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Everything posted by PeabodyPride

  1. Agreed most of their starters are sophomores so they are growing game by game !!! Thet will be dangerous next year !!!!
  2. I mean its just a classic Gold Doctor Conburnualtion !!! New word !! You lime Good Doctor??
  3. As always you are spot on The Ville will do their absolute best to derail our Tide Train so to speak !!! Its region 7 2 A throw the records out the window Good Doctor !!!!!
  4. GC hasnt learned how to deal with the scheme of the "veer" of UC, I think it might be close, I think more along the lines of UC by 14
  5. Man if you coulda thrown a RollTide on the end of that post it woulda been pert near perfect, you mighta thrown up in your mouth a bit but I digress !! South Side will be a good test for you Twisty Boys they have alot more speed than I excpected !!! Coach has had no interest in embarring anyone this year and waters down play calling 2nd half at minimum, so I am thinking Tide 42 redbirds 7
  6. Great game Waverly !!! Congrats!!!
  7. Brand new "stadium" at 4 A. SS and its smaller than a 1A in visitor setting ???
  8. Nashville Christian bought the Gold Ball I will say it till the day the Good Lord takes me from the dirt ball called earth!!! Heck their posters even said we went out and " got" players to get past Union City that year !!!!!
  9. Me have a opinion "never" hahahaha got you man ! Hard to judge though, we are spoiled in T Town, whoever desinged Walter Kilzer got it right imo well except the kinda important part of the actual field that is ..
  10. Alright Tide Nation its here today is the day we take the entire town to Big Ole South Jackson and show how Lil Ole Peabody Rolls.Tidemen had a great week of practice the new wrinkles in blitz packages looked deadly . Strap it up tight fellas and remember SS is comin off a W just like you and they wanna win just like you so Hit em hard and often and show them who you are and that you wont give up 1 score on their home field!
  11. Thats the confusing thing, SS has athletes everywhere and the coach is pretty good dont get me wrong do t want them to " get it together" this friday though !! ROll TIDE
  12. Facts !!!! Usually have to use the out of region cames to recover from 7 2 A slugfests !!!
  13. Yep SS has been in the convo as a top 10 4 a for a bit and all the dang sudden nope !!!
  14. Baby Shark doo doo doo doo doo doo baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo
  15. TCRadio man yall been focused on reboundin during football season? Well heck thats the whole problem !! Touchdowns not rebounds!!! All funnin aside yall D side of the ball looks TC "like" as always I hope yall can get them studs utilized on that O side sooner than later !!! Good Luck hope to see ya soon!!!
  16. This is the 2nd week these Cherokee Boys are in a must be seen game !!! Yall might disagree but this game comes down to line play " imagine that" I was watching them Orieda boys " by accident" thought I was watchin a french fry video , them boys can play and are well coached !!! I still think GreenBack U get the win by 3 in what will be one of the best games in Tennessee this week !!! If its alrighta its Orieda
  17. Just wanna see the 1 A Power P boys get outta this Rented Mule they will put on them boys with no injuries !!!
  18. Do you disagree ??? I am curious, I valuenypur opinion as a darn good T poster so my analysis is strong reciever play with 2 at least that can hurt you , a solid QB that has a above avg arm usually a good decision maker but hasnt seen a ton of pressure yet . The tackling is more solid than I have seen as of late for Mitchell, new coach there? The D line seems tenacious and doesnt quit "love that " and protection packages on the O side could be better but its a long season !!!
  19. Nope I travel ALOT for work and know lots of great football fans everywhere ,, never know what I have or havent gotten my hands on to watch !!!! I still think The Mighty Bulldogs win the region but I think amyone who sleeps on this Mitchell team is by definition Insane !!!
  20. Lol, well I guess I literally asked for that !! Hear me out !! Mitchells team thi6;s year could beat UC last year !!! I just dont see Fairley as balanced ! I think the West has alot of depth coming out of 8 this year and I want my Tide to go B2B but dang its nice to see these young men ballin and gettin props in Memphis !!! BHS I have said it for years and our fans and teams will tell you, the teams that have came to Trenton have had a butt whoopin put on em ,they dont quit and dont hit late and are vert respectful .Some folk might over look them because they arent juggernaut teams in the past in 1 and 2 A but the coaches have mentored them in the way to be good people from what we have encountered !!! I amna huge fan of Memphis highschool football amd all highschool football fornthat matter and all these young men deserve support !!!
  21. He could but didnt get for than a split second because his line couldnt hold against PHS . The line play looks much improved !! Call me crazy but they look more complete than Fairley..
  22. Oh okay I thought that game was 30 to 0 by half time amd we called of dogs??? I must be thinking of another game.
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