly again. New coach will come in for 4 or 5 years and be gone. Also the courtesy interviews really don't count as interviews. A lot of show going on hoping Boldon will pull the trigger. Just waiting on him. Blue White Fight.
  6. If he is making a move from 1A to 2A can't be much of a increase in pay. By the time he moves and all probably losing money. Sounds like he knows the talent is drying up so why would he be worried about how the kids find out.
  7. Talked with an administrator at WCHS it is a done deal. Just waiting to tie up some loose ends.
  8. Hear he is the next man up at Waverly.
  9. Will Boldin stay around or move to something bigger? Is Waverly in the mix for him??
  10. Talked to a administrator and Rye has already talked with very successful alumni coaches. He will find the right fit. Blue White Fight.
  11. Hearing a few alumni names from the Nashville, Rutherford. Sumner. Wilson Co area. Some good ones.
  12. I heard Dr. Satterfield was in the box calling plays at the end of the season and all the way to Cookeville. So I would think the first chance to leave was a good opportunity for him. Good thing he didn't use the gas card.
  13. So is one of the coaches you are talking about is the one that won 55-0 and the got beat by the same team in the second round. So is that Coaching or what?
  14. From looking at the Sumner county website GHS doesn't have much open for teaching positions. What will a new coach be able to bring in with him? Any one interviewing yet?
  15. I don't think the pay is as good as surrounding counties. I talked to one of my coaching buddys in Sumner county and the pay might be a setback on getting an established Head coach.
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