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  1. When is this? I’ll for sure be there.
  2. What’s the date to the central scrimmage. That’ll be a good match up like Webb was in 15.
  3. Seriously though... why in the heck did GB not want to Kick all 3 of the field goals?? They would’ve been up by 9 and that just means run the clock out.. The better team did not win. Espesically with #23 Holden Willis out he’s easily gonna open the passing game up and sadly enough Breeden Gilbert moved (which they proved they could play without him) and whitwell wouldn’t have known what to do with Gilbert no offense to whitwell he was just the best back in 1a and possibly 2a. With every player back fully healthy this GB team would win by 3 Td’s like I said No offense to y’all whitwell people. Heck I had a whitwell fan come up to just talk football he ends up saying GB beat themselves by not kicking the field goals..<<<<<geez guys come on.... coaching on that end was foolish. I do not and never will understand why a coach would do such a thing. It blows my mind and ruined those boys chances at another gold ball.
  4. I am very familiar with TC and y’alls football history But this Meigs team is stout. Last year was tough when swafford went down in the 3rd round 1st qtr against rockwood. They more than likely would’ve won State. Meigs reloaded we will see.
  5. Meigs by 2 they aren’t stopping the wideouts Meigs has plus The Swafford boy at QB is going to make it real difficult along with the Back they got.
  6. Yall have a tremendous Run-Stop D with a good set of skill players to hawk the ball down. Greenback will have to just come prepared. Like I said all 4 years they’ve been this deep.
  7. This Greenback class has the advantage. They’ve went this deep in the playoffs all 4 years of highschool they know the tention even without breeden or Holden they know what to look forward too. Greenback by 2.
  8. Just repaying the visit, have a great day!

  9. I agree with the Tie. They’re both playing how I expected. The gap is pretty big between GB and SP.. especially when GB is on their A-Game
  10. We’ll see what happens this is basically a senior loaded squad. I’ve also heard GB has a few youngsters coming along playing in Blount county winning championships.
  11. Josh, Jalen and breeden in the backfield.. oh lord. Is Jalen playing any D?
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