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  1. Greenback 35-28 Meigs Co. 32-28 Good luck to everyone and safe travels
  2. Peabody Meigs (very tough one for me) SP Huntingdon
  3. i think your idea on how big watertown really is, is off
  4. Meigs scores 29 last year, against an arguably better TC defense. 35 is not out of the picture at all
  5. We had our chances brother, i’m hurting today but proud of our effort. Don’t go away from us in the future!! We had success with QB runs, granted they weren’t necessarily keying on our QB, but i have a hard time believing they will be able to stop 19 all game long.
  6. If meigs can stop the run they will win. I think Meigs scores at least 35 points and i have a hard time believing that TC can score that many. Tc cannot throw the football, that is the only downfall of their team, and it will get them beat this friday in my opinion
  7. 3 plays stick out to me for watertown last night. 1. Cousino 60 yard TD run to give us a 13-7 lead. He just out ran everyone. 2. Cousino throw and Hughes-Malone catch after the bad snap late in the game. Perfectly thrown over the shoulder and our guy went up and made a play. It kept our hopes alive. 3. Braxton Swann’s blocked punt to give us a chance to take shots at the end zone with 2 minutes left. Pure determination and heart. Great ball skills as well Obviously there are more plays but these 3 stick out in my mind. I just don’t know if i can say the better team won last night, maybe a better program but we played better. Hats off to TC they made plays when they needed to and made stops when they needed to.
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