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  1. More to come for MJ TSSAA is still looking into other violations. Time will tell.
  2. The WC short fall has been coming for a year or so now. Overspending is a lot of it. Building indoor facilities and putting in a turf field was being pushed knowing of the shortcomings. With all the cuts being suggested and not a single cut in the central office. WC just had a sales tax hike and a building fee added to all construction in the Co. Sounds like bad management in the Central office. But it is all the Covid 19s fault.
  3. Don't think TP will have much say in who can stay. The county is staying strong on zoning. I don't think he is making any new friends in all of the new zoning stuff.
  4. MJ is losing some kids to Green Hills 4 or 5 starters and backups that will be a big hit for them.
  5. Anyone have some information about this job? They played for a State Title a few years ago didn't they?
  6. This rule has been in place for the 8th grade for years it is just now going to 6th 7th and 8th grade. Most kids are held back before that but if the rule is broken and someone knows about it turn them in.
  7. Holding a kid back a year is not against the rules. There are a lot of parents who chose to do it for other reasons. When a coach knows a rule but will still brake it is somthing the TSSAA needs to address.
  8. We are all the TSSAA police take pictures and let the TSSAA know what is going on. If the coaches know we are sending the documentation to the TSSAA they will stop. It is working in Rutherford Co. when they know we are watching them they stop showing up.
  9. And it is all against the rules but if the TSSAA will not do anything. If they would enforce the rules it might help all the metro schools. In Rutherford and Sumner County I know schools are being turned in and nothing is being done. At least they are fighting them.
  10. The private schools are sucking all the good kids out of the metro schools and what ever is leftover can go wherever they want. Metro needs a fix and not just in sports. All the money dropped into the schools facilities with new stadiums and now they can't even field a team. Glencliff football is a big part of metro football history with kids playing in the NFL. All the best to the school team and coaches. Good luck and keep fighting for your program.
  11. I can't wait for the blue devils to play MJ should be a good one. I love when the BDP are at home they have the best hot dogs in the state can't wait for an old devil dog. Looks like another good year for the blue and white. It's only a few weeks away.
  12. WC, how is Central looking? Think they can finish 4th or 5th in Wilson County this year. Are you on board with the Wildcats or are you jumping over to the purple tigers? You might see if the new middle school might have football.
  13. Will Boldin stay around or move to something bigger? Is Waverly in the mix for him??
  14. I heard Dr. Satterfield was in the box calling plays at the end of the season and all the way to Cookeville. So I would think the first chance to leave was a good opportunity for him. Good thing he didn't use the gas card.
  15. So is one of the coaches you are talking about is the one that won 55-0 and the got beat by the same team in the second round. So is that Coaching or what?
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