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  1. tngrappler

    Incoming Freshman and Transfers

    The rich get richer
  2. tngrappler


    Also to your point about Montgomery walking from coaching altogether, I am pretty sure he is helping Coach Whittemore at FRA but then again, I am the one who is "Fake News."
  3. tngrappler


    Then I guess the man I saw run up to the locker room at halftime with a whiteboard in his hands must of been someone else. I'm glad you can tell me exactly what I saw
  4. tngrappler


    Not to defend anyone but make sure your facts are correct. Phillip Montgomery did not leave at the end of the 2016 season. He finished at the end of this past season after they were eliminated by FCS in the semis.
  5. tngrappler

    Jan 7th tournament-need a team

    Coach, Friendship would love to come Thanks, Coach Rowlett
  6. tngrappler

    Any make All American Fresh/Soph Duals

    Zack Wilikns went 7-1 for Higher Calling
  7. tngrappler

    Freshman/Sophomore HCWC National Team

    Not sure what you mean? I know for a fact that a few are coming from Middle TN.
  8. tngrappler

    2015 Brute Nationals

    What is it?
  9. tngrappler

    2015 Brute Nationals

    Thats awesome. I saw some other from the middle tennessee area. Mt. Juliet has 3. Region 7 looking strong. Any clarksville teams looking to be in it?
  10. Any results to be posted??
  11. tngrappler

    2015 Brute Nationals

    Brute Nationals are next weekend. I was wondering what Tennessee wrestlers will be competeing?
  12. tngrappler

    AAA Pick em contest

    14- Debien: 132 13- Russell: 195 12- Kennedy: 170 11- Navarro: 113 10- Fuller: 126 9- Solomon: 182 8- Taylor: 138 7- Hamilton: 152 6- Blansit: 120 5- Oliver: 160 4- Russo: 145 3- Filbey: 220 2- Boykin: HWT. 1- Sesnan: 106
  13. tngrappler

    Prayers for Blackman

    Thoughts and prayers for the two families.
  14. tngrappler

    Region 7

    Thank you guys for getting this back to what should be about the kids. The past is the past for a reason but I do agree that if you aren't growing you are dying. Outside of the powerhouse 2, Central and Beech, West Creek and Rossview have some really great kids. I am anxious to see how the second and third place wrestlers compete against the other region wrestlers. No matter what feelings you have about any program you should never down play a kid. There is no room for that anywhere. Good luck to region 7 and all of its state qualifers.
  15. tngrappler

    Region 7

    Edens will probably be at three, with loses to King and Jenkins. I agree with the competition of this region. I can forsee many state placers come out of this region. Good luck to all this weekend.