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  1. Heard they had some applications . Who are they ?
  2. There again , that's your opinion . I don't think it was a upgrade .
  3. A lot of parents and fans and players would like that . Don't think he would . Don't have nothing against Dodgen , just my opinion same as yours .
  4. King21 How has Dodgen done ? HaLEY WON THE REGION ONCE . District and region record lot better than Dodgen . Get your facts right .
  5. King21 You must be smoking something . Coach Haley did a good job and won several districts and the girls loved him . Don't be knocking people if you don't know what your talking about .
  6. Sad way to end for White Co . Got worse as the season went on . Every team learned our weakness . Same bad passes all year . Passes against press same all year . Fundamentaly worst girls team i've seen at White Cc . This team could have been so much better . Sad , hard to watch .
  7. Page lost best guard on senior night to acl . Explains why they got beat . Different team . Hate to hear anything like that . Should give White Co better chance . Turnovers will be the key to game .
  8. White Co came out flat last night . Could never get any rhythm . This team has lost something and cant find it . Page will have no trouble if we show up like this . L want to give some credit to Dana last night , excellent job . I don't know what went on in the locker room after the game , but from the look on our girls faces , we're done . Game like this , you forget and go on . Sad .
  9. White Co has found some game . Beware !!!!
  10. Sad way to end for White Co . Sad mistakes game after game . Might lose to anybody right now .
  11. Beware of White Co . Told you so . Took some air out of that jaw .
  12. White Co lives and dies by turnovers and forced shots . Make the same mistakes now that they did first game . What do they practice . Lot of talent on this team . Hope they can find their game . One of the old fans said the talent is as good as he has seen in years . Good luck girls .
  13. See you friday night . Beat better teams than you . Coming out of slump . Beware !!!!
  14. Turnovers will determine how far White Co will go . Our 3 bigs are making most of the turnovers , not our guards . Playing our best against Livingston , ahead by 16 in 3rd quarter .Send in subs and struggled the rest of the game . Best team on paper in the region .
  15. Beware of White Co !!!!
  16. Heard last night from ref that district will be played at Livingston instead of Tech . White Co has the best gym . What happened ? Anyone know ?
  17. Sparta had their best game in a while last night . Davis broke out of his shell . IF Brock comes out of his , look out . COACHES AND PLAYERS ENJOYED LAST NIGHT . Attitudes were better last night . Full speed ahead .
  18. White Co wins playing Warren Co . Kept them in game by making turnover after turnover . Ball possession will take them a long way or early out . Can't beat a good team like they are playing . Why they don't use the bounce pass is a mystery to me . Pulling for the girls to get better .
  19. If White Co takes care of the ball , best team in district . If they turn it over . can lose to almost anybody . Looked better last two games . Everybody will press us because thats our weakness .
  20. Like to see White Co play them again . For some reason , game canceled .
  21. District tournament at Tech ?
  22. Cookeville best team team i've seen . We make teams look better than they are by making some many turnovers . Can't beat decent teams like that . Hope for the best for Warriorettes .
  23. Slatten best in state , no doubt . Miller wasn't best player on his own team . Still a big honor to be in top 3 in the state . Wish all the players luck in the future .
  24. Congrats to White Co boys on a good season . Losing point guard and starting post hurt us . Thanks seniors . Saying good luck at Ole Miss to Grant Slatten , best player in White Co history .
  25. Stone goes down as i predicted . Bradley's big girls shut Miller down . Guards didn't do much looking at the score . Don't think Stone can beat Blackman either . Best team in rutherford county . Losing point guard hurt Stone real bad . That's all there is to it . Wish all teams good luck .
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