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  1. cattleman

    District 8AA

    Goodbye Upperman!!!!!
  2. cattleman

    2018-2019 8AA

    Ding Dong the witch is dead!!!!
  3. cattleman

    District 8AA

    Congrats to Upperman on a big win!!! Glad you guys only play teams that are good, not like Jackson and monterey. Nothing like beating a team by 70 points to show how good you are!!! LOL!!!!
  4. cattleman

    District 8AA

    From what I’ve seen Upperman has been drawing these athletes for at least the last 8 to 10 years. I don’t know anything about the sophomore class you are referring to. Have a nice day!
  5. cattleman

    District 8AA

    I understand that there is no districts for the county but if all the better athletes go to the same school you know that would definitely make a difference on how good they are. Amazing that you think if those kids went to Cookeville high school that they wouldn’t be as good there. Best athletes of an entire county going to a AA school that should be classified AAA due to who they are drawing from is a given!! Clarkrange girls have had the same success for years.
  6. cattleman

    District 8AA

    But to say the program is better because they win more games with the best athletes out of a large area in a lower district is just wrong. Cookeville May play Monterey and Jackson but that is not who they have to go thru as a AAA!! You put the athletes back to their respective schools in their district and then see how good upperman is!! The best athletes can make any coach look better than they really are. Please tell me how many of the top 8 kids on the boys basketball team are from the Baxter area excluding the coaches kid???
  7. cattleman

    District 8AA

    I disagree totally!! Upperman is having success because they are drawing the majority of the athletes to play with them out of the Putnam county area and they are playing a lower district. Uppermans AA district is definitely a tough one but it is definitely not AAA. If my kid played in Cookeville there would be no way that I would let them go to Upperman. The coaches are well known for being the biggest cry babies around!!
  8. cattleman

    District 8AA

    Officials definitely had no bearing on the outcome of that game!! York was just the better team and DC got out worked
  9. cattleman

    York Institute-Coffee Co tournament

    Didnt know that york boys was supposed to play in this tournament. Was told they were supposed to play in alabama christmas tourney but they dropped out of it. Would like to know more about it myself!!
  10. cattleman

    Dekalb County

    The same thing happened at York Institute years ago with parents calling the shots and the girls basketball team has never rebounded. If the school does not back the coach you can kiss the program goodbye!!
  11. cattleman

    8AA 2016-2017

    1. Upperman 2. Smith 3/4. York/ Macon 5. Livingston 6. CMS 7. Cannon 8. Dekalb
  12. cattleman

    District 8AA 2015-2016

    Anyone know when Livingston and Cannon play?
  13. cattleman

    District 8AA 2015-2016

    You are correct. York is struggling.
  14. cattleman

    6AAA Girls

    Pickett co single a, clarkrange single a both have beat you. Clarkrange with one of its weakest teams in years but with lots of young talent. York institute had you beat but the coach got out-coached, and they are worse than Pickett or clarkrange. I still would rather have clarkrange young talent coming up as to have your older girls with not much talent. Triple a should dominate single a if I am not mistaken but that is not what is happening, sorry to bust white county's bubble. Not That Great!!!!