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  1. I'm a Baptist . Don't have too use 1/2 truths.........exactly what you posted for everybody to see. All I did is point out the.........what did you call it.........oh yea, insinuations. Your the one using Dem, tactics,,,,,,,if someone calls you on something or doesn't agree with you....start the labeling........ try again....... l
  2. Still speculating and insinuating I see.............
  3. On a side note I hope the young man from LA that was down on the field for 15 minutes is ok. I know he ran off but I’m sure LA coaches wouldn’t have a player stay on the ground that long for nothing. Even if the other team was shoving it down their throat and their players were gassed. However that 15 minute break did give LA a much needed rest Why even make the statement if you weren't speculating or insinuating? Apparently you have some idea what insinuate means. Asking for a friend.
  4. It surely couldn't be Baxter just got beat. It had to be the officials. Surely it couldn't be that there was a turnover early by an interception in the endzone. And no way it couldn't be the be 2-3 missed long wide open passes down the middle that would have scored, The refs had to be blamed for those, No way LA made plays when they needed to. And I saw the coach give an unusual signal once. I thought he was telling the player to steal 2nd or something. Now I know it was a "play possum" signal. Fake an injury. Genius. You are probably right though. The refs weren't going to ALLOW Baxter to win, Looked like they were going to make them play within the rules,
  5. I believe you and Doyle Hargreaves band's songwriter Morris need to get together and write songs. Sounds like ya'll are cut from the same cloth.
  6. Ya'll had the water tested in Whinemoreland lately? And If they don't, they should drug test mailmen, Something is up. You make less sense than usual.
  7. Don't know. Never had my ears close to one.
  8. Well Minuscule Mailman, you hear a lot of things. You keep your ear to the ground don't you? . Isn't hard to do since the distance from your ears to the ground is about 4 feet. I highly doubt that those Fred's, Sonic, Home-Pro fliers you put in Whinemoreland mailboxes have much in them about Smith County.
  9. Look everybody, the miniature mailman, Stampus Lickus . Shouldn't you and GBO52 be conferring about what Whinemoreland is gonna do about JCs air raid attack. I guess since Whinemoreland never ever got the upper hand on SC, you pull for teams that have a chance to do what ya'll couldn't.
  10. Well see, there's the problem right there. They are faster on Sundays.
  11. Awful quiet on the Southside this morning. I get it, I expected more out of lil brother myself. Good Luck here on out........ Smith County Since 1914.................and STILL DADDY
  12. Still good place to watch a game. ........atmosphere is a work in progress (hopefully)
  13. It appears you have medium talent for trolling/fishing. Not a skilled troller or angler but ok at it. So, knowing what's coming ( big words and such) , I'll go ahead and bite anyway.............Was Maynord medium talent or of medium skilled?
  14. It was at the lowest of the low in the late 70 and early 80s. Rankin is hired. Within 4 years, went to the semis. Rankin left for bigger-better things. Started sinking again. Maynord is hired, Turned it around. Maynord left, Started the cycle again. It takes the right coach. The thing they have to do is generate interest. Getting kids interested in playing and generating interest in the community, Rankin did it. Maynord did it. Nothing is different today. The right man can do it. Is Murraygoing to do it,,,,,,we'll see. Talent goes in cycles. Up and down...everybody understands that, It happened with Rankin and Maynord. The key is developing the hand you are dealt and getting the most out of them, They took kids that looked like they didn't have any business near a football field as freshmen and by Jr./Sr, year they were all district/region.
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