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  1. Tick tock tick tock 48 Hrs till Kickoff!
  2. Yeah I love talking bout it this year since you gotta make the drive to the Reservation!
  3. It’s still the spread run that you saw last year. We have just had to add some of the cowboy stuff back in due to the injuries at the QB position. Like Crow said it may be the 3rd QB that we have used but he has done a good job. I really enjoyed the talk we had last year at the Reservation. Hopefully we can meet back up at some point this season. Good luck to you and your crew!
  4. I’m guessing that’s the Lambert rule now. I believe I saw somewhere they put in a new rule about chain crews.
  5. That’s true. Gotta loosen them up somehow or you gonna have 9-10 in box all night.
  6. Well Yeti you sure may be gettin a coke. I just don’t know about a 3rd QB against real live flying bullets. It Oneida can establish a run game early and Lord knows they will keep pounding it then we may be in a good spot but if we gotta put it in the air then that’s scary.
  7. Yeah and with our schedule who knows what’s gonna happen. I had heard that the 2nd would be back by 1st game but that may be for defense. I believe it would be hard to take snaps with a broke hand.
  8. You are correct! I was holding that one in but from what I’ve heard should have one back by Friday night. I do know that injuries at QB has forced Oneida to go back to running the cowboy offense.
  9. Sounds like a plan. If our O and D lines are not better than last week then I don’t know.
  10. No way Yeti! I wish I knew we were that good. I believe this game will be 7-10 game
  11. It’s finally that time of the year again! Oneida welcomes OS to the Reservation to start the 2019 season. I’ve heard and seen that OS is gonna be a tough out this season. This should be a good game Thoughts??
  12. I doubt it Yeti. We will see though. Got a jamboree tonight at Kingston against Harriman. Glad it’s football time.
  13. Well I hope you go home in the worst mood ever and even worse mood when you gotta drive back up in playoffs!
  14. You know you’ll love that long grueling drive. I’d say you’ll be able to see some different colored leaves along the way. Also once you arrive you can see the new lights all around the field and new scoreboard that just went up.
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