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  1. Wait, their HC left? They should have a strong team next yr, and he seemed like a good one.
  2. Go for it, looks like a packed crowd. You first...
  3. Didn’t mean to hijack the thread on enrollment and it may not be relevant at the end of the day. The two districts are a long ways away from each other athletically and skill level. The 2016-17 WH Heritage team could have competed in region this year… They lost to Whites Creek in the Semis (WC won Region). Maplewood and East were loaded too... think that Maplewood won state that yr. It’ll take the perfect storm For a 9AA team to get more than one game in Region play.
  4. End of the day, I have one more year left on this ride and after that... I could care less about the alignment. 9AA coaches are happy with District titles. They don't prep well for the step up to Region games and most play mehhh schedules.
  5. I'm not familiar with the TSSAA portal - I simply pulled them from www.usnews.com If the TSSAA #'s are anything like their refs...
  6. Region needs to be re-classified. Big disparity in enrollment between 9/10AA. White House - 894 Greenbrier - 814 Sycamore - 738 WH Heritage - 666 Cheatham - 637 Harpeth - 580 Westmoreland - 514 MLK - 1,210 E Nashville - 1,131 Maplewood - 1,016 Hume Fogg - 903 Pearl- 794 Stratford - 716 Whites Creek - 713
  7. They lose 3-5 starters depending on the game, to include top 3 scores. Wont know really what they look like until the end of the summer. Best guess is somewhere between 3-5 seed.
  8. 16-55 FG - 29% 1-12 3FG - 8% 10-21 FT - 48% I mentioned how they won... They out rebounded Heritage 32-30, but 21 of those were Off Rbds and they played bully ball on defense. There were 35 total fouls and 52 total turnovers in the game. It was sloppy and the refs role should not be understated. They allowed the bully ball, and as the more physical team... it was in Maplewood's favor. They scored 28pts off of turnovers. Heritage had 6. In case you're wondering - Here's Heritage shooting stats. 12-29 FG - 41% 1-5 3FG - 20% 12-18 FT - 67% It was a 3 pt game with a minute left. Maplewood made some late FT's to pull out the win.
  9. Gonna guess Sycamore, WH... then everyone else.
  10. Maplewood 43 - Heritage 37 Refs allowed Maplewood to be physical. Game. Set. Match. Maplewood couldn’t hit a jumper, make a FT, or a layup. They dominated the boards and played bully ball. Heritage had 5 coaches on the bench, not one had a whiteboard or a clue. You read that right... 5 coaches. Every time they get the win the coaches get all the credit and every time they lose the coaches blame the kids....not tonight! Coaches were trash. They earned that L.
  11. Need this weather to allow for a few games to be played... It’ll give us something else to talk about. You guys sound like you used to date the same girl and are comparing stories. Good luck to the rest of 9AA
  12. Game being re-scheduled will hurt the fan support at home for Heritage. The girls play their Region Semifinal at Greenbrier - - same time as the Boys at home vs. Maplewood. Where do the cheerleaders show up? Its gonna be like going to a practice for the boys game.
  13. Heritage v Maplewood moved to Monday 2/25 sounds like the same for everyone else?
  14. Interesting take when you consider that they re-did the gym, brought in a new coach, have had countless transfers into the program in just the last 3-4yrs. I believe that they also broadcast the games live online, and their website has good reporting and pics. I can only compare your program to Heritage. You guys seem wayyyyyyyyyy more buttoned up on the BBall front (admin, alumni, etc) but I think that everyone's expectations are misplaced. WH has played in the district 'Ship game in 3 of the last 4 yrs. Nothing wrong with that.
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