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  1. carguy59

    1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A- What's the difference?

    Sure, there are cases where a small school can play with a big school, but for an across the board average, this just isnt the case. The big school has a larger pool to get their players from, not to mention the depth. Its common sense. Go watch a football game at Blackman. Look at the size, build, and atleticism of the ninety standing on the sidelines when 11 are on the field. Fresh legs and one way starters and backups will pound your team.
  2. carguy59


    Hahaha! 61 - 14! And now for his next act, the coach is making a bid for the funny farm! He was interviewed and said (referring to bringing the butt whooping team down from MO last week), "We could go undefeated if we wanted to, but we like to challenge ourselves." Get out the white coats and get the rubber room ready! What? Undefeated? He's been beaten like a dead horse by two teams in his own district, and won by three against a team that NCS destroyed last year. Brother's said at the beginning of the year, "This years team has much better senior leadership than last years team." Classy move, putting down kids and really doing a great job of building their confidence for life! As a bonafied, first rate high school football coach, who does that? Well, the broadcasters talked several times about him losing players, in particular Xavier, and how this team is lacking leadership compared to last years team. No disrespect on my part to this year's seniors. I'm quoting the broadcasters. Keep on diggin that hole coach. I've got an extra shovel when you wear yours out!
  3. carguy59


    It will take more than a handful. Even if that was a BIG handful, they still need a coaching staff. You cant win with talent if you dont know what to do with it. 2015 aint happening again. There aint a Bituli or McGraw coming through the locker room door. There is another big measuring stick game on Friday. I predict a running clock.
  4. carguy59


    Being surrounded by good people and then running them off, and losing friends in doing so, is nothing more than ego. Those coaches ARE the ones who quit on Brothers, and for good reason. Furthermore, if I were to give him the benefit of the doubt and agree that players quit on him, that would be an even bigger indictment on him as a coach. Coaches get fired all the time for not being able to get players to play for them. His real problem now, besides not being a good coach, is that he can no longer get good players to come to the school. That left when Montgomery left. I'm just wondering when he will wake up and realize it. There is little reason to play for him now, I can assure you that. Anyone playing 100 percent is doing so out of personal pride and for team, not for Brothers. Remember Denzel in "Remember The Titans" asking the player if football was fun, and the player replied "Zero fun?" That is NCS football right now. ZERO FUN!
  5. carguy59


    I guess I have struck a nerve! Coaches do read this stuff, no matter what they say. My son, who played and graduated last year, went to the game today, and stood for a while with some of his buddies still playing this year on the sidelines. There were two other players from years past standing on the sideline as well. All of a sudden, Coach Anderson, who my son has always liked, came up to him and told him to get off the field. The other players from years past were allowed to stay. Its not too hard to figure out what went on. Brothers had someone else do his dirty work for him. Some of you who are new to the thread may be wondering why I have it out for the coach. The reasons are many, but the most recent reason is that he scolded a few players last week and told them that he will not have another group of seniors quit on him like last year and lose another state championship. There were no kids that quit on him. He is the reason for every close game we lost. Up by a score and going for it on fourth down on your own end of the field???? My son went down in the 4th quarter against Wayne Co. his junior year tore his labrum to shreds, and cracked the ball in his shoulder. Had surgery, came back and gave all he had his senior year at LB. He came of the field at Friendship (semi final game) totally exhausted and emotionally spent. This arrogant, pompous you know what has the nerve to talk about my son and his team mates that way? Oh yeah! I got it in for you coach, and I wont stop until I tell as many as I can about the lousy coach you are! Oh, btw, I dont think you will have the chance of losing a state championship this year.
  6. carguy59


    Brought a team from MO under the dillusion that they were coming here to play someone. 35 - 7!!! Wow! Get ready for another beatdown next week Brothers! How are those seniors from last year looking now? Maybe the school will wake up and realize they are paying a man for what those players and coaches from the past achieved.
  7. carguy59


    My son's first year at the school was 2013. I never heard of Ben Martin. There was no competitive program before Phillip Montgomery arrived, and there wont be another after his leaving.
  8. carguy59


    For some reason, he thought he needed to bring a school down from MO to thump his behind, which will happen in an overwhelming way on Saturday. I guess he thinks he is BA playing out of state schools. That team is a much bigger, better team, and they think they are coming down here to play somebody. It doesnt get any better next week with DA. Two beatdowns in a row. The game Im most interested in is Clarksville Academy. I want to see Crosby kick his butt like Montgomery did. Rumour is a group of seniors are possibly gone.
  9. carguy59


    It takes a special kind of ego maniac to blame 16 and 17 year old kids for being the reason he did not win "another" state championship. I told him last year why he was losing friends and players, but he has not looked in the mirror. People, the run of success at this place is over. If you have an athlete do not entrust him to this poor excuse for a coach. Public schools are a better option. Public schools are also a better option for student environment. The school has admitted known drug users who were kicked out of other schools. There is no financial risk to the school because the parents are still on the hook for tuition when their kid gets kicked out. There is absolutely nothing "Christian" about the place. It is a business, and a poorly ran business at that. Btw, Im not a disgruntled parent over playing time. My son started for over two years and won a state title because of the PLAYERS and some good coaching by Coach Crosby and Montgomery. Im saying these things because I know the truth. He is a poor coach, isnt liked, and runs people away.
  10. carguy59

    NCS @ FC

    Starting lineups of the top four might play with other divisions. Depth is an issue, even with the top four. They can beat teams like Goodpature and Lipscomb and maybe a handful more. The bottom of this division is about as bad as it gets. There is no challenge for a decent back to get 1000 yds against those teams alone.
  11. carguy59

    NCS @ FC

    What is your point? That H.S. football is math class? You do know that Hewitt was injured in that game, right? Its the only reason MJCA had a chance against DA. As for the backs that you claim to be top ten in the state, you do realize this is the absolute worst class in the state. Any average back should be pounding out 200 a game against 10 or 12 of the teams in D2 A, so shutting those guys down is no big deal. Kings, MJCA and MTCS are all middle of the road teams in the worst class in TSSAA football.
  12. carguy59

    NCS @ FC

    I like Murphy picking us, but there is no way this is a 17 - 10 ballgame. I dont think this man knows anything about most of the teams in TN. First of all, I cant remember the last time we attempted a field goal, much less made one, and second, I just dont see FC having the D to keep the score that low.
  13. carguy59

    NCS @ FC

    NCS 35 to 14, Unless, we start using the funky play calling we have seen all year. If so, it could be 35 14 the other way.
  14. carguy59

    NCS vs TKA

    FINAL 28 - 7 NCS wins
  15. carguy59

    D2A Playoff upset Alert: DCA? NCS?

    Haha! Proxy! That is definitley a D2 word. Never heard words like that in 1A.