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  1. Gongrats Galilee go get the state title. I said from the start if you put pressure on them UC would turn the ball over. UC was held to two points in the fourth quarter. Another post talked about playing Parker out of position, he is playing at guard and if he stays at 6 4 or6 6 that is where he will play at the next level.
  2. Hey TCA read your post and I agree with you on how the game will go. The Stewart kid is a good player but not a great one. there is a lot of hype going on about him, but I watched him play last year and listened to them on the radio this year. Where he has great games is when they play average teams but real good teams not so much. If you pressure him he has a lot of trouble bring the ball up the floor and his shooting pct. falls a lot. Galilee have a lot of fun and enjoy the game.
  3. stock68

    region 7

    Halls just beat UC 43 to 39. Neither team could play for the Refs.
  4. I have watched the Stewart kid play in several games and he is not very good at guard. He has the ball taken away from him to much. And if you put someone on him and they stay close and dog him it shakes him up. He is not as good as he is built up to be, but it's all in the hype and who you know around you. It would not surprise me to see him nomitated for Mr. Basketball. UC lost three players last year that could eat his supper any day of the week.
  5. Happy New year to TCA and Galilee guys. UC is in Florida, they won one and lost one haven't heard about game 3 for 5th place. Halls has already put it on UC once I look for Humbolt and LC to give them all they want if not more. Malik is doing fine at Crowleys Ridge. After golf he started playing JV ball for them. Thanks for asking. Talk to you'll later
  6. where are all the UC fans this year? Last year the talk was UC that only lost 4 games all year. They finished 2nd in the state losing to a good Mitchell team out of Memphis. They lost their three big horses last year. they are good but not as good as last years team.
  7. hey TCA and Galilee Merry Christmas to you both. I have been listening to UC games on the radio. The final score at Halls did not show how bad Halls really beat UC. The teams in the district are not as good as was first thought. Parker can shoot the 3 ball but you put somebody in his back pocket and he becomes less than average. I am like Cope I don't see what all those schools see so it must be just the hype. I guess we will see.
  8. he's doing good. playing JV ball for Crowley's Ridge Ark. thanks for asking, Uc started their season tonight. they beat Covington. They play in Memphis Saturday at about 6:00 pm. Getting back to Malik he signed to play golf, as soon as the season ended he started basketball. he is averaging 19 pts a game so far. I want to wish your team the best of luck this coming season. Again thanks for asking. TCAIntence
  9. I watched UC play a scrimmage game last Saturday. From what I saw they will have to improve a lot to even take 3rd. As far as I know the Bumpus kid is not coming back. Their problem is going to be rebounding, just could not get offence rebounds. I think they lost to much last year and can't make up the lose. Time will tell. Hello tcaintence and gallaie. don't hold my spelling against me.
  10. coachsc1985 your response don't make any sense. If you have plenty of money you pick and choose which school to go to. You don't know anything about the game or you would know better, it just doesn't work the way you say it does.
  11. coachsc1985 the parents don't have anything to do with where their kid plays on the court. If you believe that you are dead wrong. You play where the coach puts you or you don't play period. that's ok though because Crowley's Ridge Ark. signed him to play golf for them.
  12. If anyone out there knows shawnjohnston's phone number or shawn if you see this give me a call. My phone number is 731 335 1906 call anytime between 8am and 8pm anytime. Stockdale and Simpson's coach threw them under the bus. He never tried to help these boys with collage basketball. Thanks
  13. I don't think they can get anybody to work under the goal like Sisco and Stockdale. they are still going to have a hard time placing 4th or above. Stockdale and Deberry were the leaders on that team. they should have went to the state when these boys were in the 10th grade, but the coach got out coached by the women from LC and sent home. Only time will tell if they can play with the other teams in the district, I wish them the best of luck, they are going to need it.
  14. Union City will probably finish 3rd or 4th in the district. I think Halls, Humboldt, South Fulton, maybe even Lake County will finish in front of UC. They lost more than Deberry, they also lost Stockdale and Simpson. Between those three boys they lost around 3,000 pts. and close to 1500 rebounds. I think it will be a long time before you see them back in the state tournament.
  15. Shawn this is stock 68 what happened to you man? My son and I have been trying to contact you with no results. We tried calling and emails with no results. Does anyone know what happened to him or how to contact him. THANKS!!
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