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  1. jn2rons

    2018-2019 9AA

    Game being re-scheduled will hurt the fan support at home for Heritage. The girls play their Region Semifinal at Greenbrier - - same time as the Boys at home vs. Maplewood. Where do the cheerleaders show up? Its gonna be like going to a practice for the boys game.
  2. jn2rons

    2018-2019 9AA

    Heritage v Maplewood moved to Monday 2/25 sounds like the same for everyone else?
  3. jn2rons

    2018-2019 9AA

    Interesting take when you consider that they re-did the gym, brought in a new coach, have had countless transfers into the program in just the last 3-4yrs. I believe that they also broadcast the games live online, and their website has good reporting and pics. I can only compare your program to Heritage. You guys seem wayyyyyyyyyy more buttoned up on the BBall front (admin, alumni, etc) but I think that everyone's expectations are misplaced. WH has played in the district 'Ship game in 3 of the last 4 yrs. Nothing wrong with that.
  4. jn2rons

    2018-2019 9AA

    I only brought it up as those are the common wins. I mentioned East too... Does that mean nothing either?
  5. jn2rons

    2018-2019 9AA

    ^ I agree with everything above I have to imagine that Sycamore 'should' be battle tested after playing East 2x this yr. I didn't see Pearl play this yr. They lost to East 2x too. They both have wins over common opponents: University School of Nashville & Whites Creek
  6. jn2rons

    2018-2019 9AA

    Dalton - Good call. Both of my boys have won District with Petrone. The run at the end of this yr still has my jaw on the floor. Side note... Been on my soapbox saying this for at least 4-5yrs now. WH does not play defense. New coach - same strategy to try and outscore everyone. To your point B52, Heritage does not start their 2 best ball handlers for some unknown reason. Even still, it was good enough to win tonight, go figure. Maplewood could have had their whole team at the game tonight. They weren't there to scout Heritage, they were there for WH. They already played Heritage earlier this yr and won by 7. No predictions but the game earlier in the season could have gone either way. Add that Heritage's leading scorer didn't play in that game and I'm optimistic. Could really care less though, as they don't have the horses to go far anyway. Feels good to win District though. Good luck to everyone in Region!!
  7. jn2rons

    2018-2019 9AA

    B52: The same can be said over the past 2+ yrs with #5 has had the green light. Don't act like the other kids loved it either. Now that the focus is on #4... it sounds like sour grapes on your part. Enjoy the success/ wins bro... regardless of who the glory is going to. WH wins when Arnold balls out. It's that simple. He made his 1st 4- 3's and the game was over in the 1st Q. Finished with 28pts. The best 3rd option in the district, by far had 6pts. Beamerball: I agree with the potential sweep... Maplewood beat WHH during the Christmas tournament by 7. I think that they can be had, but the brackets are totally messed up now.
  8. jn2rons

    2018-2019 9AA

    #1 team gets the MVP, I get that. I stand by my original post. WH-Arnold #4 is the best player in the district. He's turned #5 into the 3rd best player on the team. That says a lot when you consider the press clippings for #5 over the last 3yrs. Semis WHH 44 - Sycamore 40 WH 73 - Harpeth 52 All WH Final next week.
  9. jn2rons

    Stratford season done?

    A better question for those that know is what happened to them this yr? Weren't their best players back this yr? Coach T has them at 8-13 with a few unreported scores. They made the Ste Semi's last yr.
  10. jn2rons

    2018-2019 9AA

    I watched him all summer (practices & games). When he told us he was going to WH, I knew he'd wind up being the best player in the District. How he'd be used and if the WH new coach would give him the keys, was TBD. I've seen 5 WH games - until they commit to playing defense it won't matter who they have out there scoring.
  11. jn2rons

    2018-2019 9AA

    Sycamore is the class of the District. Congrats! They play @ East Nashville on Friday. They played East earlier in the yr and lost by 13. They'll be battle tested come District/ Region play. The same kid at WH that struggled at Heritage last week (only gm under 10pts all yr), also went for like 34 against Heritage earlier in the yr. They go as he goes, period. Of their 24 games, he's played in 16 of them. They're 11-5 with him. 4-4 without him. One week left - we'll see how the seeding shakes out. #2 spot is still up for grabs.
  12. jn2rons

    2018-2019 9AA

    Sycamore looks like the team to beat. Big man is improved, good team defense, and they can make 3's. The WH transfer is a monster (Best player in district by far), but has only played in 8/15 games so far. Not sure what's the story there. CCHS/ Greenbrier/ Heritage/ Harpeth will battle for 3-6. No clue if any of them are any good. And then there's Westmoreland...
  13. jn2rons

    2018-2019 9AA

    Watertown - 59 Cheatham County - 52 Murfreesboro Central Magnet - 57 Greenbrier - 41 Creek Wood - 59 Sycamore - 62 Jackson County - 48 Westmoreland - 33 White House Heritage - 51 University School Nashville - 47 Harpeth - 55 Father Ryan - 50
  14. jn2rons

    2018-2019 9AA

    Last February, I’d have gone with Sycamore. Lot of size, experience and shooting. Pretty sure WH now, since the lead guard (sr) that was at Gallatin transferred to WH. Good kid... realllly good player. My pick for District MVP. Cheatham? No clue, my guess is they fight for 3rd. Heritage lost 3 sr’s that played heavy minutes the last 2-3yrs. They’ll be tall/ long, but inexperienced. Greenbrier/ Harpeth both lose 6+ rotation sr’s. Hard to put a positive spin on that. Westmoreland played well in the district tourney last yr, so there’s that.
  15. jn2rons

    Springfield vs White House

    Game Link 12-3 Springfield in the 1st Q ....errr 19-3