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  1. Yeah, you're right, But now it's likely that either ME or Whitehaven will be in the championship game and Bearden will have to play and beat both of them to win it all, right? They'd have to play one on their side of the bracket to get the championship game and the other likely in the championship game. Assuming (likely) all three make it through this next game.
  2. Watch. Memphis East, Whitehaven and Bearden all end up on one side of the bracket.
  3. Just did the math, Of the 12 district games Bearden has played, did not include the loss to Maryville, Bearden has won by an average of 41.5 points. The closest game was 23 points, the worst beating was by 68. Did they run up the score? Maybe to some extent, if you don't take your starters out after the first quarter, you're probably running up the score. These are the same teams Maryville is playing, but don't think they're blowing them out like that. Maryville at Bearden next week. District play is around the corner. Guess we'll know more soon. I do expect though, next season, Maryville will be the team in the district to beat. Catholic will be good, but will expect Maryville to go deep into the post season.
  4. That Maryville game with the Ts was an exception for Bearden. Been following them for the past five years (son played and graduated already) and that's not the norm, so the Ts shouldn't be a factor moving forward. Yeah, Stephney will open is mouth and get T'ed once in a while, but I was really, really surprised when Kah got called twice in that game. Parrott does not let that happen and reprimands his players for stuff like that. I do believe there was something up with the refs that night in Maryville, but not going to dwell on it. That was probably be their only district loss that'll have this year. Pember did not play that night and I think Roman was still sick. Morale of the story, don't expect that to happen again and with Maryville coming to Bearden next, that Bearden is not going to let that happen again. Joe's great, but there is only one of him, Their other losses were to some pretty caliber nationally ranked and Memphis teams. They should cruise through the post season play and get to states again. Can they pull off a state win though? Can they finish? I would expect all roads lead through Memphis East again, although I think the makeup of that team has changed some. Wiseman and Dandridge are still there and better than ever, but they lost Lomax and of course Penny. I do think Memphis East is still going to be too strong for Bearden again, IMO. They lost to Whitehaven not long ago as well. Should be interesting to see how it will unfolds.
  5. One of the Dads kept up with the schedule and posted the scores, but he's gone after his kid graduated.
  6. Farragut at Bearden: Pember didn't play, still has a boot on his foot. They pulled all the regulars in the middle of the third. I think the score was 48-9 at the half. Had to believe the Farragut/Maryville game could have been that close.
  7. Chinadog

    Memphis BB

    Knox Bearden only lost one senior from last year. They have 7 juniors, six are ranked in the TN top 100 and lost to ME in the 4th quarter of the states (were ahead 2 qtrs and tied at the end of the third). Would give them a shot for a gold ball this year.
  8. Bearden played a HECK of a game against Memphis East. They were up 8 at one time in the 3rd quarter. Pretty impressive considering East is ranking 6th in the country. 38-2. Pretty amazing. Hats off to you guys! They lose a lone senior. The Bulldogs will be looking to get back to the states and take one whats left of that East team! Until then!
  9. I think I called it. I will say the refs were questionable. The game breaker was the press, late in the 4th, East got all over Bearden and East went on final run and Bearden just didn't have enough gas left in the tank. Hats off to Bearden for putting up a fight until the very end. Heck of a season. East will punish Whitehaven. I wonder what'll happen to East next year when Penny is at Memphis? They lose Lomax and others, Wiseman can't transfer. Bearden comes back with the same roster looking to take that golden ball!
  10. If Bearden can minimize turnovers and prevent the alley-oop to Wiseman, they have a slight chance. Their guards are super quick and steal the ball a lot. Think it'll be closer than most think. I do think East will win, but thinking it'll only be about 10-12.
  11. Great first game with East vs Blackman. Bearden got Mt. Juliet in the first round and will likely play East in the second. I'll be there for those games. Powell is on the other side of the bracket and got WhiteHaven first. Here's the bracket: http://tssaasports.com/event/bracket.cfm?id=20170203.
  12. Honestly, I was never overly impressed with Brock. I've seen him get blocked a lot over the years, through AAU and Rocky Top. He does score well when playing smaller teams, but shut him down and they struggle. Against bigger guys, he'll score, but not nearly as effective. I watched Pember shutdown Akeem last summer in AAU while dropping 20+ points on him. Remember, he's still a wing. 6'9" now and still growing. I'd like to see him put on like 40 pounds. We'll see when and if Bearden plays PennyBall. The drawing is tomorrow, hopefully they meet in the championship game and not before. Way to go Powell! That's a story in itself! Good luck to the teams representing East Tennessee this year!
  13. Way to go Powell and Bearden! Good luck in the states!
  14. Would make me nervous. Two kids ranked in the ESPN Top 60 for the class of 2019. #1 being James Wiseman at 6'11". Team was ranked #1 in the national for a while. The Bearden team is special, they won tonight against Powell and they just set the Bearden regular season and all time boys record at 36-1. Pember is hurt, but may be back. They'll need him against East. The Bearden 6'7" kid (#44 - the one senior) had a good night and a putback dunk tonight and plays good D, but they will need Pember if they have any chance. Hopefully the don't meet until the final game.
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