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  1. Goldentidefanatic


    Better to loose in the reg than to "Huntingdon" in tha playoffs !!!
  2. Goldentidefanatic

    UC @ Peabody (Golden Tradition) (Gold Rush)

    Roll Tide,I think it will be closer,I guess it all depends on how much extra buttered popcorn UC eats on the buss,never seen a team fumble 6 times one week 0 next over and over,odds are in The Tides favor 0 fumbles last week meen 6 this week???
  3. Goldentidefanatic

    2a state championship contenders

    If we stay balanced and play to our potential I think we are gonna be a hard out for anyone in 2A !!! TIDE NATION
  4. Goldentidefanatic

    Peabody @ TCA

    What a game,I will be in Trenton this week to visit my dad! 2014 was the most electric game I was ever involved in !!!!!! RTR
  5. Goldentidefanatic

    CoachT 1st Season Fan Poll up

    Yeah I guess they weren't a available option to vote for because of more loses than wins!!!
  6. Goldentidefanatic

    Davidson Academy @ Waverly

    Waverly gets it poppin this week Waverly 48 DA 35
  7. Goldentidefanatic

    Adamsville @ Gibson County

    They have speed this year as well!!!
  8. Goldentidefanatic

    Dresden at Lake Co

    Really don't like Dresden ,Go LC
  9. Goldentidefanatic

    Peabody @ Union City

    U.c has the best most affordable food,well not as good as PHS but close,lol
  10. Goldentidefanatic

    Region 7 2A aka Slobberknockers

    I think Region 7 will dominate
  11. Goldentidefanatic

    Tornadoes host the Tide R#3

    Well still crickets here!!!You Tornadoes got someone hurt or y'all just lost your spunk!? ROLL TIDE ROLL
  12. Goldentidefanatic


    Waverly 48 Prep boys 17
  13. Goldentidefanatic

    Round 2- Adamsville @ Peabody

    Gotcha its a little spar at a old friend of mine that's a Cardinals fan is all!!They are a quality victory for our Tide in round 2!!
  14. Goldentidefanatic

    Round 2- Adamsville @ Peabody

    I dont think after Friday there will be any doubt that PHS is better!!!!
  15. Goldentidefanatic

    Round 2- Adamsville @ Peabody

    Don't get how you could question Adamsvilles stamina? They have as many dressed out as 4 A schools!!!!????