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  1. Spike16

    Class A Sectional Matchups

    It’s all good King we got A lot comin back next year. I don’t know we just couldn’t get over the dang 2-4 pt hump tonight. Cosby has a really good big and a great little guard that can shoot. Oneida just was cold for most of the night and they normally can knock down some 3s but just want Fallin tonight. Congrats to Cosby on makin it to the Boro! I believe Oneida will have another shot next year
  2. Spike16

    Class A Sectional Matchups

    20-16 Cosby over Oneida Halftime
  3. Spike16

    Who goes to the glass house in 1A

  4. Spike16

    Class A Sectional Matchups

    King I sure hope to have the boys joinin the girls in the Boro. We will find out after tonight but the turn around that this boys team has had in 2 years in remarkable! 2 years ago they may have won 5 games and to have the chance at the State tournament tonight is pretty dang good!
  5. Spike16

    Class A Sectional Matchups

    Cosby folks y’all better get to Oneida early! I got a feeling y’all ain’t gonna like Oneida after tonight. It’s gonna be a great fun atmosphere for a high school game!
  6. Spike16

    Top 10 in 2A for 2019

    ole Crow never disappoints
  7. Spike16

    Top 10 in 2A for 2019

    Just jokin O&B! I know they got quite a few starters returning but they have got quite a difficult schedule coming up this year! We even get to come back to y’alls place this year
  8. Spike16

    Top 10 in 2A for 2019

  9. Spike16

    Region 1A

    Oneida is peaking at the right time. This game being at home for sure helps them. It’s gonna be a packed out place come tomorrow night at 7.
  10. Spike16

    Class A Sectional Matchups

    Oneida is peaking at the right time. They beat a Harriman team that had beat them 3 times this year for Region Title. I don’t know much bout Cosby but I do know that Oneida will be packed out tomorrow night and should be a great game.
  11. Spike16

    Class A Sectional Matchups

    Yeah that’s true about girls but I’m talking about the Boys sectional matchup. I believe Oneida will not only end Cosby girls season but the boys as well
  12. Told you I didn’t have a clue
  13. Sounds like we will be in a dog fight. It will be Oneidas first trip back to the State Tournament since 05. Looks as if we may have got the worst draw. I do think Oneidas tough nosed D could allow them to hang around a while.
  14. Oneida has only 2 Seniors on the team but they are a very scrappy and play till final horn. They upset Tellico Plains in Region Semis. Very good Defensive team and can shoot the lights out when they get going. I don’t know much about West TN girls ball. I do believe Oneida can hang with Loretto.
  15. Spike16

    Class A Sectional Matchups

    I wouldn’t sleep on that Oneida team especially at home!