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  1. Thanks! Ted Martinez is there new HC at Centennial. My daughter is excited. https://www.williamsonherald.com/sports/volleyball-centennial-hires-martinez-to-lead-program/article_9314a4ae-db7c-11ec-8d9e-37912570da0d.html
  2. My daughter will be a freshman next year at Centennial HS in Franklin. With summer a week away, they still have not hired anyone. Question, are HS volleyball coaching positions difficult to fill? I noticed that 10 of the positions listed on the TSSAA website have been open for 3 weeks or longer, w/some over 1.5 months. If finding a volleyball coach is difficult, is it due to better paying opportunities (with less time commitment) at the club and training level? My daughter had a similar situation in middle school and the AD basically told a teacher, "tag your it". Thankfully that individual stepped up and did the best they were capable of (which is much appreciated). I've coached HS basketball since 2001-02 and I know HS athletics can be difficult, esp for those that don't work in building (I know, I've been on active duty since 1998), Thanks for whatever feedback provided.
  3. Brentwood Academy hired former Lipscomb player and Madison Academy (Huntsville, AL) HC Andy Blackston. I do not know him but I’ve heard nothing but great things about him as a person & coach. Congratulations Coach Blackston.
  4. I don’t know what did / didn’t happen but I thought he did a great job there. https://www.mainstreetpreps.com/county/williamson/brentwood-academy-parts-ways-with-boys-basketball-coach-matt-hoppe/article_93ccf168-b123-11ec-9abb-ab3683dc8c94.html
  5. Recent openings: (1) Brentwood Academy (2) Northwest (Clarksville)
  6. Coach Babimgton stepped down last month after 2 years. (Including Coach Lambert’s last year they’re on their 4th HC in 5 years). Nolensville hired Drew Giudice (Brookwood HS, Thomasville, GA) today. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because he was a Stars AAU Coach, a GA at Belmont as well as an assistant Coach at Lee prior to BHS. IMO both the District & Region WilCo schools play in just got tougher. Welcome Giudice family.
  7. Slightly off topic, but curious; what are the top (5-10?) things that you consider when labeling a HS coaching position a good or bad job? I'm probably missing a few, but here's what immediately comes to mind for me: (1) Admin support (2) Feeder program (3) Demographics (4) Support from other Coaches (football, baseball, etc). (5) Facilities (6) Parent & Alumni support (7) Tradition (8) Budget (9) Booster Club. Facilities - I don't need college level facilities but sometimes the basics are a bonus. I've coached at HS's in Puerto Rico and Hawaii that had AMAZING admin support but the facilities and budget were sorely lacking. Neither school had a locker room, practice gear or a laundry room (I did it myself). Players changed in the bathroom or just wore their shorts under their school clothes. On game days we did halftime from the bench (which is what I prefer anyways). In Puerto Rico I had to buy the entire teams game shorts and game shoes for 7-8 kids every year in HI & PR. I will say this about both of those programs, those kids were mentally tougher than most! Some of the players from Puerto Rico I consider my closest adult friends (I was there 2001-04).
  8. Vacant • Franklin Road Academy (Nashville) • Kingsbury HS (Memphis) • Kirby HS (Memphis) • Macon County HS (Lafayette) • Memphis Central HS (Memphis) • Morristown-Hamblen HS (Morristown) • Nolensville HS (Nolensville) • Station Camp HS (Gallatin) Filled • Liberty Creek HS (Gallatin) - Seth Massey (17 years @ Station Camp HS) • Maryville HS (Maryville) - Wes Lambert (MHS Assistant, former Nolensville HS HC) Congratulations Coach Massey & Coach Lambert, both friends of mine. Good luck to those applying! As coaches we want our players to improve in the off season, hope all of us can do the same! I’ll try to update this post as jobs become available / are filled.
  9. I have coached HS basketball since 2001 in A LOT of places: Puerto Rico, Washington State, Hawaii, North Carolina, Alaska & Tennessee (Beech and Franklin) & in my opinion the state tournament process in North Carolina is the best. Basketball season in NC looks a lot like the NCAA model and consists of: 1. Non District games (non-conference) 2. District games (conference) 3. District Tournament (conference tourney) 4. 64 Team SINGLE ELIMINATION State Tournament. (Always thought that if you loose in the post season, your season should be over!) Higher seed hosts all the way through the Elite 8. (Region semi’s = Elite 8, Region Finals = Final 4). East Region semi’s & finals played at UNC-Greensboro West Region semi’s & finals played at UNC-Charlotte. State title game is at Dean Dome the following weekend. **Teams are required to enter schedule & scores into [email protected] Pr3ps and their algorithm is used for ranking. **Teams can eliminate 1 non-district loss from algorithm to encourage tough scheduling. **District Tourney Champ get auto bid, each District gets 3 guaranteed into tournament (makes consolation game VERY important). **Remaining seeds set via [email protected] Pr3ps rankings **Bracket is broken up East & West. Take furtherest East school and move westward until you have 32 schools for the East Bracket and remaining 32 schools are in West Bracket. The following year start furtherest west and move eastward. If one mid-state school has to go East and their in-district rival West, TOO BAD! There would only be 1 less game. In Tennessee there’s 10 post season games: District 11AAA Tournament = 3 games, Region 6AAA = 3 games, SubState = 1 game, State Tournament = 3 games In North Carolina there’s 9 post season games: MEC Conference Tournament = 3 games, Round of 64 = 1 game, 32 = 1 game, 16 = 1 game, 8 = 1 game, 4 = 1 game, ‘Ship = 1 game. Teams that are in a weak league will only get 3-4 teams in and teams that are in a strong district (Memphis, WilCo, etc) will get multiple teams in the State Tourney. In NC there’s usually 5-7 teams from the top districts in and around the Raleigh-Durham area in the post season, which is how it should be. You finish 5th in a tough district, you’re in but you’re on the road. TSSAA still gets all their State Tournament $$$ (home crowds would be big w/o having to pay big bucks to MTSU. Region semi’s & finals possibilities: West = UT Martin(??) Bethel(??) East = Tennessee Tech(??) UTC(??) Title game = Vandy, MTSU, TSU??? Not a perfect plan BUT it’s a potential solution.
  10. 2020-21 season ended with a semifinals loss to Cane Ridge. Who are they bringing back from last years team? Tough break for the remaining student athletes.
  11. I love the idea of implementing the ELAM ending, but I think it is way too radical for a lot of coaches. Coach Troy Allen has used it for years at his summer team camp play days. I proposed use of the ELAM ending for boys and girls JV games this year in my league. I think using it on a trial basis (1 year) in JV is an appropriate place. It should also help with keeping JV games on schedule. Too many JV games are forced to play 6-7 min quarters or 16-20 minute running clock halves to stay on schedule. (***Speaking of staying on schedule, I will never understand the girls HC's that want their girls on the floor for 45 mins prior to their game. Trust me, the extra shooting time isn't going to help. LOL). It doesn't cost any extra money or require an extra person (most of the anti shot clockers chief complaint) and it makes the ending a lot more exciting.
  12. The NBA is an entertainment platform based on basketball. You threw out a lot of offensive stats, but one of my previous points was that it should be LOVED by defensive coaches. From an offensive POV, I believe there's potential for an increase in fundamentals (inc. cutting hard, reading the defense, decision making), preparation for late game situations, etc. but not necessarily an increase in FG%, just more possessions. With a shot clock, teams will need to be better prepared to break full court pressure and in turn pressure the defense with a quality primary and secondary break before the defense has an opportunity to set up their 1/2 court defense. To be able to do so offensively, fundamentals (and conditioning) will be important to a teams success. As a coach, I like growth and change and although we disagree I appreciate your thoughts nonetheless.
  13. Nobody wants to watch bad teams play basketball. Bad teams are simply that, bad teams. If a coach is allowing bad shooters to continually shoot bad shots, I'd venture to say that (a) the team is really bad &/or (b) there are no clearly defined roles within the team. IMO (b) is a major coaching problem. I've always believed that my worst shooters should lead the team in FG%. Have you participated (coached or watched) HS games with a shot clock? We used a shot clock in WA and when I was coaching in Hawaii we used a shot clock at our annual holiday tournament. In both instances it was well received by the fans, administrations, clock workers, refs, coaches and most important; the players.
  14. Did the above mentioned items exist in the 80's, 90's and 2000's or has it progressively gotten worse over time? No post play, 7'ers shooting 3fg's and terrible fundamentals sound more like a byproduct of poor development / coaching and stat nerds falling in love with analytics, not the 3fg line that was implemented over 40 years ago. Curious; (1) what is your opinion of a HS shot clock based on? (2) Are you a coach or fan?
  15. Fair enough. Other than money and "just because" (only 1%...which is incorrect, college is closer to 3.5%, LOL) why are you against it? Do you think it'll hurt the game? Not sure if you are / were a coach, will it effect your coaching philosophy? Why are we (US) the only place that doesn't use it? Kids in Europe aren't going pro at a higher percentage than US kids. Not sure why we (the royal we...USA) are adamant 9 y.o.'s should play on a 10' hoop with a mens ball (size 7) but varsity HS players can't play with a shot clock. In Europe 13 year olds play with a size 6 ball and a :24 shot clock. IMO men's Olympic basketball was beautiful to watch and an indication of the games worldwide evolution. (part of the beauty is IMO FIBA rules, which we played with when I coached HS in Puerto Rico). A shot clock should (theoretically) lead to more possessions, allow coaches an opportunity to grow (2 for 1's, EOQ and EOG strategy on both O and D), reward teams for playing team defense, more excitement for the fans, remain current with an ever revolving game, prevents teams from stalling, gets players better (can't hide with a shot clock), forces players to make decisions vs 10 passes before running a set or looking to score, nearly every player I know prefer it, etc. If you're a defensive coach, you should LOVE IT! Forcing teams into a bad shot after digging in defensively is what defensive teams should pride themselves on.
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