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  1. I got a gut feeling this year. I usually dont feel this way ever. But I'm going to say that McNairy will win 1st or 2nd this year. But that is MHO.
  2. The way Covington played and M cNairy played was really good. But no one will beat Alcoa. Is Alcoa good. Yes they are dang good.
  3. I think Covington will win by 25+. I hope they dont and take a loss. But in my opinion is that McNairy has went to far away from running the ball and depending way to much on the passing game. But anyway. If McNairy plays like they did this past Friday it will be Covington by 35+. Just hoping the Cats put it all together and make an upset win.
  4. I got McNairy by 1 TD in a close game. What's everyone thinking?
  5. Covington and Milan. That's it. The rest of the teams are a coin flip and guess where they will finish.
  6. Improved? Where? Only improvement is maybe at QB position. Defense is still awful. O-Line is still awful. RB is good. He will earn his yards rushing. But improved I don't see it. But wait they will look improved with the very weak District they are in. But maybe they will get better as the year goes on.
  7. McNairy should have hired a Def. Coach also. Terrible again. Putting same ones at secondary that got thrown on all last year and diving to tackle a runner. Awful coaching. Offense not much by better. JMHO
  8. McNairy will look good on paper with the weak schedule this year. Prolly get in Playoffs this season with this District. Covington by 30+.
  9. Hope so. Hearing there has been some drama already this year!!!
  10. I have followed program for many years. Frank's is not a good coach. He will screw this season like many in the years past!!!
  11. I can bet money McNairy will not get past District this year!!!
  12. 1. Scott's Hill 2. Riverside 3-4. Northside or Lexington 5. Chester County 6-7. McNairy or Southside 8. Adamsville
  13. No matter where McNairy finishes tonight. I think it' a great start for Riley.
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