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  1. When Peabody Pride made the long trip to LC game 1 he came back with a new respect for your fan base so I will say on that alone hoping for a Lake County win !
  2. Nope just a bad shadow from my crappy burner phone !! The nice one is in the shop ..
  3. Great post !!! Thanks I enjoyed the read !!! And they are still live streaming in HD on .5 digital aka news talk 101.5
  4. at least now that CVille graduated a strong gritty class that owned the Mustangs And Falcons is gone one of these 2 big mouth fan bases actually get to be the prom date and not the ones that got turned down to the Gold Ball Dance !!! Well Gold Ball dance is for winners not whiners so you probably will find a way to play each other and forfeit or both loose !!!!!! shake n bake
  5. UC 21 LC 17 You heard it here first !!!
  6. Hmmmm Fan is short for what ??? Everyone of us has said on here Pride 21 Phs Roll Tide amd me WE HAVE WORK TO DO !!! Hold on fam we got you. !! Roll "slowly" Golden Tide 6-4 is fine Playoffs 1 and done
  7. UC just grinds it out !!! I think LC will get em cause we all know the Golden Twisty Biys start slow !!!
  8. Unless a total collapse happens I believe Meigs reps the East this year !!!! Just to well coached and talent all over the place !
  9. I think yall and them are gonna be one heck of a game !! Both teams look physical. !!
  10. Dude this is classic P Pride mess right here !!!!!! Welcome Big Ed if you choose to accept this Golden opportunity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Was in Union City the other day and it did not look like there was but maybe 25 kids practicing !!!! I dont see them getting back to what we are used to seeing out of Golden Tornado football this season !!! But so high in the coaches poll still preaseason. !?
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