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  1. I think he means Baxter / Gentry / Buffalo Valley--------all the same
  2. You and ole Stampus Lickus related??
  3. SM adjusted at half time. SC didn't.
  4. You got any relatives in Whinemoreland?
  5. Is the center really snapping the ball that slow?
  6. Didn't Baxter fans accuse a LA player of the same thing?? Funny how that works ain't it?
  7. LOL.......no. You can introduce yourself as " the Mouthy Midget Mailman on the Mike in Motown" sponsored by Kleenex and Fertilizer from Whinemoreland Farm and Feed.
  8. Yea.......as the radio announcer for Whinemoreland you gotta be less Whiney, if that's possible. While I'm thinking about it, does your sidekick have to hand the mike DOWN to you to talk, or do you have a highchair so you are on the same level as him? But come to think of it, he may be a munchkin too!!! The Lollipop guild.
  9. I'd like to see Whinemoreland play H2O again. I just put some money in Kleenex stock.
  10. . Calling someone from SC a Snowflake, I seriously doubt you will find anyone from SC whining and crying for a week about how mean them tigers were. Unlike some Whinemoreland miniature mailman, You should apologize to everyone on your route this week for delivering soggy, tear stained ,snot covered Home Pro and Dollar Store fliers last week.
  11. See that's the problem right there. "supposed to be a GROWN man". Ole Stampus Lickus is every bit of 5"2'. Maybe 5"3". Because of that he can look a 9 year olds straight in eye and relate to kid issues. Like setting on a toilet and feet not touching the floor.
  12. They must have impressed you! You've talked about them for a week now......
  13. Here we go. You do realize we're talking about football right? Not racin or wrassling. Cant cover the WRs? Why to much "speed"? they must have been saving up for this one, they sure haven't used it yet. I've seen DC enough to know DCs 3 wins comes from teams with a total of 4 wins. Cannon Co. with 3 of those 4 wins.
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