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  1. carguy59

    NCS @ FC

    Starting lineups of the top four might play with other divisions. Depth is an issue, even with the top four. They can beat teams like Goodpature and Lipscomb and maybe a handful more. The bottom of this division is about as bad as it gets. There is no challenge for a decent back to get 1000 yds against those teams alone.
  2. carguy59

    NCS @ FC

    What is your point? That H.S. football is math class? You do know that Hewitt was injured in that game, right? Its the only reason MJCA had a chance against DA. As for the backs that you claim to be top ten in the state, you do realize this is the absolute worst class in the state. Any average back should be pounding out 200 a game against 10 or 12 of the teams in D2 A, so shutting those guys down is no big deal. Kings, MJCA and MTCS are all middle of the road teams in the worst class in TSSAA football.
  3. carguy59

    NCS @ FC

    I like Murphy picking us, but there is no way this is a 17 - 10 ballgame. I dont think this man knows anything about most of the teams in TN. First of all, I cant remember the last time we attempted a field goal, much less made one, and second, I just dont see FC having the D to keep the score that low.
  4. carguy59

    NCS @ FC

    NCS 35 to 14, Unless, we start using the funky play calling we have seen all year. If so, it could be 35 14 the other way.
  5. carguy59

    NCS vs TKA

    FINAL 28 - 7 NCS wins
  6. carguy59

    D2A Playoff upset Alert: DCA? NCS?

    Haha! Proxy! That is definitley a D2 word. Never heard words like that in 1A.
  7. carguy59

    D2 AA Upset Alert

    I dont have one that stands out. I think there is a a better chance of BGA going down, but I dont necessarilly think it will happen.
  8. carguy59

    D2 AA Upset Alert

    I think your gut feeling is dead wrong. There is a reason Lausanne hasnt lost in a while. The reason they will win Friday is the same; they are the better team. FRA passes the eye test. They have athletes, but they are horribly coached.
  9. carguy59

    Has Ricky Bowers lost the team at Ensworth

    If you are talking about football and basketball it would be hard to beat Bowers MBA and Ensworth body of work.
  10. carguy59

    Has Ricky Bowers lost the team at Ensworth

    The GOAT? Not even close. That would be George Quarles. I hope the best for the Bowers family regardless.
  11. carguy59

    Has Ricky Bowers lost the team at Ensworth

    The whole idea that anyone can leave on their own without being nudged out is quite comical. Lose in the first round to a losing team a few more years and see what happens.
  12. carguy59

    Has Ricky Bowers lost the team at Ensworth

    Based on the hints you are giving, I assume you are privy to some personal info on the coach. If that is the case, why should he or anyone be given a free pass? People resign from their jobs all the time because they realize they are unable to perform their duties anymore. Parents pay out huge bucks to go to schools with highly successful programs. It aint all about the coach. If he continues a downward spiral, there will be some folks talking.
  13. carguy59

    DII A playoff pick em

    Myers carrying the ball leads to poor tackling. They had not seen a back like that all year. Yes we were going to be in that one at the end, not because of the fumble, but because of the thrashing we gave to that defensive front. Everyone knows things about their team that most others dont. Our middle LB and leading tackler in the classification was playing at about 60 percent on a bad sprain. Our QB had a tough night, and was asked to do things with a wet football that were not wise. Had those plays been running plays by our very capable backup tailback, I think it would have been a two score game the other way. You cannot ask players to do things over and over that they have no chance of doing. That was the ballgame.
  14. carguy59

    Franklin-Grace @ Wayne County first round

    No, if programs have work study, they were required to go D2. There were several schools above 1A who left D1 for D2. Most notable being CPA.
  15. carguy59

    Franklin-Grace @ Wayne County first round

    Hey Wildcat! It's been a long tough season. Ive been keeping up with WC and glad to hear y'all are getting healthy at playoff time. The ruling on privates as I understand it is that a school cannot offer work study programs and remain in division 1. There is at least one other private school team that I know of who did not move to D2 and that is Columbia Academy. I hope WC stays healthy and makes a run. Good luck!