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Everything posted by Trenchmob

  1. Tigers win going away, best thing about that trip is eating dinner at Bell Buckle Cafe.
  2. Field conditions tonight were horrible, looked like Bambi skating on Ice out there. Here's hoping it dries out Wed- Friday
  3. Weather isn't looking good for Friday, raining and cold.
  4. At one point in the game....H20 had 366 total yards to Bledsoe Co's 3 total yards.
  5. They threw a flag on one of H20 players cause he told ER player to shut up. Threw 4 different flags on us while trying kick off. We ended up kicking it off from our 30. One of the flags was a delay of game cause the white hat said he didn't blow the whistle before our kicker kicked it. They threw one on ER after we tackled him out of bounds cause the ER player shoved our guy off him.
  6. 34-12 H20 halftime. Refs have thrown every flag possible on us.
  7. Just seen the weather......less than 48 hrs out. Suppose to rain most of the day Friday, then fire up again about 5 or so.
  8. Rain seems like it's going to hold off till late night Friday night.
  9. A bunch of the Wilson Co. teams have moved their games to Thursday night due to the amount of rain predicted for Friday night. It doesn't look like H2O is going to follow suit.
  10. 27-0 Watertown 40 sec left in 1st quarter.
  11. 21-0 Watertown 3:34 left in 1st quarter
  12. 14-0 Watertown 8:30 left in 1st quarter.
  13. Bring gloves so we can clean the dishes. Don't want you getting dishpan hands......
  14. My wife and I were trying to come up with a place to eat at around there. Thanks for the recommendation.
  15. Just know that H2O has to keep their eyes open the rest of the season. I'm worried that having their toughest test this early will make them possibly overlook everyone else.
  16. Great game by both teams. Even better for The Purple Tigers getting that W.
  17. I'm just hoping for a hard fought clean game from both teams, and that the best team win. Name calling and slandering isn't appropriate.
  18. In 85-89 FC and Watertown played every year. I know for sure, that included basketball also.
  19. Yea maybe but, H20 didn't score till 2nd quater. I bet he didn't touch the ball 3 times in the 1st quarter.
  20. Game got out of hand early and that is all folks. Some great blocking by H20 offensive line open some nice holes. #5 for MJCA only carried the ball 5 times for very few yards before he broke one for about 80 yards and a TD on H20's JV Defense. Guess the stats matter at that time. H20 swarmed to the ball all night. I was really surprised that MJCA didn't run #5 more than 5 or 6 times.
  21. This is going to be a good game. Winner will have home field throughout the playoffs I'd say. Going to be a fun night. H20 hasn't had to play a full game yet, and TC has played 2 knock down drag outs. Wish H2O would have some type of test before heading into this game, but no such luck. I know one thing is for sure....I'll make sure to bring a big can off.
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