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  1. I am really glad that you clarified what the post was about. I was just making conversation because I was not able to see the game. I was not arguing the fact that Grant Strong is a great ball player either.
  2. I would have thought Grant and Clay County would have been able to handle York
  3. I am guessing that you have not seen Pickett County play yet. My personal opinion is that they are 1 of the top Single A teams in the state. There are not many teams in 2 or 3AA that could play with them this year
  4. Another art that has changed the way officials call a basketball game is the flop. Players will fall to the ground with no one touching them after shooting a 3 pointer and they will fly across the floor when a post player spins to go to hoop. Officials are making a call that they did not actually see just what they thought occurred because a player is on the ground. Am I mistaken or is a flop supposed to be a technical foul because I have never seen it called. I have spoke to a lot of officials lately and each one has told me that the shortage of officials is not because of the fans or coaches or players but more because of the higher ups in TSSAA.
  5. I am not a Pickett County fan but I have seen them play this year and I don’t care what classification you put them in they can play ball. They are one of the best teams that I have watched this year. It will really shock me if they don’t beat Clay County
  6. I agree with you 100%. The officiating 30 years ago made the game a whole lot more enjoyable to watch and we had far less trouble. I wish there was a sight that you could post some videos that today’s official were making calls on, it would embarrass TSSAA to where they would have to give some training to some of these officials. I am lucky enough to have a huddle account and can go back watch a lot of the games and it is very disheartening. 30 years ago it was an advantage to be big young man playing basketball in today’s game it makes you an easy target. If they are so short handed why not go to 2 decent officials instead of having a third one that doesn’t have a clue and wants to be seen
  7. I think that whomever is over the TSSAA Officials should be made to attend some of the basketball games each week as a checks and balance. They need to see what the schools are having to pay for. It is embarrassing. I am an old man and have been attending ball games for many years and have never seen a time where officials were this ignorant about a game that they are officiating. I have seen more technical fouls than I have ever seen. Officials making calls that don’t even exist. More parents ejected from the ball games for less reasons.
  8. Mrsports: Looks like you showed your IQ and your moral character at the same time. It is very evident you don't have a clue what you are talking about. This young man is one of the most humble young men that you will ever meet. He may be a lot of things but Bully is not one of them. For you to be on a public forum and I am guessing an adult and to call out a young man that you don't even know and to call him a bully is an embarrassment to say the least. If I were you I would stay off of social media sites and hope that no one knows who you really are. I talked with him and looked it up and he has 1 other technical in his life time of playing sports. You are correct about 1 thing though the apple did not fall far from the tree, his parents are fantastic people
  9. I think you must be Mr Football for Pickett County because every parent that I have talked to from Pickett County agrees that it was nothing to be ejected for. I am positive if the call had went against one of Pickett Counties better players then you would disagree with the call. But calls seem to always go in the favor of Pickett County when you are playing there. I remember a couple of years ago watching Pickett play in the District Tournament and saw one of their players throw and land a punch and he was not ejected from the game nor was a foul called
  10. Fact Check: Must be able to read minds as well as watch video. I have watched the video 30 times and it doesn’t look intentional to me. Also, since you can obviously watch video continue watching the film and you will see the same young man the fell during the incident, laying on the ground and intentionally swiping at the legs of 2 Monterey players trying to trip them and he did not get ejected. I don’t expect any less though when entering the gym at Pickett County.
  11. I have said in every post that I will give you Edwards at Clay County, he is a good coach with good talent. All of his players play hard and are good young men so we will leave him out of this equation. In 2014 Monterey won 21 games which is good by any stretch of the imagination. So 4 out of the last 6 years Monterey has had good winning seasons. We will right that off as West being lucky. If my records are correct since 2014 Clarkrange has had 1 winning season, not making the Sub-State. Since 2014 Jackson County has had 3 winning seasons not making the Sub-State. 4 out of the last 6 years Monterey has had 4 winning seasons made it to the Sub-State twice and the State Tournament and could possibly make another appearance but some how West isn't near the coach that Pyle or Thomas are. I am missing something here. I am an old man and did not go to school at any of these schools but I believe in giving credit where credit is due. You will have to help me with your way of thinking sometime but I believe I have proved my point.
  12. The definition of a good coach isn't always defined by the win loss record. I gave you Clay County they have always been blessed with basketball talent. Gordonsville has some talented ball players, so please tell me what Bibb has done with that program. They beat Monterey when the post player was suspended a couple of games. When the season was on the line how did they fare? As far as when he was in Pickett County what did he accomplish. Ask Pickett County about him and they will tell you that he is an awful coach. I am not agreeing with your comment about Pyle either. The last couple of years he has had some good ball players and some pretty good teams but that hasn't got him anywhere but has done more with less, that is a load of crap. Thomas in Jackson County has had some pretty good teams with good ball players in the last couple of years but that hasn't got him anywhere either. I have listened to the parents in the stands the last couple of years and they can't stand him either. Peyton West is an above average ball player but the rest are not what I call great ball players but they play hard and win ball games even when West isn't having a good game, in my opinion he has done more with less than any coach in this district. For the last 5 or 6 years Monterey has been a handful for any team to play. Before that, Monterey was accustomed to loosing and it takes a while to get that mentality out of the program and it is not done over night, and I personally believe West has done a pretty good job changing that mentality without a Tyreke Key coming through the program. So you give me your definition of a good coach and then I will rank the coaches in District 6 accordingly
  13. Now grant it I am no basketball guru but I love to watch and have watched every coach in this District for many years now. I will say that Edwards is a real good coach and Amonette is a real good Coach but from there you are going to be hard pressed to convince me that Thomas from Jackson County is a better coach and that Pyle from Clarkrange is a better coach, that the coach from Red Boiling Springs is better coach, had Marsh not transferred there they would not have won a district game, the coach from Trousdale is not a better coach he just has a lot of athletes on his team and who really knows what kind of coach Bibb really is. Also it is really hard to compare apples to oranges. Clay County has always been a basketball school but in reality how many games would Clay County have won the years that Tyreke was there had he not been there. He was 1 of those players that come along once in a coaches career. He would have made any coach look great. So to say that he is the 5th best coach makes me think that you are (1) a hater or (2) a former player of his that must have been really bad and never got any playing time or (3) a former player from one of the other schools in the district. I am not saying that Monterey is a basketball power house but I do know that in the last several years that teams have dreaded playing them because most games they were going to give you all that you wanted and you would have to play your best to beat them and that mentality does not start with 16 year old young men so someone has been having to instill that in them. In closing I am not saying that he is the best coach in the district but he by far should be ranked higher than 5th. Just my 2 cents
  14. In my personal opinion it is not just Pickett County. How many other districts have 5 of the 8 teams that have been ranked in the top 20 all year and the other 3 teams that are not ranked could win on any given night. This is 1 of if not the hardest districts to be in. Just from reviewing the teams in the other districts and the games that they have played, there has been real lopsided scores. You review the scores from the district games played in District 6 and there are not many lopsided scores in district games. No team in this district can take a night off and still win.
  15. I guess you have not been to any of Monterey's games. To say that you don't recall West being double teamed on every possession lets me know you have not watched him play much this year. I should not have worded my first post as saying he was cheated because it did sound like I was taking away from Marsh and I didn't mean it that way, sounds like I was being a "homer", whatever that means. Marsh is a very dominant player and competitor. I am sure both young men come from great families and I never or would I ever insinuate anything any different. I also believe Woodcock was a very good player but I don't think he was as good as West then or now. Clay County had several players last year and have several this year that all contribute to their success. I felt like Silk was as important to their success as Woodcock. You are right Shaq was a very dominant post player but he was no Michael Jordan. Both Marsh and West are great ball players and I don't want to take anything away from either one but in my personal opinion West is the better of the 2 and I feel he deserves MVP. I am guessing he is averaging 25 points a game or more and he has to work his but off for every single one of them. You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine and I felt like West was MVP last year and I believe he is this year.
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