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  1. I think SGC goes into Covington and gets a win Friday. I was completely shocked that Milan was able to pull off the upset, but after seeing how they won, I expect SG to do the exact same thing.
  2. WOW what a HUGE win for Milan. I got my wish! Someone finally knocked Covington off. Must say, I sure didn't think it would be Milan after how the year started. Preseason I would have bet it would be. Congrats to Milan
  3. I guess this is why they play the games. Never would have thought it would be this close. Milan getting close to a HUGE win.
  4. Not able to make it to Milan to watch the game. Anybody know of a steam I can watch or radio station carrying it online?
  5. Well if you are talking offensively, I would agree. The offense they have this year is good, but very young. They still have a Mr. Football finalist in the backfield who can take it to the house on any carry. Their defense is light years better than last year, or even the year before that if you ask me. I have seen them play twice now and their defense has been unbelievable each time. Just look at what they did to Westview....... I would say overall, last years team was probably better, but then again they took one of the best teams in the southeast to the final couple of minutes in the state championship game too. Pretty hard to compare year to year, but I think their defense this year would have given their offense last year some fits.
  6. I just don't see it. I have seen them both play this year and Covington, in my opinion, is head and shoulders above SG. SG is good, don't get me wrong, but the defense of Covington makes them a special team.
  7. Covington wins going away this week. I really hoped that Milan, SG, Westview, McNairy, or someone would give Covington a run this year. I thought this was the year Milan would get them, but I just don't see it happening. I am honestly getting sick of going that far west to watch them play. I guess I could stay home during the playoffs, but I love to watch good high school football.
  8. I may be wrong, but I think covington is pretty young. I know their best RB is only a JR and they have 2 right behind him that are a freshman and sophomore. If I was a betting man, I would bet my money on Covington again next year. If there was a year to get them, it was supposed to be this year and we see what has happened so far.....
  9. Im not going to say how much Covington would beat Huntington by, because there are a lot of things that go into a final score, but I will say that I have seen both teams play this year in REAL games and Covington is by far the better team. I am completely unbiased, and quite frankly would love to see a team run with Covington, but I am telling you there isn't one in West Tennessee. Now I haven't seen the larger schools in Memphis play, but in rural West Tennessee there is Covington, and then there is everyone else. Covington is right there on the same level as Alcoa. I know they haven't beaten Alcoa, and they may not ever beat them, but they have given Alcoa everything they want these past two years, and Alcoa is one of the best teams in the southeast.
  10. I am going to say it, this is the best Covington team I have seen in the past 3-4 years. The defense is on another level. They are legit. Only team that will beat them is Alcoa.
  11. This is just a dominating performance. Covington might be the best team in West Tennessee across all classes. I don't know of a team that would beat them.
  12. Yea this is a mismatch of epic proportions. Westview is not even close to being on the same level as Covington. Better luck next year.
  13. Covington has made it to state the past 2 years. Not sure on exactly how many they have lost from last years team, but I know their best RB is only a junior this year and he is the real deal. They always have 2 or 3 guys who can take it to the house on any play. Their defense that I watched last week against Brighton is unbelievable. I have been able to see Covington play a handful of times over the past few years and this defense is by far the best that I have seen them have. I don't think Westview will be able to score enough points to win. Covington should score at will against that defense and I just don't see Westview putting up enough points to win.
  14. I think Covington will win this one fairly easy. I was able to make the trip over and watch them play Brighton and they just dismantled them. I usually catch 2-3 Covington games a year, mostly in during the playoffs, and I must say that their defense is the best I have seen in the past several years of watching them. The offense may be a tad behind that in the past few years, but the defense is unbelievable. Between Covington's rushing attack taking time off of the clock, and their defense being as good as it is, it Martin better make sure to capitalize on all of their opportunities to put points on the scoreboard, because you may not get as many chances as you have been in the first few games. It also always amazing me to see Covington have so many guys play offense, defense, and special teams, but they never seem to get tired. Those guys can run for days it seems. Hope it is a good game. Would be good to have a team in the region who can give Covington a run.
  15. I respect your opinion BPM, so my question to you is how do you see this region turning out? I really thought that Covington and Milan would be 1-2 in some order, and it still could shake out that way, but it will be tough for Milan. What say you?
  16. Covington will not lose a region game this year either it appears. They are head and shoulders above every 3A team in west Tennessee.
  17. I certainly would start here if you include teams from Shelby county. I'll be the first to say that I don't keep up with the teams from Shelby Co that much, so I am going to exclude them. I think a top 3 of Haywood, Peabody, and Covington would be good. You can argue about what order all day, but those 3 would be the top 3. Hate that Covington and Haywood don't play anymore. Used to be one of the games I looked forward to the most back.
  18. Can't believe the final Friday. I knew Milan was in for a hard fought battle, but I never thought it would get out of hand like it did. I think Milan will be perfectly fine by seasons end, which is all that really matters. The first game of the year can be a crap shoot. All of this talk about Henry Co, Milan, Peabody, and Haywood has me wondering just who the best team in west Tennessee is, across all classes. I would assume that Peabody would be fairly high, as would Haywood.
  19. Wow, no talk about AA Baseball - hard to imagine. Who is the favorite?
  20. Have watched Marty Wheeler coach from afar. I can tell you, you guys in Cleveland got a great coach and a great leader of young men. The teams at Covington high have always been well coached and well disciplined on and off of the field. Hopefully people will accept him and his ways, because I promise you, if you buy in, he will make that a winning program year in and year out.
  21. I did not say they were a fluke at all! They deserved to be where they were. You can only simply play the games in the conditions that you were dealt. Stratford played well throughout the playoffs for sure! There was nothing flukey about them. I was simply stating to the guy who was saying that "Stratford smashed Covington's head into the mud" that on a dry field Covington probably has a running clock.
  22. On a dry field, Covington beats this Stratford team by a lot. I can promise you that. The wet field conditions didn’t change how Stratfords big back wanted to run, but Covington’s speeds was 100% negated. I was quite surprise by the special teams of Stratford. After some of the comments on here this week i expected a lot less. They were better than Covington tonight on special teams.
  23. That may be true, and quite frankly i don’t blame him after Stratford’s coaches let his players parade up and down Covington’s sideline all game. If you want respect you must show respect. I can speak for the coaches from my team and they have nothing but good things to say about the staff at Covington. But then again, we tend to show respect to our opponents and usually do not have worry about teams not showing us respect as well.
  24. I agree!! I listened to the game last week when they played Milan and almost had to turn it off it was so bad. The comment about Covington having no class is pure comedy to me. That is the most unbelievable thing i have heard after what i just watched.
  25. I have no dog in this fight, as a fan from a team that is already out, but i was at this game and this statement could not be farther from the truth. If any team was classless, is was Stratford. They spent more time running down Covington’s sideline and taunting their fans than they did anything else. The officials threw quite a few penalty flags on Stratford, but i think they could have thrown one on every offensive snap. The Stratford Oline was false starting almost every snap.
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