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  1. eagleeye2020


    Agree with you. That’s why you hear crickets on here, because you speak the undeniable truth.
  2. eagleeye2020


    Crickets. The truth is hard to dispute.
  3. Doubt they will ever schedule NCS for their homecoming again.
  4. Another idiot heard from.
  5. CA owed us one. Congrats to them, they were the better team last night. But at least they didn't knock us out of the playoffs like we did to them the last three times we played each other. For all the people that are already writing NCS off after one game, you are obviously very stupid individuals. But you can't teach intelligence or legislate morons.
  6. Are both offenses that good or both defenses that bad?
  7. I'm confused about all the aliases. So dawgs, larah, and strings are all the same person and he/she is supposedly an NCS fan?
  8. Maybe when you find the proof of the referee payoffs you can also tell everyone where Jimmy Hoffa's body is and who really shot Kennedy.
  9. That's pretty accurate. I've seen a lot of whining from a lot of teams over the years but little or none from the Wayne County folks.
  10. So really you should be thanking us because we're saving you the embarrassment of you being pounded again by WC. #Ungrateful.
  11. Or did the officials rob you in that game too??
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