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  1. Thank you for this, and for all that you do to make following High School sports such great fun!
  2. Friday afternoon I talked with a tech support person from Charter Spectrum, one of the companies whose names are used in these Coach T pop-up ads. He told me that his company was definitely not behind these ads and that he thought Coach T had a Trojan Horse embedded which was trying to get people to sign up giving personal information to "win" these promised $1000 gift cards. This morning I was very pleased to be able to read all the threads about the Maryville / Cane Ridge game without a single one of these ads popping up! I was so happy that you had been able to De-bug your system until just now at 8pm I opened page 28 of the "Cain Ridge vs. Mairvul" thread and yet two more of these pop-up ads happened. Could a Trojan Horse virus possibly be associated with comments from someone who frequents Maryville threads? No pop-ups occurred when I read the Catholic / Beech thread.
  3. I have had a terrible time for weeks now with Amazon and Charter spectrum pop-up ads making it near impossible to follow the 5-6A football threads. The pop-ups are impossible to delete and I have to reset the thread I am reading, only to have it happen again immediately. I went to my Verizon phone store this morning to ask if it might be a virus in my phone. The Verizon technician told me it was not my phone but he had other reports of this problem at Coach T. He even said that he and a friend had driven from Maryville to the Greenback game in Cookville yesterday and his friend had the same Coach T pop-up ad problem on his phone that I have had. This has ruined my experience reading threads on Coach T. I am going into "Stars and Bars" withdrawal! I even miss PassiveAgressive!!!
  4. In my experience, the best Hot Dog served in Blount County is at GRACIE'S. MANʼS BEST FRIEND THE BIGGEST DAWG IN TOWN $6.59 ADD CHILI, SLAW & CHEESE .50 EACH It comes with so many French fries that you can't eat 'em all! (No, I don't work for them!)
  5. Wow, that's tough for any team. Why only three home games? Stadium/field renovations?
  6. Just so folks don't forget...Maryville has a pretty good program for a 5A size school. They play in the Super 31+1 division.
  7. Gov91 is correct. The original post does not say that all these choices will happen. The post is asking folks to rank the possibility that the choices will occur. In my ranking I said Alcoa will likely win another championship, but I also said that an undefeated Alcoa championship was much less likely. I also think the Govs will be ready to win a playoff game this year!
  8. 1. Maryville is undefeated and wins state championship game 2. Wm.Blount wins play off game 3. Alcoa wins state championship 4. Maryville Wins State Championship 5. Heritage wins 2 playoff games 6. Alcoa is undefeated and wins State championship game 7. Wm.Blount wins 8 regular season games 8. Heritage wins 10 regular season games 9. Maryville Band Boosters' concessions start offering delicious grilled Cheeseburgers!
  9. Not too many quality athletes will live there, although maybe a few former ones. That place is being built as an "independent living center" for older citizens.
  10. Thanks. The things you wrote make too much sense to be forgotten.
  11. The following was posted by a "Maryville Mafia" member some weeks ago--can someone help me give proper credit? ---------------------------------------------------------------- "Open Zone" tuition students??? If it were all about tuition students, then why did Maryville go 20 years(1978-1998) without winning a championship? There were a lot of mediocre football records at Maryville from the late 80's to the mid 90's, including 5-5 seasons. Teams like Austin East, Sevier County, Halls used to wear Maryville out. William Blount beat Maryville 3 years in a row, including a 31-0 beat-down in 1990. Alcoa beat Maryville 4 years in a row in that time frame. On a lot of those bad Maryville teams, player interest was way down. Some Maryville teams were lucky to have 40 kids on the squad. Many Maryville Rebel fans thought the Glory Years were finished. Some thought Maryville would never win another state title. Maryville went 9 years (1986-1995) without a playoff win. "Open Zone" sure didn't help Maryville then. What was going on at that time? Maryville had talent but also some assistant coaches that the kids just didn't trust or respect. The 1986 Maryville Freshmen team drilled everyone they played, but because of those assistants, 75% of those kids quit. Their senior team went 5-5. Then, in 1993 Coach Tim Hammontree was hired and he dismissed those controversial assistants. He installed the discipline that Maryville still has. He also hired David Ellis and George Quarles. After Maryville won State in 1998 Hammontree left to coach in Georgia. All the assistant coaches except George Quarles and David Ellis went with Hammontree. George Quarles took over the program in 1999. Coach George Quarles hired Coach Jim Gaylor from Clinton to be his Defensive Coordinator. The triumvirate of Coaches Quarles, Ellis, and Gaylor would become the heartbeat of the coaching staff. Coach Mike White was hired in 1999. He could easily be a head coach somewhere else. Coach Quarles has since then hired and retained a number of good coaches. Joe Robinette is a great receivers coach. Derek Hunt is a bright young QB coach. Brandon Waters is a great DL Coach and even better Strength and Conditioning coach. Nick White, former HC at Lenoir City, is a great secondary coach. Ricky Upton, Jeremy Russell, Jeffery Booker and Brandon Johns are other great coaches. Maryville has one of the best HS coaching staffs in America. Interest in football remains high now as 130 plus kids are out for football. The last several seasons Maryville has dressed out 95 kids on varsity. Most of these kids live "in zone" and have since elementary school. A lot of people think "open zone" tuition students are why Maryville keeps winning so much. However, Maryville's coaching staff is the primary reason Maryville is winning so much. Because of George's success at Maryville, there are cases where the family of a great player such as Jay Guilermo moves to Maryville. Guilermo's family asked former UT assistant Dan Brooks what school would be great for Jay. Without hesitation Brooks told them Maryville was where they needed to send Jay. If Jay Guilermo, Aaron Douglas or Dylan Jackson had been playing in the late 80's or early 90's, they probably would never have gone to Maryville. Lets put it this way. I would much rather have Maryville be a "closed zone" school and have the current coaching staff than have Maryville be "open zoned" with a lesser coaching staff.
  12. I wish Blount County had someone to do quality HS coverage like Mr. Montgomery! Did anyone notice the missed holding by #7 at the 4:10-4:15 point in Stork's video? If it were flagged, it would have erased that TD.
  13. Best wishes for a safe trip today for all the Whitehaven team and fans! This Maryville fan is pulling for a Whitehaven win!
  14. A wrongly thrown flag has for many people forever put an asterisk beside the W for Whitehaven in that State Championship game. But all should agree that Maryville lost that game because their defense could not stop one very good Whitehaven RB. That Gold Ball forever belongs to Whitehaven! Good luck to The Haven against Ravenwood!
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