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  1. PowellBoysSoccer

    Regions 1, 2, and 3 AAA Soccer Thread

    Admission is $5
  2. PowellBoysSoccer

    Regions 1, 2, and 3 AAA Soccer Thread

  3. PowellBoysSoccer

    District 3-AAA Tournament Schedule

    Final: Powell 2-1 Oak Ridge. Powell will host HVA, Oak Ridge travels to Maryville.
  4. PowellBoysSoccer

    District 3-AAA Tournament Schedule

    Yes, home team hosts their game so Oak ridge hosts Karns, Powell hosts Halls. Top remaining seed hosts the championship game.
  5. PowellBoysSoccer

    Any Preseason Scores to Post?

    Powell 6-0 Alcoa (Home) Powell 1-3 Greenville (Away) Powell 2-1 Bearden (Away)
  6. PowellBoysSoccer

    Class AAA East Tennessee

    Central, AC, Clinton and Gibbs are all gone from District 3-AAA. Just a 5 team district now with: Campbell Co., Halls, Karns, Oak Ridge and Powell. Just my two cents but after watching HVA play and playing them in the preseason I think they are miles improved from last years 5 or so win team. Should be a good race in that district. Central is now AA and in a district with Catholic and does have a lot of players to replace from last season.
  7. PowellBoysSoccer

    Oak Ridge soccer

    Pretty sure Tom Gorman took over the girls program, and would guess he is doing the boys as well.
  8. The issue is not the training, the issue is the logistics for programs to set your roster and order equipment. If you can't set your team until Feb 12th and you have 4 weeks to get sizing, orders, screen printing, not to mention fees from parents who don't have $$ to just hand over then it becomes more of an issue. This has pushed some programs to hold tryouts in the summer, which is an option but doesn't work for those with club commitments or schools that have high transfer rates. As far as practice, and training I have no issues. But at least let us have tryouts in January (just one day or a few day window like football does with spring training) so we have time to order equipment an work out budgets with set numbers. Not all programs have the financial support to make things happen quickly so that extra month would be appreciated.
  9. No restrictions in summer other than the Dead period. (although most clubs are still going through July so that affects numbers) so most programs start their preseason in June, break during the dead period and then camp in July with the season starting in August. Much easier to start the season as a girls program than the boys as being in school brings with it added commitments and restrictions from TSSAA. Boys can't even have tryouts until the first official day of practice in February unless they choose to do it during the summer window. Hope this helps.
  10. Wait wait wait is this the u15, u16 or u17 All Star Team...just trying to schedule them in our Knox All Stars, Nooga All Stars and Midstate All Stars tournament. (We didn't invite the Tri cities All Star Team because they were trying to claim Green Co. too Houston is exceptional and I'm happy those girls come together to represent their community and their school. At the Bearden Tourney they were the "best in show" for sure.
  11. PowellBoysSoccer

    Region 1 & 2 AAA Bracket

    Here are the results and brackets for Region 1 and 2 moving toward sectionals.
  12. PowellBoysSoccer

    District 3-AAA Tournament Schedule

    I agree that's impressive. We also went unscored upon in the district tournament and outscored our district opponents 42-3. But I understand until we make the next step we will still be looked at a bit differently than others.
  13. PowellBoysSoccer

    District 3-AAA Tournament Schedule

    Farragut 2-0 Maryville Powell 6-0 Oak Ridge Farragut vs Oak Ridge Powell vs Maryville
  14. PowellBoysSoccer

    District 3-AAA Tournament Schedule

    They play the runner-up from 4-AAA so most likely the loser of Farragut vs HVA/Maryville. Farragut is the 1 seed, with Maryville the 2 hosting the winner of HVA vs Lenoir city.