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  1. any info on the Cannon vs Macon game last night?
  2. 10 Three's is strong. Hard to beat when u shot the rock like that . am sure the shooting percentage was high as well. good job.
  3. Depends on the refs whether they "let them play or not" If they call it tight ,she seems to draw alot of touch fouls and will get in the bonus and she makes free throws. now if she can draw alot of fouls on Cm and get them in foul trouble, Cm bench is not deep they seem to only play 6 maybe 7. Smith County can win this game .. she very well could have anywhere between 25-45 pts. Could be an upset in the making....
  4. tonights games [email protected] How many can Hackett score?or how many can the rest of the team score. cm 54 Sc 53 Dekalb @La Look for Dekalb to play hard, but wont be enough.. La 72 Dekalb 48 York @ Upperman. York just out matched against a scrappy team from Baxter. Upper 68 York 43 Cannon @ Macon Unless Cannon gets car sick from the bus ride and curvy roads they should take this one by 12 Cc 60 Mc 48
  5. 90 Warrior what was the game plan White County used to win this game? just curious??
  6. Awesome win ,great job Sparta!, keep it going looks like the CCHS game will shape up nicely to be a battle for the district crown.
  7. agree ,great coaches attract great players. if Player A wants to play for the best, player a , mom and dad are going to put her in best situation to do so. Why does York struggle because if u r top notch Fentress county talent and u want the best team to play for and a chance to win a state championship u go to Clarkrange.. Coach Brown has done it with Jackson County talent as well, think 2002 , I maybe wrong ,he had all J county girls no transfers(Rbs girl just graduated ) and won the state and no one gave him a chance to make it out region or sub state. It all starts from the top.
  8. good luck to White County will be tough environment and Clarkrange big girl causes match up problems, Sparta's very good point guard will need to have a lights out game to have a chance, and she very well can do it . Good luck ,will be following ..
  9. Pickett will be good for years to come as well, very good freshman class. Congratulations on the win.
  10. I agree with UCM pretty spot on assessment. I just don't know much about Cannon but I do know I would not be surprised if they beat CM tonight.. Sure win game are Smith over York, Livingston over Macon.. The others Upperman vs DeKalb and CM vs CC could go either way..
  11. Pickett has a freshman post / shooter that is strong and tough. can score from anywhere and no one knows much about her yet.. But J.County will win this one by 8..
  12. Prediction on White county vs Clarkrange girls? ?
  13. Why ? Jim Brown, he could coach the 3rd ,4th even 5th best team in 8 aa and win the district. People don't realize "he does more with less".. Watch this year he probably will not beat Clarkr but he will win the other side and advance deep and potentially make the state..
  14. Might is a pretty big word. I doubt they would finish that high in district 8. Upperman seamed to handle them rather easily. and they are "projected middle of the pack" which they might surprise some people as well..
  15. Good teams tend to cause flat starts.. Cookeville has been thru a lot .. Hats off. Loosing so many players one asks what might have been ,then again Cookeville politics and drama tend to usually end all progress.. Ckv girls looked really bad but that is another story..
  16. surprised to see Cookeville hang in there against LA.. Hats off to Cookeville better than what I thought .. LA is so talented will be tough to knock them off... better be bringing your "A" game(still might not matter) when u play them in 8aa...
  17. Very good district. My opinion LA, very well coached, very deep bench and very confident take this district in the end . Every game will be a dog fight. Look forward to a fun season.
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