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  1. Who do y’all have winning 2-2A this year?
  2. Totally agree with you. SP ends the season at 1, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Copper Basin snuck in at 2. CB is returning a lot of players this year.
  3. Who do y’all have winning Class 1A Region 3 and why???
  4. Upperman hasn’t played real well here lately and I think Dunlap will play with a chip on their shoulder with Caine at Upperman. Upperman still wins 24-14
  5. York’s run game will wear down the Sequatchie defense over the game. Sequatchies offense should be steady and will score a few times but York will just wear them down. York by 2 touchdowns
  6. If Sequatchie doesn’t win by 6 tds I will be very surprised. Should be a game where the Jv plays a whole half
  7. After the Marion game I had the meigs beating Dunlap by a touchdown or two because Dunlap looked awesome against Marion but after watching the game against canon last night. If meigs don’t win by 5 touchdowns I will be surprised. Dunlaps defense is great and will put up a good fight but the offense has a lot of things to work on after last night. Dunlap is very unsteady early on this season, so it’s hard to guess the score because Dunlap is on and off.
  8. York pulls away in the 4th and wins by 21 but Grundy keeps it close until the 4th
  9. With Collin Hudson back at qb and hicks and Sylvester at running back look for the Indians to go ahead by 5 touchdowns to win the game. The Indians finally established a well rounded offensive performance against jasper, and I think they’ll continue it through the season. The defense, primarily the secondary is one of the best in Indians history. The Indians have finally found themselves
  10. With Gordonsville at home it’ll help them a little bit through the first half but Whitwell is just to strong the Tigers will take it by 4TDs
  11. Predictions for tomorrow’s game?
  12. Red bank poised for state title run?
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