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  1. RT @RealKentMurphy: Well this just happened in college baseball https://t.co/RwqSyWrKNH

  2. RT @torischenk: Incase you don’t have me on snap. https://t.co/nFe8mV3GDf

  3. RT @ChampagneStax: When you downed a nigga at loot lake and you don’t know where he went https://t.co/RuF4FTR6k2

  4. RT @EvansPosts: just like grammar used to make https://t.co/HEUWrBwJIO

  5. Thankful for all the birthday wishes. Can’t thank God enough for the blessing and the life that I have. I couldn’t ask for better.

  6. Somethin bout blue faces, I like money conversations.

  7. RT @selfamused: This • is • Gold https://t.co/hTXK4mrryP

  8. RT @fivefortysixx: In case y’all were wondering why I quit the carwash https://t.co/mFMGpPiTPN

  9. RT @russdiemon: Don’t lie...look how beautiful Guam is https://t.co/Td3Susblnh

  10. RT @MattOswaltVA: "You have a choice Houston, starve to death...or eat vegan." (ENTIRE CITY OF HOUSTON TAKES A BIG SWIG OF WHISKY) "I'll s…

  11. RT @RealKentMurphy: Boog is an absolute slugger https://t.co/QS8Va1AQAq

  12. RT @RealKentMurphy: Competitive tag is an actual thing. Sign me up right now. https://t.co/xXWBGbs5m2

  13. RT @davidsonacademy: Varsity Girls at Thompson Boling Arena for shootaround before tomorrow's region tourney. #history #memories #socool ht…

  14. I'm in pain, a lot of it.

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