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  1. Not me. I'm from Cali and my boy's team has been out for a minute. But if someone says you ain't played anyone this year, then it's just that. Who cares what kids did from 5-6 yrs ago. Just sit tight and let it play out. That said - If a team can beat East 4x in a season, then they're the truth.
  2. ^ what’s your point? The kids from Southsides ‘14 class still have eligibility? where they do that at?
  3. Yesssssir... looks like something is on at 7p tomorrow channel 1030 on Xfinity. Can’t confirm it’s THAT game but hoping it is.
  4. Asking here too... anywhere to watch the game online tomorrow?
  5. Is there anyway to watch the Pearl v East game online tomorrow? Please tell me someone is on it?
  6. Cheathams a tough place to win, even when they’re down... how did Westmoreland score 45 on East though. East 76-45
  7. Refs called a 2nd delay of game with 20sec left after a made Heritage bucket to put WHH up by 2. Cheatham made both FT's to tie the game and also got the ball. They were unable to score, but fouled Heritage on the rebound with .01 seconds left. Heritage post player at the line... 1 and 1 for the win! Clank. Game went to overtime. Cheatham closed the deal with a corner 3 with about a minute left.
  8. ^^ This right here! Coaching isn’t good enough to overcome the overall talent discrepancy between 9AA and 10AA. Talent isn’t good enough to force a change. District ‘ship is the 9AA Super Bowl
  9. WH PG was trying to dribble out the clock, tied 42-42 and he got rippppppped at half court. Westmoreland took the ball and scored on an and1. WH had the play on Instagram but pulled it Tough loss
  10. Sycamore + White House should be the favorites. Both Sycamore and Heritage have new coaches. Sycamore at Creekwood. Reg season champs last yr. Big man is a Sr this yr and should dominate. Will be interesting to see what they have in their backcourt. WH at Lead Academy WH is deep and Sr heavy - might very well be their yr. Heritage at Clarksville Academy. Scrimmaged York Institute this weekend and more than held their own. Republic at Cheatham Co Montgomery Central at Greenbrier Harpeth at Father Ryan Westmoreland at Red Boiling Springs I’ll leave it to everyone else to fill in the gaps on GB, Cheatham, Harpeth, and Westmoreland.
  11. He was actually on topic... but you? Who knows, maybe you’re bored or lost. Feel free to stay and pitch in with more randomness. It’s all good. WhereYouAt - Sounds about right to me. Big man at Sycamore is gonna be a monster this yr.
  12. It's really not that hard. This thread is for District 9-AA
  13. We're about a month or so out... Sycamore + White House should be the favorites right? Heritage has won District 2 of the last 3 yrs? Do they have anything left? New coaches at Heritage and Sycamore, right? Cheatham/ Harpeth/ Greenbrier/ Westmoreland... How's everyone looking this year?
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