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  1. Wonder why on Hudl Ryan Damron was changed from HC QB back to Martin QB?
  2. He is not a typical freshman. Wise beyond his years! Always makes the right football decisions!
  3. I have talked to PatriotNation personally. He is on the money about this Ryan Damron kid! This kid is coming to Henry County to start!
  4. Thats all really good players..not sure about o lines and d lines and all that
  5. Honestly believe Henry County will have their hands FULL against Kirby!! I don't see HC making it out of Memphis with a W! Kirby wins 35-21.
  6. Germantown should be at least top 4 in 6A and in my opinion HC is still at least the top 3 in 5A
  7. Yes sir that kicker had a leg lol. Sure would be nice to see HC and Germantown bring home gold to West TN.
  8. At this point I don't care if they kick me off here. Too many chiefs on these message boards. For the 1000th time I said I dont mind the loss it was just a little inappropriate i thought the way they handled winning. If im the only one then so be it but its my opinion and if u dont like it then that's just tough. This particular game means nothing as far as the rest of the season lol. How does it make me a sore loser?? I knew it would take one heck of an effort to beat Germantown and they are a heck of a ball team. Im not complaining because we lost so get that perfectly clear lol
  9. We definetly will bounce back I didnt think it was that bad of a loss. Some things we can get better at and prepare for the end of the season and playoffs Roll Red Roll
  10. Your right guess my expectation for people is too high
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