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  1. You are probably right but I would not sleep on Camden because they can score a lot of baskets and Lewis County is filled with seniors. Creekwood is down this year but their coach usually has a good game plan. However, it is basketball and anything can happen on any given night. I am looking forward to some good basketball in the next several days.
  2. East Hickman is young and will be better in the next year or two. Hickman is a gritty team that plays good defense but lacks offensive firepower. Creekwood will be back. Stewart had a good year last year and they are really struggling this year. Lewis County is a very streaky shooting team that is laden with senior leadership. Camden is struggling because of personnel but they fight to the end. Fairview went to the substate last year versus Stratford at Stratford and lost in overtime. We were very good last year and are better this year. I would bet that we would beat y'all by 20 or 30 this year. The kid from Hickman moved to Fairview this year. There was no stealing involved in that. And as far as the incestous comment you just made towards my friend from Camden can you just take the high road and talk basketball. This isn't the Coach Jerry Springer forum. Have a nice day my friend
  3. I agree 100% with you. We often get overlooked but we are a good district with good players and good coaches. Everyone has up and down years. I believe that we have 4 tough teams. We will see how it plays out this year. Last year we had to play the regions at Nolensville this year we go to East Hickman.
  4. Get swept? I believe that you will stand corrected when all of the smoke has cleared.
  5. You do realize that you are bragging about beating two teams that lost 40 games between them last year.
  6. Fairview 62. NCS 40. It is always good to beat a private school.
  7. You are correct. He is a great athlete but more than that he is a young man that is very responsible and respectful.
  8. Fairview was actually 1-1 and now they are 3-1 if you include the Hall of Fame games.
  9. My son is a sophomore at Fairview. He is 6 foot and plays shooting guard. He averaged 15 points per game. We are interested in playing. I can send you his HUDL page if you like.
  10. I appreciate the clarification. I am under that same assumption about CW and Camden. Both are really good teams and it should be a fun game with Camden having the upper hand. I think MC and Fairview will battle for the consolation prize. I think Fairview can pull out that win but we still have a whole bunch of games tonight to play. NC State beat Phi Slamma Jamma in 1983 so anything can happen at any given night.
  11. Those are interesting predictions and I agree with them except the Creekwood game. I thought that game was at Creekwood...aren't they the higher seed or am I missing something?
  12. My son is a freshman at Fairview and has played all of his life at many different levels. He has been playing on school teams since he was in the 4th grade. He currently plays shooting guard on the varsity team at Fairview. He has played with Upward All Stars in the past but we missed the tryout dates. We are just looking for a team that will challenge him and also a place where he can contribute. Thanks.
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