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  1. Monterey?? Imagine that, another Coach from that area coming to Smith Co. Looks like the DOS...., well never mind. It don't matter.
  2. Info and background ??
  3. I know Trey, John, Patrick and Zack Sanders well. You would be hard pressed to find a better group of men. That may be most of my reason for such high regard. I think Trey and John are similar coaches, but different too. John played and learned from Trey but I think has put his on ideas and spin on things. I think at this point in time, I would probably take John as head coach with Trey as an assistant. From everything I've seen, John has a competitive edge about him in everything he does and has a passion for the game. Something else I used to always be a critic of Trey about was his use of big men while at SC. I didn't think he got as much out of them as he should have. ( that's just me) . I think John does, or tries to use them more when he has them. I hated when he left SC, and I know he had a rough start at DC, but I know the guy can coach. As can Trey. Don't know as much about Bibb as some. I saw some say he is a great coach. My question would be, If he's a great coach, how come his last job was coaching SC girls. Evidently he coached somewhere before, and according to some was great. So why SC as girls coach? Just asking. And L. Martin seems to be a good coach, but I always though his teams underachieved. I know talent is up and down, but sometimes I though he had better talent than what DC played. I remember 1 good season while he was there, one that sticks out anyway..(Sonny ??? played that season) ...but remember, I'm an SC guy. And don't follow basketball as much as I did.
  4. There's got to be more to this than we know. I figured Martin was the wildcard and someone was making a spot for him. I think if SC choices were Bibb, Story, Martin or Sanders........they ended up with the best man.
  5. This makes somebody look plumb silly. G-ville fires Sanders then hires SC girls coach for their boys coach, Sanders is hired for SC boys coach. Looks like SC come out ahead in this deal.
  6. Figured there was a connection. The SC DOS is from that area so that explains that. Iceman, I haven't heard of anything with the SC boys coach or girls coach. But I got a feeling there will be something happening pretty quick. Could involve Story or Sanders or Martin in some combination. But I've been wrong (once) before.
  7. Where is Coach Bibb from? And any history /coaching stops etc. would be appreciated.
  8. got to be. Now there's the SC girls coaching spot to fill and possible the boys coach too.
  9. There Is your answer Ice. 1st or 3 dominos to fall.
  10. If Gordansville is making a change (which I don't understand if true),,,,,,,,,,,I'd say L. Martin is a Tiger again ,,,but a blue tiger,
  11. uh-oh........I don't know if story is still at SC,,,,,,,if he is still at SC,,,,,,,and G-ville is making a change, I got a feeling.......
  12. Why did he leave? Kinda wish Sanders was back here, but won't happen, and he'll be fine at DC, and Martin may be fine here ( if they make a change). Hard for anyone to coach in their hometown, The only place I know of where you can coach where you are born, raised and went to school is G-ville.
  13. I'm thinking if there were to be a change,,,,,,,L. Martin is already there.
  14. Former Cumberland football player Scott Murray begins his first season on the staff at his alma mater, working with the linebackers in 2016. The Carthage, Tenn., native was a team captain and a member of the only squad to reach the NAIA postseason in 1993, helping Cumberland to a 9-2 mark. Murray spent two seasons as head coach at Hunters Lane High School in Nashville, ending a 30-game losing streak for the Warriors and posting five wins in the two seasons. He also served as head coach for two seasons at Whites Creek High School in Nashville. His most successful tenure as a head coach came at Glencliff High School in Nashville, leading the Colts to the Region 12-5A championship along with its first winning season and first playoff appearance in 10 years in 2009. He earned the Warren Dunn Coach of the Year Award from the Metro Coaches Association that season as well. Murray also served as defensive coordinator at Beech High School in Hendersonville for four seasons, spent four years as an assistant coach at Antioch High School in Nashville, one year at Riverdale High School in Murfreesboro and three seasons at his alma mater, Smith County High School in Carthage. Well, he has been around some good programs and some good coaches. Let's see what he can do.
  15. I'm thinking the same thing Croz...........Murf
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