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  1. You know the formula ! It’s scary how hard these guys play ! Worst thing to happen to 1A in 2022 is 2021 for the Tide ! The O line is nasty and the Defense is fast and swarms to the ball ! Gonna be a fun year , huge test game one as I am hearing the Dawgs are hungry and someone let them off the leash ! I believe we have a pocket or two of Dawg treats though , if that fails I hear the dawgs love a good ole Huntingdon girl with pit hair 2 teeth and mouth full of chew ! I will be going to the 1000 acre lake with a 6 pack of Busch lite and a pouch of red man and see if I can catch a few for the game !
  2. Sound like the offense will be lethal as always, do the starter that missed play D as well? I figure they do with Camden scoring 4 times
  3. Thanks for the info, that’s what we scrimmage for , to get better ! Tide and Bruins each scored 3 times, we played great In spurts but a lot to work on for sure
  4. Howed it go ? Covington always seems to have a couple studs at RB
  5. Beautiful day at Walter Kilzer14-12 USJ at the half
  6. Come on man the whole team moved right ? They living together singing songs and living together ?
  7. Because if 40 kids just moved around in rural areas and just built allstar teams it wouldn’t be right just like it’s not right in Memphis plain and simple and why would anyone want teachers or coaches from a school that was so crooked from top to bottom it’s charter was revoked ?!
  8. [email protected] 7 pm fundraiser also so come on out and watch some football !
  9. Yes if the entire football team just transferred to Trenton they would be !
  10. Right our homerness “not a word I know” is not hidden at all ,its out there in all its glory lol ! The Pitt fellas ar assassins and just take over a thread or low key break coach T with “ Peg Leg flies over the Jasper Jail house title lmao
  11. Bro man that one got me teared up ! Thought of ole big Ed Mo the second I read that ! The OG vester
  12. Pretty sure when we embarrassed you for years we never cared ! Maybe started when you guys tried to hurt Baugus a few years ago ! But nope we do t show jack in scrimmages! Sorry we don’t relate well to you or your program we just win gold balls ,you just ride the Tides !
  13. Um this is the exact line from last year sir you already know the answer
  14. We have some hosses, that’s actually two different guys, Ace is the kid in the first pic Younger brother of Connor that is at UT this year, Ace is 6’7 and about 295 now and is gonna be a junior
  15. You know it my friend ! I know you’ve had some big loses but life is good as long as your kids stay awesome and your wife never gets her vision fixed ,hahahahha !
  16. If y’all haven’t seen the Tide is huge again ! Meadows looks amazing and we got him 2 more years !!!!!
  17. Shocking thing is Khalik wasn’t really fast , great hole awareness and cut ability but only a bit above avg as far as actually speed, I feel safe saying he was the 4th of 5 th fastest when we played you fellas, Tide D will be better and faster, offense will still have long fast recievers but the running game will be punishing and not finesse, personally our best seasons where when we punished defenders but I enjoy old school smash mouth ball ! Can’t wait to have y’all over this year ! Now it won’t compare to the shendig that @shockernation puts on but we try !!!! GL to y’all
  18. Good luck this season fellas, doubt you will need any luck though !
  19. 2 absolute studs that are known all around is what I meant and I know that was understood, Peabody has 4 guys playing D 1 ball from that team and multiple more studs , you and I know all the studs in the world don’t matter at times ! Really hope we get to meet up again ! Gonna be a great season , we lost a lot but return the best line in 1 A by a huge margin and Cassidy is probably my favorite non TideMan and a great kid !
  20. you pretend to know and understand more than you do ! Never put them blame on 1 particular “kid” just like I do t call kids from certain school system retards ! Copy homeboy ?
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